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  1. Exit Eternity. This track made me love psytrance and is still my favourite psy track. Nowadays I have moved on to more downtempo music but Exit Eternity still sits at the top of my last.fm most played tracks. Amazing.
  2. good news that he is going release an ambient CD, always thought all those layers of organic sound would sound just as good without the thumping beat :posford:. It would be nice to hear some downtempo remixes of the originals too.
  3. The first time I heard slam in a club I thought "cheese" yet found myself going mental anyway, and I liked the first album for that same reason: Lots of energy and something a bit different and more melodic than most dnb. Second album got deleted after 2 listens. A lot of male vocals which isn't my thing but there's nothing wrong with going in a different direction. However, that direction seems no different to me than all the dance music I hear - vocals, beat, repeat - it all sounds the same. Really disappointing. Of course this comes from someone who doesn't listen to a lot of dnb so perhaps others saw the first album differently to me. If I listen to dnb it's normally more "chilled" stuff like Seba, Ethereal77 etc. At the moment I like "Stay Forever" by Blame.
  4. Downloading, but I don't think you have the full 76:14 album in there
  5. Try the album Vanity and Happiness from Haldolium. It's progressive psy like Vibrasphere, but perhaps a bit darker and with less crescendos. Still good stuff.
  6. Count Basic - Speechless, mixed by Kruder and Dorfmeister from the album K&D sessions. Genre: Some kind of DnB\Jazz\Lounge\Electronic fuse? The K&D Sessions is a double album consisting of many genres of music, remixed in Kruder and Dorfmeister's unique style. Speechless is originally a Jazz track, given a slow (by today's standards) drum and bass beat and an eerie slow repeating twang of a string instrument. This combined with sporadic use of the original lustful vocals gives an almost trip hop feel to the track. Highly recommend the whole album, plenty of great tracks.
  7. +1 for Secede. Not really a psychill artist but he creates some amazing downtempo stuff nethertheless. There's an increasing amount of good chill stuff emerging now that people are abandoning the tried and tested formulas, the future is bright
  8. I'm loving Reflective Impulses
  9. Dear artists, Please stop ruining your tracks with ethnic vocals. Especially Indian vocals. I want to float in a tropical blue sea with a calm breeze, walk amongst the clouds, or trek through a rainforest, not feel like I'm in the middle of a hindu temple. Regards,
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