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  1. i really like some of the tracks...but their new EP is really good i like it !!!! edit: NP
  2. wait....really ?! :posford: the only reason i buy CDs is to support the artist so i don't like to pay extra b/c nothing goes to them...i was going to suggest downloading the album and donating directly on CBL's website which reads: " If you downloaded our music on p2p or otherwise and still want to pay us, feel free to donate."
  3. Zeta - Zeta Marty Friedman ( ex Megadeth ) plays the guitar....i didn't like this album personally but i think it's what you are looking for !!!!
  4. Evan Marc + Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Submersible
  5. the 1st time i went alone was few weeks ago and i had a good time. but i preferred to have some friends with me....i really like to meet new ppl and talk to strangers but when on drugs my english gets worse which doesn't help !!!!! right now i'm planning on going to a festival alone, but this time it's a 5day/4night (Gaian Mind) festival and it might get boring alone but i don't want to miss it.....
  6. i like them both, but to be honest my expectations for this were much higher and i was a bit disappointed.
  7. :lol: one of the masters of, well, album cover arts !!!! : Storm Thorgerson Work > Non Moving > Album Covers including Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Younger Brother, ... art works
  8. i have a friend who listens to IDM (and DnB) all the time. although i enjoy it when he plays them for me, i never felt like listening to them at home...but when i was introduced to some other IDM music in this forum, from ppl who listen to psychedelic music, i changed my mind ! my taste of music is very similar to yours, so it would be the best way for me to find IDM artists that i like. can't agree more with you about the name...IDM is a ridiculous name!!!!
  9. i can't find any review for Perpetual Loop - Universal Flow.....
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