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  1. Loud and clear. Got your point. If you sure in ppl which will get rips of new CD, if you know they will buy album, if they like it. I don`t have a problem with it.
  2. Why? If you rip new CD and share it with anybody - it is bad for labels and producers. Any work must be paid of. But if you rip old discs and share it with some trusted friends (via closed torrent for example), in that case you don`t hurt anybody. There is the clear difference in my opinion.
  3. How do you think is it good to make proper rips of old music albums which is cannot be bought in any store? There is only way you can get it - from collectors on discogs for more than 100 EUR. And you don't give any support to music producers anyway by buying this CD. Some of labels is dead, some of producers too. With years of usage original CDs have more and more problems with physical media. So my question - is it wrong to rip discs and exchange with some friends?
  4. At least one dark release which I like. It`s just good, not boring psychedelic music.
  5. Mostly average tracks, but some of tracks really good. I agree with frozen dream, about priority new good tracks > old average tracks. But it is important to give young generation idea what is classic trance and old school goa. When man without any strict understanding of goa trance see 2009 in store and buy this album (just because it is literally new), he have chance to go deep into this magical hypnosis and beauty of oldschool goa vibes. In my opinion it was better to make 1 strong CD with best tracks from this 2. P.S. A lot of ppl love this sound, but nowadays nobody does tracks with such sound. Why?
  6. It seems it will be cool compilation. Especially I`m interesting in Party Droids :drama: 604 4ever!
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