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  1. The Boom for me was an extreme experience of emotions, ashtonishments, creativity, arts, VERY beautiful people, conscious togetherness, wellbeing and warmth. I loved the deeper side of the music in the daytime and I slept every night, so I'm happy I didn't miss anything special musicwise ps: SBK on LSD shook my soul in the deepest way possible and I would like to thank Albert Hoffman and Sebastian Kruger for that. Boom 2008, here I come.
  2. How was the festival itsself? The weather? Many people? Location better as previous ones? This was the first time in 3 years I didn't went.
  3. I love it that there are a lot of progressive acts and dj's. The line-up till now looks pretty fullfilling to me. It's playtime.
  4. ----Boom---- *mentally preparing* *physically uploading* *spiritually WHAT?* Here we come. (Andromeda, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Cosmosis... ooooh yeah!)
  5. Chillout at the lake with the best cocktails ever, visit Rome and Vaticancity.
  6. Defenitaly Transmission in Vain and Klein Aber Doctor.
  7. You can check our partyorganisation on www.madhatter.be and get in contact through that.
  8. Just recently discovered this supposedly old and unreleased track from Reefer Decree. I have to say it's one of the most warm emotional 'minimal' tracks I have ever heared. The melody gives you flashbacks of all the good things that ever happened in your life, from nostalgy to melancoly I dare to say. Any recommendations, in this soulfull atmosphere? Check it out OVERHERE
  9. Don't ban me for I have done nothing wrong. In the end it all comes down to Skazi anyway.
  10. I found this post on the forum of the soulclipse festival. Does it concern any true facts?She refers to Momra and Shiva Moon... did anybody died/ got killed over there? Or is this just another psychotic mind typing his troubled thoughts? Here is the text: If e.g. someone says "I don't know if there's a hand here" he might be told "Look closer" - Wittgenstein THINK. The United Nations and the national governments of the world are going to shut us down - or is it you;;; - I'm not stupid .. - if there continues to be murder at trance festivals like there was at Momra 1997 and Shiva Moon 2002 .. Wayne is a mass murderer .. I pray every day that this murdering Ku Klux Klansman is in jail for life for mass murder and worldwide contravening of anti-terrorism .. I'm a good girl .. I'm not a dilettante like all y'all .. murder at trance gatherings is BLASPHEMY .. I am in a state to recommend to world governments the final shutting down of trance for disrespect to God .. and I know more about Trance than you do, whoever you are .. and I know more about God than you do, whoever you are .. and my list of credentials is longer than eighteen arms, thank you very much ....... So cut out the mass murder, cut out the mass plagues, and if you really believe in this so called trance thing go to the governments of Turkey, Spain, Germany, and a host of other countries begging for mercy .. or, if you want to disprove me, go to the governments of Turkey, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, and whatever other countries trying to prove that "murder did not occur" onsite?/// .. so don't be bested by cultic possession and mass brainwashing and if you have an actual spine, unlike the preponderant majority of you raggedy and unfulfilled poltroons, DO SOMETHING, because I, who am magnificently crossbred, am the most important person in trance and I'm leaving it, because I wrote the FBI complaining about trance already, and I am in the throes of contacting the United Nations and national governments about mass murder at trance festivals and parties, and, because if there is another murder at a trance festival or party I will get them to end the whole thing - and, never forget the new rule, If there is a murder at a festival or party then the festival or party must end - so only write in trance forums if you're not homicidal, Ku Klux or whatever --- and let people know about the uneasy feeling at many of the festivals - get the Bomb Squad, the fire department, or whoever, to tell you about the murders - stand on your right to information from festival organizers - and for God's sake look out for your friends, since a word from you can get a brass knuckles to your friend and save the person from getting garotted from behind while the person pees in the forest -- DO YOU GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I AM SOOOOOOOOO TIRED OF ALL YOU INSIPID FOPS AND RECHERCHE CLODS -- WHY DO **I** HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO WRITE THIS --FOR GOD'S SAKE IF THERE IS MURDER AT THE FESTIVAL THE FESTIVALGOERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW -- I WASN'T EVEN AT THE FESTIVAL AND WHY AM **I** THE ONLY ONE THUS FAR I READ TO INQUIRE IN PUBLIC DID EXPLOSIVES BLOW UP THE MAINSTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU REALIZE TURKEY'S ON THE BORDER WITH SYRIA AND INTERNATIONAL CONTRAVENERS OF ANTITERRORISM WERE PROBABLY FULLY ACTING thanks to our nonfriend Jose over there - I guess they carted him off to jail for murder --- get the picture that frightening numbers of these so called trance people aka mass muder cultists are the inbred grandchildren of the inbred Axis leaders, who engage in homicide in order to derive false sybaritism to quell their mutant inbred agonies by leeching off the spiritual agony of the slaughtered .. just like all y'all leech off me every day .. by expecting me to be there for you .. but I'm not .. because I've migrated to the governments and the UN, since the trance people are so mean to me .. ever heard me say that trance people are dumb, mean, and wimpy? .. cuz they are .. IF YOU LET THIS POST GET SHOUTED DOWN, YOU DESERVE CONFINEMENT, I mean the looney bin or jail .. because there's SOMETHING WRONG and that thing is MURDER AT TRANCE FESTIVALS AND PARTIES, and if you go on sitting around doing nothing about it, then you will be personally responsible for the end of Trance way more than me. So what do you think?
  11. Tnx for claring some things out. Maybe we will book one of them for one of our events, that's why I asked.
  12. Does somebody know if there is a musical style difference between a D-Nox -dj set and a Becker dj-set? Do they put different accents in their sets? I've only heard Beckers play once, and that 'electrancehouse' style was very appealing. Tnx.
  13. Ozric is the perfect roadtrip music. I 've seen them life once and they truly rocked, no, spaced. Only the excessive use of strobolights irritated me pretty intense. The 70's fluid visuals on the otherhand really made me feel like a hippy on Woodstock.
  14. This track really is too good to be true. I mean after 5 years it's still growing on me. It really turns me on...instant trance... I don't know... what's that thing, that frequency, that vibe...I really don't understand it.. Is it the minimal and catchy use of the guitar? Or lies the catch in the bass? In the kick maybe? Or does Pink Floyd secretly has to do something with the fucking good awesomeness of this track?
  15. Cool tanks! One of the best tracks evva!
  16. Does anyone know if One Of These Days from Haldolium was ever released on cd? Because after 5 years this track still gives me the shivers and I would like to buy it, but not on vinyl and not on pc. Tnx!
  17. For me he played the best live-set of the whole Soulclipse festival. Next comes Ticon. Atmos puts progressive in trance. What's this about some new album coming up? New material or remixed material?
  18. If it really is Simon Posford, than it's a pretty smart move I guess.
  19. Maybe Spirit Zone can also be included, but they died recently isn't it? And they were more fullpsy orientated...
  20. Tnx for the feedback guys! So far the list consists out of: -Nano beat -sog -Savva -Earregular -Liquid cristal music -Soultribe -Dragonfly/Kamaflage -Yellow Sunshine Explosion -AC/DC -Groove Zone Records -Liquid Records -Exotic Native Records -Green Ant -Zenon Records -Ov-Silence Recordings -Flow Records -Aqua Recordings -Baroque Records -Klik Records -Tatsu Records -Mental Arts -Domo records and VP records (sublabel of domo) -Kumquat -Vapour -Sprout -Nervine -Avalanche -Plastic Park -Spin twist records -Candyflip records -Traktor Records -Turbo Trance Records (this is no progressive I reckon(?)(fullon) -XIII Ibis records -Spiral Trax -Iboga -Sinn-Tec -Dance 'n Dust -Digital Structures -Midijum -Tribal Vision -Plusquam -Zillion Mental Anarchic (?) These are about 42 labels! I don't think progressive (psy)music ever was more alive. I have a lot of searching to do.
  21. Who can complete this list of progressive labels? They don't necesseraly need to be psy orientated. As long as it's deep progressive/house... and they have to be active. No old progressive labels. So far these labels spring to mind (I only know about psy oriented labels): -Iboga -Sinn-Tec (?) -Dance 'n Dust (?) -Digital Structures -Midijum -Tribal Vision -Plusquam -Nano(?) -YSE (?) -Zillion Mental Arnarchic (?) -Spiral Tracks any more??? tnx!
  22. We are coming with whooole bunch of Belgian freaks. Sacks are ready to be packed. I hope I can put on my summerclothes, sunglasses and sunmilk. Turkey here we come.
  23. LOL! BTW; I got out of the venue pretty fast, it still was 3 'o clock in the afternoon though. I remember the looks on the faces of those cops... like "wtf are we doing here? why am I holding a shield? why isn't anybody revolting? I wanna go home, I don't feel very comfortable."
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