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  1. after one listen, i should say it's a tight album !!! maybe even better than previous one :posford:
  2. i really like this album...the only problem, IMO, is the excessive use of samples which is by now simon's signature !! one of my favorite tracks here is I Am Freak, but god i hate the sample !!!! 8/10
  3. Dude, your like so old. Keep up the spirit, and cheers with the bubblies!! . ps. Congrat with your first ever Comments box comment.


  4. Elea - Neighbours from Kumharas Lounge Ibiza Vol. 4 old, but good stuff ! :drama:
  5. digital samsara - observing phenomena not sure if i like it though !!!! it becomes cheesy once in a while couldn't take it anymore ! switched to Ciaran Byrne - Galtrim :drama:
  6. just to add few.. Dream Lab Marco Torrance Ailo Astropilot - emmm...maybe it's upbeat ! Capsula Cardamar Chilled C'quence Easily Embarrassed En Voice Flooting Grooves - again maybe it's upbeat !!! Hoopy Frood Ibojima International Peoples Gang Kilowatts Kuba Liquid Stranger M-sphere Pan Electric Pete Ardron Puff Dragon Rena Jones Saafi Brothers Sundial Aeon Ten Madison Xerxes 302 Acid ...and anything else mentioned before with emphasize on Ultimae....ANYTHING from Ultimae !!!!
  7. i'm still curious to know who's the guru of space music !?!?
  8. +100 ! very informative !
  9. Solar Fields - Black Arrow :posford: will listen to Marco Torrance - Reconstructed Moments after this song though !
  10. 9/10 love it ! whose the guru !?
  11. 6.5/10 (couldn't decide between 6 and 7 !!!!) not psychedelic enough ! not creative enough ! good album though i do agree that it sounds like buddha bar and/or cafe del mar EDIT ! i think it's growing on me (7 - 7.5/10)
  12. Solar Fields - Earthshine :posford:
  13. Abakus Dream lab En Voice Kukan Dub Lagan - Life is Nice in general i think you should look into psy-dub
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