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  1. I totally agree. Can add, that more clean/sterile production give you power to implement very subtle details in mix, so it's not totally bad thing. But very edgy and over-detailed sound make you tired when you listen to it. And, how Panda mentioned, there are techniques to get some sort of analogue feel In The Box production. But if there are enough time for track to use analogue filter (to fight aliasing, add pleasant harmonics, organic filter movement), tape recorder (to smash details, warm overdrive of lows) , mixer (for unique depth of stage feel); I prefer to do it just because of my personal tastes. I do it only when I'm sure track is finished. And know what parts of mix need to be polished. Not every procedure and not always. Maybe some day I will make music which give me inspiration to kick out my laziness and polish every damn track of mix. It will be WARMy ))) Back to the theme. If music inspirational, if it has soul, I don't give a $$uck is it warm or not, I just feel the vibe and enjoy it with every cell of my body I truly enjoy some tracker music, which is just joke in terms of quality. If somebody make track like this now, is it possible to find proper label for publish it? http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LH4VCEdijA Elysium, is it your rule to release tribal/minimal goa free? Or there are no proper labels over here.
  2. Vinyl demand special mastering, like adding noise in silent parts, altering stereo bass to mono, proper level of bass e.t.c. So sound can be very or slightly different if compare with same track on CD. Depends of track itself. Mostly on bass, EQ/compress bass - and change sound of whole track. Vynil alter overall frequency bandwidths also. If less highs come to you ears - soond feel more warmer. Another reason, if original track was written on DAT (48Khz), recoding to CD (44,1Khz) make it more "metallic". When make vinyl no recoding take place, so it sound more organic.
  3. What if new-school goa producer listen too much oldschool goa , so its influence his taste too much. I mean, when he freely express himself, his output automatically become similar to something from past? There was so much goa tracks produced before, so it's always can find something like your track. Did you see reviews on this forum? In most cases when reviewer describe track he adds it remind me [author], or it's resurrection of [author]'s style blah blah blah.
  4. If you are artist with free imagination and open mind, you must screw that specialized labels with narrow style, and produce music what you feel intention to produce. You can propose your music to labels time to time. If it will be worth, they will change their rules to release you. If not, make your own digital label (for start)/or give away some stuff free (Hello, ektoplazm!) I'm sure most of goa producers don't make music for living. So it possible to go this way. If you want make music for living, produce some house-fullon homega or other very popular stuff. Or work for production libraries. Sell sound-design soundsets, video tutorials of whatever. And make side project for your soul, if you have free time. Just some very idealistic thoughts... As far as I know about very talented guy Globular, he was never tried to be released, until it was found by label on twisted fan site... His music and sound just AMAZING. Can't stop writing here )) It's curse. Music production obsession is curse too as well
  5. Yeah. It's perceptional stuff. I'm just trained to recognize this sound. But even if you don't, in subliminal way you will feel one thing sound more pleasant than other. Take a listen of Den Wave live tracks, 100% analogue goa trance written in realtime. Is it's sound more/less pleasant to you than named releases? http://www.sendspace.com/file/wwxx0n I just wonder why no-one label want to release him, again? Elysium, best advices so far
  6. Agreed at 100%. I have used tape recorder in last released track to make sound less clean/sterile. In past was era of hardware synths with VCO or at least VCF, and analogue mixers, which sound better to my taste. But there was damn noise.... Now is era of VA/software synths which sound great too and more capable of sound creation, but don't have that warmth, depth and liveness of old analogue gear. And VA synths introduce aliasing - unpleasant digital noise. I mean for example fat warmth sound of Astral Projection. Where is it in nowadays releases??? Another thing is mixing entirely in DAW (even in so nice, as Logic) - is more flat then on analogue mixer. I checked it millions times and now i'm absolutely sure in it. I mean real deepness of scene like in Hallucinogen tracks. Where is it now?? Nowadays mastering compared to old-school make highs too bright, yeah it's shiny but not warm at all... But it's just aspects of sound. OP is more concentrated on lack of ideas and creativity. And it's more important. I can listen creative 8bit/tracker 4 channel music and enjoy it more, then stupid uninspired music played on moog voyager and moog taurus and recorded on tape. Where are creativity? We can describe let's say 30 common sounds, used in neogoa. And that's all. Where are ultra-wicked sounds, that we just can't express them in words? And there are a lot of undiscovered names in goa world. Take a listen to this guy (KLOP) for example. His stuff is unusual and that's so cool. Labels must release more stuff like this. http://www.sendspace.com/file/r5051a About digital distribution - hell yeah! In era of digital distribution singles/EPs will be more effective media than albums. It's my last message in this topic. Why I am getting involved in this, don't know.
  7. Veracohr I saw a lot opinions in style "What the heck, I expect old school goa from Artha, but it is something weird, free EP is much better" in local psytrance community. So I decide some goa people can't accept this kind of experimental approach.
  8. Veracohr why you take it so personal? I love this album too. I'm talking about it's more twisted and experimental than other releases nowadays. So if you have twisted music with top-notch quality, maybe Cronomi will release it. Should give a try. I don't think they willl say "you are not etnica-wanna-be! No way we will release you, so gtfo biatch"
  9. Just my 5 cents. How about Cronomi and latest Artha Album... Many goa lovers don't understand/accept this sound. Not other mainstream sound lovers either. Isn't it pretty experemental Hallucinogen-like album to you? And it was released. P.S. Maybe it's offtopic, but it is worth to be mentioned. In psy-chill direction look to gliese-581c label Space Formings have very strong trippy power And it's free! http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/space-forming http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/space-forming-vol-2
  10. Bom Shankar I'm from Ukraine Psytrance freak. Oldschool goa insane fan. Producer of some psy/goa/chill/idm output. Silent reader of this forum from the begining of times. I don't know what else to add. love this little community
  11. I think there are enought smart guys in this topic, who can bring that label into reality. Mars, can you for example make sub-label for weirdies singles? And what's going on with resucrrection of Flying Rhino? Any news?
  12. It's be wonderful idea for a new dream/goal - to create M-Run feat. DJ Inada album. )) I love this wicked groovy track and want to listen more stuff like this in future ))
  13. Hell yeah.. Will listen right now! NOT RELEASED YET??? THAT'S CRUEL
  14. Name: 25 Golden Teachers + Marijuana mix Style: Goa Trance Djmix: compiled by GoaMech Size: ......... 129 MB Date_of_mix: .......... 1 April 2011 Mode ......... Joint-Stereo Quality ...... VBR -v2 Total time: 68:50 TrackList: 1. Mojo Risin - Out There (Scanlon Mix) 2. Technossomy - Indiginus 3. Charm - Brain Structure 4. Slinky Nuns - Shitty Stick 5. Paradise Connection - Adic 3 6. Red Gravity - Mixdownfixdown 7. Promesa - Lot Ducha 8. Shakta - Solar Nomads 9. The Visitors - Reality Check 10. Dub Pirates On Dope - Chamunda DOWNLOAD http://www.sendspace.com/file/nc2n7k Mp3 129Mb http://soundcloud.com/goamech/goamech-25gt-mj-mix FLAC 450Mb, or listen
  15. Hey guys. Do you wonder how many organic fractals surround us? http://wikimapia.org/#lat=21.1844118&lon=12.6545334&z=13&l=0&m=b http://wikimapia.org/#lat=-21.8723319&lon=141.5945435&z=11&l=0&m=b http://wikimapia.org/#lat=57.2879496&lon=-128.1555176&z=8&l=0&m=b
  16. I like both music and picture. Powerful kick and interesting melodies. P.S. Can someone give me link to pictures like that?
  17. Tracklist rouse my curiosity. Can't wait to listen something new from Dhamsuta.
  18. Never heard about them Watched on youtube - it rocks. Thanks. ....Where can I found their tracks? no atom303 on discogs. and which one is right Chain Reaction project? http://www.discogs.com/search?q=Chain+Reaction&type=all&btn=Search
  19. ..and for sure Nasha featuring Mad Sheer Khan Chai Machine http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4C6a38xPy0
  20. What goa trance track you can choose for it's perfect building structure? From acid goa trance I prefer Satori - Razor. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb4_QFjiwzw From storytelling tracks Chi A.D-Astral Warrior http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZxeS6HLxOc
  21. It's really difficult. I'll give a try, use list bellow, excluding Dimension 5, and Ra. And my top will be top-13 1. Mindsphere 2. Artha 3. E-Mantra 4. Khetzal 5. Amanians 6. Artifact303 7. Amithaba Buddha/Lost Buddha 8. Anakoluth 9. Antares 10. Afgin 11. Alieanapia 12. Vox 13. Travma off this list 1. Dhamsuta 2. New Born 3. Hypnotic Signal 4. Beast303 5. GoaMech 7. Sky Technology 8. NK - 47 9. PortaMento 10. Jikooha 11. SETI 12. Boneva 13. Lapsus
  22. I have listen [some vision for the future], [the day in night] and [i's within skies within eyes] You have succeed on making some sounds, but I can't understand structure of you tracks. Some part of one track can be interesting, and other part is horrible (sounds mess in total randomness and disharmony). Maybe it's just me: I'm not digging too much in this kind of music. When you'll produce next track, try to take this into consideration. Wish you the best.
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