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  1. if you didn't like Dialogue Of The Speakers, don't bother with this one IMO....since it's not even as good as that album
  2. first project of amon tobin ? interesting ! how is it ?!?!
  3. i'm still waiting for this one !!!
  4. Feuerhake - Ayamaya (El Zisco rmx) :posford: :posford:
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    +1 that's what i thought too !!!! psychedelic-IDM !!!! didn't know it exists
  6. i have already bought my ticket, but i'm not sure if i can make it..... hopefully i'll be there with 2 friends
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    thanx for info...
  8. p(sy)ayam


    so i've already went through half of this thread to find out about some IDM albums that i might like...but thought maybe i should ask for it too, so although i know you guys might have responded to this thread already but your help would be appreciated... i got introduced to IDM by listening to aphex twin and boards of canada....i really liked BOC and aphex is also fine (some really good tracks) but i didn't get into it after listening to these two after a while i listened to some of Ulrich Schnauss' albums and loved it because of the trippiness, but when asked one of my friends who's rea
  9. great review abasio...thX the best album that i've been introduced to in this forum.....wi sh i could find an original copy amazing album, great artwork, can't get enough of it...solid 10/10
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