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  1. luv last one... fantastic alien mothership, or distorted kind of jellyfish )
  2. http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/highpersonic-whomen-alternative-energysource
  3. this one is twisted with some photoshop tweaks it can become great psyart picture
  4. Yeah! This one remind me times of my first fractal draw experiments.
  5. How handy software for making this? Can you just explore it as in video game, and then hit render? Or movement path is in formulas too? Thanks, bro. This one is perfect as wallpaper.
  6. Can you do it 1600x1200? Last one I want as wallpaper too Lo-o-ong time ago I was about coding fractal-picture-draw programs on pascal. But computers (286-386) was too slow. And CGA-VGA video cards too crappy to see it in all beauty. Thanks for bringing me back to world of fractals, but on new level. I'm now exploring youtube. Some guys make really fantastic video trips. Very good match for goa trance, and psychedelic music in general. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w6vo9t62c0
  7. Great Slavic Transe bro! :D

  8. I truly love this track and tag it as favorite to listen more. It's simple, but very groovy. And have deep old-school feeling. I hope you will continue this wonderful job.
  9. Love it. So uplifting and positive. Forgot your name, Afgin Elad?
  10. Yes you right, but improved skill don't stop me from continue my oldschool goa way. amithaba_buddha, Imba, so you guys vote for Parvati. Maybe some day I'll resurrect it on new level, or make something similar
  11. not bad music, some phantom unfinished but trancy melodies sound have room to improvement... video is superb... keep it up
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9lPSE37InE This video is sick. Is there any chance to get it in high quality?
  13. Here's all mixes in one location mirror. http://rghost.net/users/goamech/releases/mixes-of-draeke
  14. I uploaded some tracks for Music Making and Production threads, but maybe somebody find it interesting just to listen. http://soundcloud.com/goamech Have a good time anytime!
  15. Yes, you are right. Instead of computer CPU, Virus software works on this
  16. It's hardware VST ))) But the way there is Virus versions for PoCo and ProTools Accels, it's pure soft...
  17. I dislike how filter of ES2 sounds (( So digitally, so rude and cheap! Just listen carefully demo here http://www.standalone-music.com/?page_id=135 Everything is fine except filtering... But in other aspects it's one of the best soft synths with unique features.3 ---- My fav is ni reactor.
  18. It seems Cubase SX 3 don't have good synth to make kick. Maybe it can be done in monologue, like I did kick in ES1. I don't sure about Cubase 5. Logic have really awesome synth/sampler for drums, UltrabeaT. And it's like other native plugins very CPU/memory friendly! Another good thing about it - you can automize almost every parameter! Nice to know you use it in proper way
  19. Nice psychedelic video dude. I love slow goanish tunes. BTW, we did track with exactly same samples
  20. etnica - true protoss warrior was dedicated to my favorite real-time strategy Blizzards Starcraft Broodwar. This game have a lot of tasty psychedelic samples in it And etnica use them vax (synsun) - protoplasma has samples from popular game too. don't remember it, because never played.
  21. Nice idea. But I don't get one thing. Is dropping audio in arrangement audio track forbidden? Let's see an example. What the difference if I drop WAV with long sound into my native sampler, turn off filters and envelopes, and just make long midi note on it, or drop WAV into audio track... It will achieve same result, isn't it? ----- I'll go second using Reason 3 on windoze notebook. http://soundcloud.com/goamech/goamech-parvatis-azure Kick was from sample, pitchshifted in reason drum mashine. Substractor for the bassline. All leads were made using the Substractor and Mallstrom. Percussion sounds are entirely from basic refillz that comes with Reason 3. I know mixing engine of reason not accurate, and EQs suck as well. But... There was not track mixing process in other DAW! I think it can be done much more in Logic native. But with mixing of both Logic and Reason via Rewire - possibilities are endless. Is mix of 2 DAWs allowed in this thread? Anyway reason is not an DAW in common sense. ---- I don't remember 100% exactly about 3d one, but I think it was made with Cubase SX 3 [native plugins/fx/no gear]. http://soundcloud.com/goamech/open-mind-witchcraft-simplicity Bass - monologue or EQ'ed vb1. Leads mostly monologue too:) Percussion was done with massive audio track work ( was made from audio cuts and one-shots). It's because Steinberg Cubase SX 3 haven't good sampler for drums, but have convenient audio editing engine. Cubase's algorithmic reverbs is sexy and musical too. Good Luck
  22. damn man. I thought nothing can be better than Beast303 release, but both chynacid tracks are true oldschool jems. Only one thing I want to hear improved in it - more interesting and meaningful vocal samles injections.
  23. Fantastic old school sound. Most like 2nd track and last one. TB madness always hypnotize me!
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