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  1. Xibalba Bitmonx Neelix Element Minilogue ... can't think of more right now.
  2. The Deedrah remix is the best. I really like that one. Not so fullonish as the rest IMO.
  3. SBK - Distance Some tracks from Etnoscope album.
  4. Actually I was thinking the same thing a couple of days ago, after hearing longer samples of the album. Pitty. I will buy Ticon and Insane Creation instead. cheers.
  5. What's this? A new Bamboo Forest album? Is this all new material? It's the end of their project, so is told in the description. I think I am buying it, sounds psychedelic enough too me and they more or less stick to their original sound I reckon. Sorry for double post if so. Bamboo Forest - Revival
  6. To be exactly right your topic should be called "the Pioneers of Electronic Trance". And I am waiting for that book!
  7. Juno Reactor really ROCKED the place. I've never seen a performance like that. It really touched something unique and magical. I really didn't notice the bad sound quality, maybe I got too caught up in the music. The sound IMO was the best I ever heard in Belgium, for more than 2000euros I didn't expect anything less Juno is something to watch, to listen and to dance to. Because of that the rockatmosphere didn't bother me at all, I watched it more than I danced. !!!
  8. Listen to the samples HERE It sounds to f*cking good to be true. Especially the track The analogue H!! Sorry if has been posted before. SeeyA.
  9. Goannes

    Gaudium !

    Very fat release, I really like the track Nordic Nature, it has something... it does somethin uhm...it makes me feel like...myeah you know what I mean. Its crystal and it lifts me up.
  10. Most hypnotic rhytm in a psytrance track ever: Lube - Frogrock. On the Stereoide comp on Medium rec. OOOOOhwyeaH.
  11. I got it here http://www.soulclipse.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=57 here http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...rum/53/start/30 and here http://www.psychedelic.be/forum/showthread...3647#post223647 cheers.
  12. Ok it's back on site Here is a possible line-up, probably more to come: Shpongle Hallucinogen Vibe Tribe Talamasca Astrix Infected Mushroom Digital Talk Alternative Control Crew Atmos X-Dream Midi Miliz The Delta Ticon Popstream Psysex Andromeda Absolum Chromosome Echotek GMS Sub6 Holy shit!
  13. Frogacult!!! And Jaia, and maybe Aerolink. Yep that's about it. Atmos also.
  14. Yes I surely hope Iboga is still on, it's only on the flyer, not on the website (anymore?)...
  15. I forgot Four Carry Nuts - Donuts ofcourse... jeeez.
  16. Broken Toy - What it is Pop Stream - Rip Stringer, yes I do like Popstream Oforia - Free Kick Johan Bley - Stranded (rmx?) Tortured Brain - The Dealer 1200 Mics - Mescaline (pretty cheesy, but it gets me moving, and it remembers me about the good times on Samothraki in 2002, when it was a big hit , owwyeah!)
  17. I think Atlantis, from mmm, I don't know the name of artist anymore... ow yes Perplex! Pretty powerfull I reckon.
  18. I'm really enjoying you summerbreeze mix, tnx for sharing. Really, I can type my paper on the beat of the music Does it only exists out of your own music?
  19. Frogacult - Something For Sundays Vibrasphere - Lime Structure maybe some Sensient? or some Etnoscope? (tribal)
  20. The melody mostly in the last part of Dancing With Kadafi of IM, Etnica - Triptonite The Muses Rapt- ..And the Sensitives will be Kings Vibrasphere -Manzanilla ow yeah and Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby! and the song from Dario-G with all tha painted animal-humans..2 and... and....
  21. You can get in trance on housemusic, technomusic or other kinds of rave, steadybeat electronic music. imo
  22. Dancing and trancing are two completely different things imo, if there are too much breaks in psytrance, I can't get in trance properly, but I can dance to it. Once some old shamantype guy told me he once went to a goaparty but couldn't get in trance because of all the breaks and climax buildups in the music. I know what he means. So yes, I have to agree with the title of this thread.
  23. MaiMai for me is one of the best tracks ever. I also think it's the most female psytrance track ever.
  24. I just thought/ think the opposite, psytrance showed me the beauty in electronic music. Before I never was interested. Cool.
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