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  1. Yeah, cronomi do awesome job. Btw, did you see it? Is it darker sound goa for you? Is it really 2010? I have strong feeling I have heard it before.
  2. I don't know about you, but I don't want see revolution in goa trance. I just want to see people who make goa trance in full spectra of it's sound, not only AP-clone style. That's all. And my wishes are transforming into reality right now And I hear something new, what I have never heard before, sometimes! So it's really good time for this music. Not gold time when was tons of releases every year, but pretty good.
  3. Just some thoughts I want to share to you about creation process. It's so interesting to analyze, how human mind works. I have never use patche every time I make new sound for project from scratch. But when it comes to final decision... It automatically become subject for judgment is it enough goanish??? Let's take take bass/kick for example, I did many times kick and bass like alienapia, or fullon-like but always consider it something not goanish, and remake it to something other. Only one time I did full-on like goa track, and I feel guilty for it!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IbuQ71_hAU I know If I'm Open Mind, I must be open minded )) I have listen classic, rock, jazz, pop, and every electronic genre to remove my limits. But when I make goa-trance, some rules appear and sculpt my final product. It's so strange, If I do IDM, I can use so many different techniques, but can't find proper usage for it when I do goa. I have some taste and restrictions when I'm thinking about goa trance, because I have listened tons of oldschool CD's and EP's. And I produce loops and tweak them for my pleasure from 9x, always want to achieve some kind of "proper sound". But never try to copy somebody. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm think many artists of new school have same restrictions and that's main reason of why their output is some kind template-like? And another thing, when I work on loop production with gear, I did not melodic, but groove and acid oriented stuff. But when I start work in DAW, my output become much more melodic!!! It's so easy to make melodic stuff on computer, than to program 303 for example
  4. Actually I like it! Will it be retro-goa for me, until I will be so innovative, like Kiriyama did in his album. I have tried this music at night. It's something special. I think neo-goa can fit Alienapia's output.
  5. I hope most of us understand what's neo-goa stands for. It's just short name for "goa trance sound of the new millenium". Here is some kind of explanation. Even there is label / info-site about such things with same name. neogoa.tk Why do I use it? Just because it's name of topic and because shorter to say that. Just to make things easier. On goa-label sites you can see in official description "new school goa". I don't know why elysium bring this question again and again.... If you like to name it just goa, go ahead But then we can miss point of this thread. And confuse each other even more.
  6. Correct. In USSR was only one government radio, it was almost in every flat in 194x-198x. And before it start to translate news, or something important, there was that voice. He says "MOSCOW IS SPEAKING"
  7. "GOVORIT MOSKVA" "ГОВОРИТ МОСКВА" love this sample. it bring so sweet memories from childhood I was born in USSR I like hear everything with touch of E-MANTRA. His talent in creating fantastic trance micro-world in track is self-speaking. Nothing to add.
  8. Can't express my gratitude for point at this Gem. I wrote short review to express little part of my feelings about this album. Do you know distribution place on web where it is still available to buy? After this I can be sure. There is nothing wrong with "neo-goa" and new psy in general.
  9. Wow... Thanks a lot. It have so much wicked dark energy. Can't wait night to go in deep abyss with careful guide of Kiriyama.
  10. I did short review here, which I want to rewrite completely after repetitive re-listen of this gem (3d time to be exactly). This music can not work in first time, but give it a time and you will see. You need to be patient to let this alienated music alter you human mind. Every track in this album is my cup of tea, so I can't wait for special state of mind and start listen to it again and again and again. And I must say it, talent ideas and implementation is so perfect. It's what I have expected from new-school goa/psy trance generation for a long time. Sound design is top-notch and work perfect to alter state of mind. There are so many layers in mix and they all sound so organic. Some of modern albums I just can't listen more than one time. It's early to say, but I think I will listen "Reach Escape Velocity" 5 years later, and It will work good for me. Psychonaut musthave, goa fan musthave, if you see for some experimental music in trance - must have for sure!!! Kiriyama, you are free art master. Psychedelic wizard. That's it. You should continue your Way no matter what is going on. Even if 2012 will be apocalypse don't let it disturb you from your work. Just do it )
  11. I want to remind you about good and pretty new acid goa from Filipe Santos. It keep oldschool spirit and has made with proper technology. I think it's good music, but again it's not so famous because it's free and not promoted. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/60141-chynacid-tofu-ep http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/59127-beast303-controlled-ep-uafr009
  12. Hey, thanks for adding me!

  13. Ektoplasm and free labels do Great job for delivering cool music. I prefer Highpersonic Whomen and Amygdala releases from it, more than every commercial releases available in this style. But can it be promoted better then commercial? I don't sure. Every commercial release is spreaded with light of speed by pirates everywhere on web! I have uploaded unreleased track on youtube looong time ago. I don't sure many of you even see it. But much more of you have listened my released tracks. Sad but truth.
  14. I'm not and I'm feel very good about this topic, that's why I'm here. And everything, what I was written in here, was with some sarcastic mood. And I dig in your sarcasm too I'm very positive about future of goa trance. I like what cronomi do, I like panda production. I have found experienced experimental hallucinogen-like guy in my city who is open to collaboration. And Toi Doi is back!!! So everything will be just fine. Peace
  15. Can't say better. I have very unusual trip insights with Deviant Art music. Not much sounds, but all on right place. Fantastic. But this album, "Ayahuasca - the trip to the fountain of culture" by Bodh Gaya - is something special for me. Music sampled from very ancient culture and close to spirituality, shamanism and hallucinogen experience. Why everyone in modern trance try find this things in indian culture only? There is a lot interesting around the world. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=noFgcHjh5mU
  16. We're listening your pop mixes right now )) And we like it. Maybe b'cose I'm totally crash in love right now Edit : Damn, I'm old enough to remember this tracks.
  17. You do everything right ) It's pleasant not only for your ears )) Tssss. It's secret And I personally don't find any "pop" in your music. As for labels I'm really curious. E-Mantra, Artifact303, Mars if you are in this thread, can you reveal some album creation workaround. I just wonder if there any restriction when you choose what tracks will fit album? Let's say 7 tracks with strong Suntrippy format and 8th - slightly goanish weird psytrance And you as author want this particular track as part of album. So will label refuse to release album then? When I listen old-school I just find sometimes much more variations in tracks along one album. Like in my lame-joke mix. http://soundcloud.com/goamech/goamech-25gt-mj-mix
  18. Nice one! Simple on first sight, but with careful work with details. Sound quality is ear candy, some tracks quality close to Ra. P.S. and I want more tracks like Close Encounter and Levitation Device in future albums/VA's.
  19. Sure mate, just make what you feel to do. You music have soul I must admit and I know many people have eargasm of every track in your album. It's huge success! But do you even try to take particular track and re-arrange it in weird twisted psychedelic way without thinking about tastes/labels whatever? Just have fun. Like I did sometime ago. I'm sure this is will be not interesting for 90% listeners and labels don't accept it, it's sounds like total nasty trash, but I don't care, I just always try do something new and unusual for myself. What I like in current time - we as listeners now have at least some options to choise in new school. And soon will be even more. I like alienapia and e-mantra, for example. People said to me, "e-mantra is pop his music have many fullon bassline, it's boring and without peaks", "alienapia is dance goa for speed-dark-jerks dancers". I think "WTF??" But everyone have own taste and I respect it. But for my taste it's good example of artist style in music, in creating some micro-world in track. If I like atmposphere, flow, energy of track I don't even want to go into details. This music can turn my mind and body into trance and this is perfect state. Elysium mixes "My vision" work for me same way, even deeper. Anyway I created topic, so you can drop good examples of goa trance elements from past. When you start make music, you have less time to listen to it. So It's always good to come to bookmarked topic and have goa flashback of good examples. Everyone is welcome. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/61552-uncommon-elements-of-oldschool-goa/
  20. Ormion, good point about twists, added. Thanks for sharing this, Walkabout
  21. Old-school goa listeners can bring examples of interesting/unusual/weird/perfect elements in tracks, in you opinion Just name track or give youtube link and describe what elements you like in it and why. It must be not morning melodic goa trance. Because it's pretty obviously enough of this stuff in new-schoolers output. Better heavy psychedelic or almost cross-style edges. (Like Tim Schuldt - with influence of industrial, or Juno Reactor, even goa breakbit e.t.c.) But if you find 1000% worth element in morning melodic track, you are welcome to put it. Something, that can inspire new-schooler producers to ruin their limits and implement unusual for nowadays scene elements in new tracks. 1) twists (unexpected melodies, sudden key changes and stuff like that) 2) shocking/trippy/perfect/storytelling structure of track 3) weird but cool kick. Perfect working on big sound system kick 4) astonishing bassline 5) unusual psychedelic lead, synthesis masterpiece 6) usage of (organic) samples 7) shocking structure of track 8) deep, huge space 9) spiritual/ethereal atmosphere e.t.c I hope this topic will be pinned and will be common for discussions about such things. New-school artist can go there and see some points/tips to feel full palette, and especially extreme colours of music we call Goa Trance.
  22. Every topic like this was in GENERAL PSYTRANCE thread. And I don't sure active people from here will go to MUSIC MAKING. It's not about making music, but about point each other to full palette, and especially extreme colours of music we called Goa Trance. If you can pin it here, I will create, not a big deal.
  23. You guys have huge success in banishing new-school goa trance. And as old listener I agree with it. But that negativism can't help me too much as producer. Some good thoughts was here, but it can be more if we turn conversation in other direction. Better and more constructive thing will be creation of pinned topic. Where we oldschool listeners can bring examples of interesting/unusual/weird elements in tracks. Weird but cool kick, astonishing bassline, unusual psychedelic lead, usage of organic samples, shocking structure of track, deep space e.t.c. Something we like in old-school and want to listen something similar in future of new-schoolers production. I'm now very addicted to Tim Schuldt approach in goa, with industrial influences. And I want to listen something like this in new school. I want to listen some psy-goa-breakbit stuff, like Tsuyoshi - Sabaku. I want aggressive and twisted to the melting of synthesiser point track like Slinky Nuns - Shitty Stick . There are Amanians and Lapsus implement it, but I want more with more massive sound! I want true PSYCHEDELIC goa trance like Technossomy or Visitors reborn... I want more ethereal, heavily unique, 4d dimensional trance, like hallucinogen does. I want something new! And I want it now. Want too much, so I do create $@#$@ trance by myself I have seen here many separate topics which is difficult to find and disorganised. So I prefer if will be one topic, where new-schooler (myself included) can come and expand possibilities beyond morning melodic trance and find some inspiration. Rotwang, can you create and pin it?
  24. Nice arange, melodic lines and sound design/fx amazing. But I feel that must be delays for good trippy feeling. But i don't know, if can you find room in some parts of mix for delays/revers.. arrange seems complete there.. I'm impressed. It's something special. You must finish it. We are starving for rare music like this so much, so we begin experiments in that direction, to do it for us and other freaks ) I think after mixing and if adding more fx/automatisation it can be very good track... I like bass how it is, I don't think this is good kick for this particular balance of mix, it can be shorter and not so much bottom mid. There is need some tension, more movement, build-ups, to my taste.
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