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  1. Same here. Topic-starter must add Pink Floyd to this pool.
  2. It's not much. Can you prolong deadline for a month or more? I found this thread just now. It's a sin to miss full time party I want participate in it, and of course can spread info along active goa trance producers.
  3. It's alive, it's pulsating, it's deep and cosmical, it's simple beautiful! So we have here beauty and the beast. Beast303.
  4. Oldschool Goa. Anyone? No? Acid. Anyone? No? Oldschool Goa. Anyone? No? Acid. Anyone? No? Oldschool Goa. Anyone? No? Acid. Anyone? No? Oldschool Goa. Anyone? No? Acid. Anyone? No? Oldschool Goa. Anyone? No? Acid. Anyone? No? Oldschool Goa. Anyone? No? Acid. Anyone? No? Oldschool Goa. Anyone? No? Acid. Anyone? No? © Djuna
  5. Enjoy goa trance. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6259188/23-04-2010__Den_Wave_Volnov%40live_Waves_Of_Trance_Da_Bar.mov
  6. ariScotle, try this one http://sbooth.org/Play/
  7. Arronax try to close sister's mouth with your palm rhythmically, when she sings That should work. I heard Hallucinogen did same way to make his brilliant vintage sound P.S. I did it in Cubase with build-in MIDIGATE plugin. In Logic I do like BlackStarrFinale described above.
  8. Yeah this guy deserve the best. Don't know how he does it, but his music so positive and fun. It just make me want to smile and dance. Always! )) And most wonderful thing - tracks are like full books with interesting psy fairystories in it
  9. Wow, good news. Congrats, Dima! Downloading! I know it will be transcendental mind blowing bomb for sure! Your melodies hypnotize. Let's show the world unleashed power of Ukrainian trance. I promise to do strong remix in this summer. I have tons of ideas, but unfortunately no time at all Imba thanks for spreading positive vibes through your label
  10. It's DenWave, which play only live acts without computer like you do. Check other tracks. Just press diskette icon to listen/download
  11. Russians love him as well. He is almost resident in Moscow. His speech is pretty positive and samples from it can be used in goa trance tracks ) I have strong feeling it was used already.
  12. I wonder if it possible to do password protected sharings? If it does, I'm in. UPDATE: Files is not searchable. So you can just share links with friends. And it has pretty good integration in MacOS. It creates DropBox folder in your user Folder. You just need to drag files to it. My referral link is: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTYyNTkxODg5
  13. this one is exceptional!!! yeah baby!! You need good one for sweet analogue strings and you will own da world )) Close look to Oberheim Xpander or Matrix 12 for that purpose. Then you can get hardware sequencer and more more gear (I think you are gear-addicted already ) to do things like this in realtime!!!
  14. It wasn't joke. I think slow tempo give you more space for shaping sound and fx. But if you do simple acid/techno-like output, you can go faster without any problem. Just listen to Silvoon to understand my point of view. just listen to this fast baby
  15. Indeed meditation and trance-dance state is pretty close. So it's fast way for good mediation to do it after long tribal dance. Your body is easy to relax after dance, and non-thinking mind state is easy to achieve. It is reasonable to write about that on posters, so people like Elysium can read it and just don't go to this specific new-age-spiritual-blablabla-party. P.S. eudaimonia you can start your own thread about that, if you don't like to be offtopic )))
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