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  1. Im looking for some tribal refills or tribal samples as well as african and Indian acapellas (chants, rituals, etc.) can anyone steer me in the right direction??? thanks, Adammatic
  2. I am a Full-on Psytrance artist however, ive been producing some psychedelic techno. does anybody know of any producers in the world producing psychedelic techno?
  3. this will be in a secure truckee/grass valley location. call the day of the event for more info.
  4. Yes it’s that time of year where the Desert-Tribe crew brings you A Psychedelic Campout!!!! Be prepared for an amazing line-up that will take you on a journey to the moon and back!! Be sure to bring your camping gear because this event will start at NOON on Saturday and end at 2pm on Sunday! Come gather with friends for an amazing day and night of music! Don't worry, there will be plenty of other styles of music there as well! More info to be posted soon!!!! IMPORTANT - Gang attire is completely prohibited! This is a psychedelic event so wear your craziest outfits! Let's
  5. why cant i go to the website? everytime i try to go to there, it gets aborted. is it territory restricted?
  6. hello i need some help againg finding another track. the lyrics are: "were kicking up some dust" can you please help me find this track?
  7. awesome designs! i love the tracks so where can i get these tracks at?
  8. OH MY GOD!!!! thank you Nick soooo much. i got your CD at stilldream 5 and when i heard this track, i really wanted it. i have been DJing for almost 5 years. i started off with uk hardhouse but i have always loved psy. the only problem was is that it seemed harder to buy psytrance on vinyl and much easier to buy on CD/MP3. i started collecting tracks and about a year ago i bought serato so now i can finally play what i love. soon i will start producing...(when i can afford equipment).
  9. nope that is not the one. i have that track. its funny i have been looking for this track for a long time now and still nothing.
  10. ask nick what that ninth track is on his 604.4 mix is. i just cant get ahold of him for some reason. that would be sooo cool! thank you
  11. i did email nick and he is not responding. i am actually looking into booking him for one of my events here in reno. he is hard to get ahold of.
  12. here are the lyrics, "if you wish to leave a record of your call, please state your message at the sound of the tone." please help me. i think it was made around 2005. if you want to hear it, it is on nick tornetta's mix 604 volume 4(great mix by the way) and it is the ninth track into the mix. www.nicktornetta.com please help me. thank you
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