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  1. +1 :wank: i'm a new ambient fanatic member of this forum !!!!
  2. indeed i've been kindda disappointed with the whole recent (psychedelic) rock scene (not comparable with psy-rock of 60s-70s), but EITS along with few more (like Archive) are amazing any recommendations !?
  3. Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place
  4. i have not actually ! i'm more into downtempo music but after all these reviews here i had to give this a try...and i'm soooooooo happy i did :posford: (that was my first motivation to join this forum, i spend most of my time listening to ambient music so when i want to listen to some uptempo stuff i want them to be perfect, and this is a perfect forum to know about all these amazing stuff) i can compare yahel, infected, ... with pop trances like tiesto !!!! so if that's your definition of cheesy then you got me all wrong
  5. this is NOT a good album to listen while you are working/studying !!!!! i keep getting distracted by this amazing album :drama: :drama:
  6. on like half of the tracks i like the 2nd half of the song but fuckin love it when it builds up :posford: :posford: :posford: so, i should say, i didn't mean cheesy, but when i listen to music i want to sit back on my chair, close my eyes, and go to a journey until the last song...this album is really trippy but every now and then it makes me to open my eyes !!!!! (sorry it's a bit hard to express my feelings in a language other than my native) after 2 more listens: 8/10
  7. i can hear the difference between cd quality and 192kbs when listening to music with my sennheisers !!!! but i don't hear any difference between 320 and lossless maybe i will after buying a pair of Grados
  8. i just gave it my first listen, and i have a very mixed feeling !!! sometimes i just love it, i want to jump on my chair and :posford: but sometimes it's too cheesy for my taste !!!! 7/10 after my first listen. i will edit if i change my mind !!!! Gather is awesome tho !!!! :posford: :posford:
  9. can't wait to get my hands on this
  10. trippy...i like all kinds of psychedelic music...psy trance, ambient, rock,... i want music to take me to another world
  11. :clapping: :clapping: can't wait :clapping: :clapping:
  12. Alan Parsons - Return to Tunguska why? b/c it's a collaboration between two awesome sound engineers (Alan Parsons and Simon Posford) and David Gilmour, the best guitar player on earth (IMO), plays guitar !!!!
  13. :lol: ps. stupid double post i was about to reply to your post !!!!
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