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  1. Good. And please, be honest and as nit-picky as possible. We're no drama queens. We want to hear what works, what doesn't, as there is always room for improvement, especially since there will be a third part in some time to wrap up the trilogy... plus some other release in-between too.
  2. We would love a review/to hear what you think about our 15th anniversary compilation "Panta Deus II": http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/panta-deus-ii Trance2MoveU? Antic? Anyone?
  3. Yes, it's out! We hope you'll enjoy it. Comments/reviews are more than welcome.
  4. Ah, this one slipped under our radars unfortunately, but hey, we can't be all that perfect, right? Anyway, thank you for the comments, I always appreciate honesty and nitpicking, especially when it comes from a professional - all makes us keep going and struggle to be better.
  5. Soon(ish)... Be patient my friends. Cover & Photo: Space Element (Michał Dąbrowski / Psytrance.pl & GFXlab.pl)
  6. It's fake. A poorly photoshopped Skazi album. Nice try, Antic!
  7. Starkraver: This will be a 100% online release, just like the previous one (there is no CD version). The concept is to spread it as widely as possible as a free-of-charge "gift" for the psy-people after so many years in the cyberspace and to underline our artists' musical output. There is a lot more to Poland than good food and beautiful women. HappyHorse: Thank you very much. Personally I cannot wait for the full new album by Michał too. desysko: Agreed. You haven't heard the last from him.
  8. Just re-listening this album after a while and it still does wonders for me. Wondering why there are so few comments/reviews... Regarding bookings, this guy should have more! (currently busy with a gig in Israel) On the side note, we present to you Psysutra live from the We Are Aliens party in Poland. Hope you like it. What you're getting here is almost 50 minutes of pure Psysutra acidic goa madness, so do not miss it out! Enjoy! PS. 36:58 is where you can hear the full "Been Here Before" track from the upcoming "Panta Deus II" compilation.
  9. We present to you Psysutra live from the We Are Aliens party in Poland. What you're getting here is almost 50 minutes of pure Psysutra acidic goa madness, so do not miss it out! 36:58 is where you can hear the full "Been Here Before" track from the upcoming "Panta Deus II" compilation. Enjoy!
  10. PANTA DEUS II - 15 YEARS OF PSYTRANCE.PL Part 1: Transcendum 1. TLG - Atacama Pathfinder 2. Space Element - Emulator 3. Artha - Monkeys 4. JaraLuca - Antidotum 5. Psysutra - Been Here Before 6. JetMan - Female Animals 7. Aquilpra - Maerd 8. Mirror Me - Souls Samples: Part 2: Chillum 1. AmBeam - Fantasy 2. Damian L - Acid Voyage 3. Moondancer - Snappy Aquatic Mosquito 4. AmBeam - New Horizons 5. Artha - Oddity 6. Miraceti - Alien Translations 7. Aquilpra - The Void 8. Szop - Kudoff Groove 9. TLG - 12th Moon Samples: 2011 marked our 10th anniversary as Psytrance.pl... It was then when we released our epic two-parter entitled "Panta Deus", showcasing the talents of our fellow countrymen. Now, after 5 more years of existence in the cyberspace, we're back with the compilation's sequel, filled with a rich variety of psychedelic trance and chillout music with a proper twist, for you to experience. Among the (un)usual suspects you will find such artists as Artha, Space Element, Psysutra, JaraLuca and many more. Stay tuned! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psytrancePL SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/psytrance-pl
  11. Currently uploading track samples... Expect it later today. Brace yourselves.
  12. Antic posting promo topics on Astrix... Now I've seen everything. The cover is effin' sweet!
  13. Antic: Considering Simon was involved only in the "Magnetica" track from Dub Trees' debut album, I doubt it. Still, an interesting release to wait for nonetheless.
  14. All I can say at this moment is: be veeeeeeeeeery patient. PS. Two days ago I received the mastered Artha tracks for "Panta Deus II". One is a trance tune, the other one more on the downtempo side. Both should be enough to sooth one's pain connected to "where's the new album" issue.
  15. Just to get you a bit mouth-watery, soon there will be two new Artha tracks on the upcoming sequel to "Panta Deus" compilation from Psytrance.pl.
  16. PsiloCybian GodHead BMSS Records, 2015 01. PsiloCybian & Braincell Mad As A Baloon 02. PsiloCybian I Can Feel My Brain 03. PsiloCybian OddWood 04. PsiloCybian GodHead 05. PsiloCybian Sphagnum 06. PsiloCybian Fatline 07. PsiloCybian Flitzed Out 08. PsiloCybian Trippy Looking Sunsets 09. PsiloCybian & Audioform From Another Dimension 10. PsiloCybian & Deimos Unforeseen Consequences https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/bms/bms1cd014.html PsiloCybian is a Croatian artist Saa Dukić, whos active on the scene only from 2010 but just like his countrymen is incredibly prolific and managed to release 5 full-length albums already, including a down-tempo one. My collection so far included only his 2013s Dreamtime printed by Ovnimoon Rec. and I liked that album very much, because it successfully merged the full-on and progressive trance stylistics. Therefore I eagerly anticipated his latest CD GodHead to be released in Dec 2015 as the samples sounded very juicy, suggesting further evolution of the artist in the direction of heavier, more acidic and psychedelic sounds. However, after listening to GodHead good 20 times, I have ambivalent feelings about it. I like the style of the record: the balance is tilted compared to Dreamtime even more to the full-on side, but one can still hear those house / progressive influences: the sounds are smoothed-out, with relatively slow attack when it comes to both volume & filter envelopes, therefore rare are the very harsh, aggressive tones even though the album gets darker in 2nd half. Theres a lot of space, echoes and reverbs and in general the production quality is very high: the sound picture is meaty and dense, but at the same very clear and transparent. The mastering seems a bit more quiet than other CDs out there, but on the other hand this gives the sounds a room to breathe and theres always a volume knob to compensate I very much like the sound of bass on this album, which although typical has this swing, the syncopated funk to it. Personally, when I hear this records then on a most basic organoleptic level it feels as if someone was pouring hot honey to my ears and was covering me with a gentle, plush blanket it is so pleasing! When it comes to style, it is similar to Braincells (theres even a collaboration here), albeit slightly more psychedelic in the background one will find lots of interesting, testy detail and the foreground is ruled by acidic lines: from the typical, heavily accented and resonating 303-s to more elastic, wiggly and springy squiggles in the sonic mid-range. Most of the tunes are similar, though there are a few breaking away from the conformity: I Can Feel My Brain filled with samples from the sci-fi flick Lucy is propelled by turbo-charged spirals in rhythm section and finished-off with ornamental flourishes in 2nd half, OddWood enchants with slick synth work, where 3-4 loops interweave and transform between each other to create intricate sonic patchworks, the titular GodHead is a hard, relentless acid-bath, Fatline overwhelms with deep, electronic screeches and the mid-section acid run wouldnt be out of place on Cosmosis Synergy, while the finishing Unforeseen Consequences is an intriguing, rock-reggae party wind-down. All in all, the album is very even and theres no filler in sight, unless and heres the but one categorises it all as a filler in general. You see, the records *sounds* incredibly well and pleasant, is very correct and technically accomplished, but same could be told of his previous work. What I miss is the next step either in more melodic, atmospheric route or completely to the opposite, into more experimental, far-out sounds, forms and tempos. Theres something to it, because you can hear that 1st part of the album is lighter, more melodic and the 2nd more heavy and psychedelic; but the difference is delicate, barely perceptible and may as well be a figment of my imagination. What can clearly be heard though is that PsiloCybian exerts expert control over sound & rhythms, but gets more uncertain when it comes to melodic work he doesnt know how and where to lead the melodic progression, so he ends up stumbling on few notes repeated in sequence to mixed results. My impression is he could do wonders working in team with some talented musician, but then again this is true for majority of producers on our scene of bedroom DJ-s. Summarising, it is a good album and one can hear that PsiloCybian develops as an artists, although at this moment hes at the cross-roads looking for his own signature sound and direction. Personally I recommend buying this, because even if its not compulsory right now it may sometime in the future be viewed as a stepping stone for great artist. It doesnt hurt that the album looks great on CD shelve, with the hand-painted (I think?) cover depicting the titular god with head full of stars and body composed of plants and creatures of different kinds. Simple, but very effective and to the point. 4/5 Review by Antic
  17. Unfortunately this is not happening, as he deleted his account here due to circumstances. Still, as in the case of a previous review for the Pantomiman album, he asked me to post this one here.
  18. Hypnocoustics - Transformational Structures Liquid Records, 2015 1. Eye Of The Hurricane 2. Hylozoism 3. Transformational Structures 4. Artificer 5. Sunsets & Skin Grafts 6. Foxy 7. Fourth Quadrant 8. Pyrokinetic 9. Cosmic Evolution http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/lir/lir1cd018.html https://liquidrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hypnocoustics-transformational-structures-lp-vol-1-3-free-download I vaguely remember to have stumbled upon Hypnocoustics name few years back, due to them being in collaboration with someone more 'famous' but never really bothered to investigate further. I thought "WTF does that name even mean? Hypno-a-coustics surely?". Anyway, I had my 2nd chance with recent V/A Avant Garden from TIP Records where they teamed up with Cosmosis and boy am I glad I did check it this time! Hypnocoustics are two UK gents, releasing psychedelic trance music since 2011, appearing on numerous compilations and already two full-length albums on Liquid Records. Interestingly, this 2nd album is a collection of 3 EP-s released earlier digitally, therefore - in addition to physical CD - you can download it for free on lablel's Bandcamp page. So, how is the music? Well, imagine a Nano Records or TIP Records contemporary release, with all the energy and high production value, but without the cringe worthy full-on clichés like mind-numbing drum-roll / alarm breakdowns, ham-fisted fake euphoric moments, stupid voice samples, overused & recycled sound-presets and by-the-numbers arrangements. Instead, add a dense, chunky & thick sound production, oozing with rich mid-frequency acid lines, creative sound effects, decent amount of good melody and atmospherics, well-chosen sci-fi movie samples and that's basically it... The album is pretty consistent in its style, but particular tracks lean one way or the other - some are slower, with almost Zenon-esque attention to detail ("Eye Of The Hurricane", "Foxy"), some focus more on gentle melodic tones and dreamy atmospheres a' la early Protoculture (title track "Transformational Structures", "Artificer") and other go full-on with banging, twisted acid swirls Cosmosis / Shakta wouldn't be ashamed of ("Fourth Quadrant", "Sunsets & Skin Grafts", "Pyrokinetic" with Cosmosis). By all means, it's nothing new under the sun and the typical full-on galloping bass lines will discourage lots of people, but the sheer consistency of how great it sounds throughout is astounding - this is full-on done right! Most of the tracks avoid the typical 'peak' moment as well, so it does sound samey and blends together at first, but few times in it becomes clear that there's always a very intricate, often subtle progression and that there's not a dull moment - it always pushes forward, sometimes you'll only notice it after 10th listen. As such, there are no bad tracks and no real stand-outs either. Every each last one is at least very good! Normally, I'd rate this 4/5 because it is not essential for everyone, just (really!) essential for those into full-on subgenre of psychedelic/goa trance and is easily the best (and more consistent) full-on album since Master Blasters' "Life Changing Experience". However, since it is available for free in a legal way, there's no excuse not to try it by literally everyone. 5/5 Review by Antic
  19. Pantomiman ‎- Amphe Theatre Looney Moon Records, 2015 1. Cookie 2. Liquidazer 3. Dust - Koala (Pantomiman Remix) 4. Overtones 5. Dacha-cha 6. Thriller 7. Timeless 8. Gringi 9. Yello Blast 10. Spleen Romance 11. Epinephrine http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/lom/lom1cd009.html The name - Pantomiman - meant nothing to me really, but the crazy cover immediately drew my attention and then I remembered a track of his being on V/A Careful Round Us which I very much liked. Turns out this is George Agaronovs 2nd album and I need to say its quite something! The sound is pretty dry, ascetic even; very pristinely produced and consisting primarily of rolling basslines, atmospheric sound effects / trickery, atonal blips & blops and lots of classic Nord Lead screeches, farts and acid squelches. Normally, this kind of music gets boring pretty quickly, but this one is different - it is very playful, cheerful and funky and isnt afraid to venture out of the safe dark-psy cocoon into the more melodic, musical excursions: tracks like "Koala", "Overtones", "Thriller", "Timeless" or final 3rd of "Cookie" are immediately catchy by providing a gentle contrast to the otherwise relentless electronic beats, with the melodic backbone clearly growing organically from within the tracks as opposed to being shoehorned as an afterthought... Its obvious George has a lot of fun writing this music, which you can hear in their homage to classic electronic pioneers of Yello (in "Yello Blast") but also feels comfortable in baroque, ghost-in-the-opera Talpa-like "Spleen Romance". It's difficult to provide just one reference here, but one will find influences and similarities to Ocelot's "9 Lives", GoW & Metaloids "Tits On Fire", early Talpa / Infected Mushroom and - not kidding here - Hux Flux' seminal Cryptic Crunch. Its perhaps not as consistent or revolutionary as those album were, but nevertheless it's all in there and it is very good. There's no huge, sweeping melodic passages, no hands-in-the-air moments, but if - like me - you can fall in love with an 8 minute track only because it has this perfect 20 seconds part where it all suddenly clicks together, then please give it a chance. 4/5 Review by Antic (posted here at his request)
  20. My thoughts on it stay the same as I posted it here in my review: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/61800-younger-brother-vaccine/
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