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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Supersillyus Title: The charade remixes Label: Self Released Date: December 20, 2018 1. Aeon Bahamut (Nibana Remix, Violins by Kendra Breen) 2. Charade (Radioactive Sandwich Remix) 3. The Great Shenanigan (Matt Carey Remix) 4. Charade (Soulular Remix) 5. Mirage A Trois (DRRTYWULVZ remix) 6. Mirage A Trois (eelko Remix) From the country that brought us big things that no one asked for The album that instructed us how to feel human And a bunch of friends who really should have all collab'd years ago (DRRTY WULVS, Nibana, Kendra Been, Radioactive Sandwich, Matt Carey, Soulular & Eelko). Comes a remix album with a bunch of different styles and tempo's that you're either gonna love, or not give a chance because it's not your style. P resenting The album starts with a a Nibana remix. Did he give a classic a dark psy twist? No sir, this is pure squelchy instrumental funk coming at you. Kendra's violins add a nice spice and the rest of the track is littered with Nibana's synth work and deep atmospheres. All while keeping it's trippy edge. Next up is a soft sweet thing that i wasn't expecting from Mr Sandwhich. A light track that Drift me off to dreamland at anytime of the hour. Matt Carey is next. I wasn't sure about the beginning at first. Then i listened again and realised i had nothing to complain about. The rest of the track really takes off and turns into a funky dance hit. Probably my favourite If you thought that things simply werent mystical enough yet well guess what Sonny Jim? Soulular has got the fix for you. A veeeeeery different version of charade is coming at us, the background melody and vocals are maintained but everything else makes it a cool trip of a track designed for laborious missions out to repair Ganymedes primary communication satellite. So this album has been good. But are we dirty? I mean, we ain't DRRTY yet are we. Well the group who I've heard one track from to date are here to fix that. A big intro build takes into slow psybreak territory, I give it 2 whomp whomps. Eelko finds a great balance between the original and a dark wobbly beast of a track. A bunch of trap tools are used to keep things fresh here. A really good closer. What! Thats it? No one wanted to remix Trancendental Medication. Ya'll scared of a little challenge? yea yea alright Tsotsi, be happy with what you've got. Look heres the deal. This album is fantastic. No low points and this along with the original album I am pretty much covered with a Supersillyus track for everymood. Well done to the gang and keep em coming. Oh yea. Did someone say NYP!!! https://supersillyus.bandcamp.com/album/the-charade-remixes
  2. Artist: Nibana Title: Earth From Above Label: Self-released Release date: June 1st, 2018 Its hard to want to compliment this album. On hand it deserves all the praise that it deserves, Every moment is filled with emotion that takes you on a journey from start to finish. On the other hand, I find it awkward to praise something that comes from a place of loss and pain. But on listen after listen I find the album to have less to do with pain and more to do with the beauty of life. Kevin has shared his recent journey with his late father to the world and it feels strange for me to give it the glowing review I think it deserves. Maybe I’m overthinking it. So less thinking more typing. Mind in a shell: A beautiful track with fat synths that fill every inch of every space in the room. The talking at the start is completely well placed, a theme we are gonna discover throughout the album. Earth From Above: Another powerful composition that brought me to the brink of tears. Emotions I haven’t thought to seek out from music flood through me as the journey continues up and up. The intensity builds and builds, it just won't stop. Perfect When Comes the Pain: 'Oh shit it's gonna be a sad track'. No, nothing but, nothing but beauty from start to finish. Moonset: Another emotion laden track, slightly more reserved than the others but executed just as well. A Dive into Ether: An intense intro leads us to a more intense track which I never want to end. The 4:40 break is simply too good to describe... Alright I'll try. Ethereal, enigmatic, deep AND not actually a break, just a great, lovely outro. Gods From The Machine: Hot damn can he give me at least one thing to criticise? Nope, not gonna happen, I'd call this a favourite but every track here is. A little faster and more optimistic than the rest of the album, another beauty. Legacy (With Suduaya): Oh shit, he had to go bring Sudu onto a track and it works like a charm. More optimistic still and more covered with beautiful beautiful human emotions. Thus we leave (Ft. Isabella Fabric): Nibana and Isabella prove that through the pain of losing someone close to you, comes a beauty that is a life lived. A life of experiences, connections, creations and belonging. The track itself is my favourite on the album. From where it starts to where it finishes, just wowie. Give me a live band performance please. I maintain the Ancient Greek outlook on death, that dying well is just another aspect to living the good life and a noble thing to be able to achieve. That being said I’ve never lost a loved one to sickness and until this album haven’t been able to picture myself in that situation. Kevin has granted me access into that world and shown me a a range of emotions that I have not been privy to until now. Interesting enough the album takes a more upbeat angle towards the end. Nibana's musical diversity is pretty outstanding and now I can add to that, in that he has a remarkable ability to portray emotion through music. I love every piece of dubby, psybient art that Nibana gives us, but I love this album the most. Big thanks to Kevin for releasing this. https://nibana.bandcamp.com/album/earth-from-above
  3. Hi there ! Mamomam Records is a new record label from Poland, runned by JaraLuca and Miraceti. We want to introduce our upcoming VA compilation - "Star Paths", which will bring you nice psychill /downtempo music with cosmic flavore for every psy chill dancefloors and of course for listening wherever you like. Release should be out very soon on Ektoplazm for free download in best quality. Tracklist : 1. Chillaoz with SkyzoDub - Multiverse Connection (110 bpm) 2. Nibana - Among Thoughts (85 bpm) 3. Space Element - Reflection (110 bpm) 4. JaraLuca - One Day In Cosmos (105 bpm) 5. Miraceti - Meditative States Of Mind (111 bpm) 6. JIS - Random Energy (112 bpm) 7. Red Sun Rising - The Battle in Ancient Galaxy (114 bpm) 8. Zopmanika - Celestial Eye (115 bpm ) 9. Moondancer - Messy Thoughts at The Top of The Backbone (75 bpm) Mastering - Khaoz Mastering Very soon, we will post link for whole compilation samples ! Meanwhile you can listen to Nibana track sample on our Mamomam Rec soundcloud ! Stay Tuned !! Our Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mamomam-Records-1479011469086016/?fref=ts
  4. Project Moon est fière de vous annoncer que la 4ème édition de la Stone Moon se déroulera le [g]samedi 11 juillet 2015[/g] sur le site du Chemin Fais'Art. Pour cette 4ème édition, nous vous enmènerons dans la jungle rencontrer les Mangeurs d'Om ! Cette soirée haute en couleurs sera l'occasion pour vous de découvrir des artistes internationaux mais également locaux et ce, sur désormais trois scènes ! ∞ OM Stage : Un Main Stage Trance décoré par les soins de notre association (Progressive, Psytrance, Forest) ∞ Cyber Stage : Une scène alternative électronique et éclectique (Minimale, Drum & Bass, Techno, Electro...) ∞ Le MoonChill : Un espace complètement revisité à la manière Goa village. Une lineup allant de l'ambiant a la goa en passant par le downtempo et le psydub. Un bar sans alcool, un stand végétarien et de nombreux artisans créateurs, feront de cet espace un endroit chaleureux et convivial. Attention, l’événement aura une capacité limitée à 2 700 personnes ! L’ouverture des portes se fera le samedi à 18h et se terminera à 12h le dimanche. Préventes: 20€ (hors frais de loc) https://www.weezevent.com/stone-moon-4-mangeur-d-om Sur Place: 25€ Voici la lineup de l'évènement où se mélange des artistes venus de plusieurs continents. ₪ Artistes Main Stage Live - Acts : ► ITAL - Live Fullon (Antu Rds) Chili https://soundcloud.com/itallive https://www.facebook.com/itallive ► ARJUNA - Live Forest Psytrance (Parvati Rds) Italie https://soundcloud.com/arjunajungle https://www.facebook.com/ArjunaParvatiRecords ► AHO - Live Progressive Trance (Antu Rds) Chili https://soundcloud.com/aholive https://www.facebook.com/aholive ►PROMO-X Live Acid Prog (Spiritual Rebirth - Asstek Prod) France https://soundcloud.com/promo-x https://www.facebook.com/SpiritualRebirthPromo.X Dj - Sets : ► ANAKIS - Djset Forest (Psynon Rds - Illusion Sonore) La Rochelle, France https://soundcloud.com/anakis https://www.facebook.com/djanakis https://www.facebook.com/illusionsonore ► TILT - Djset Progressive Psytrance (Hadra Rds - 1001 Bass) France https://www.mixcloud.com/tilthadra/ https://www.facebook.com/tiltprog ► SOOFA - Djset Balkan Beats Minimale (Powow - Aya Atma) https://soundcloud.com/soofa https://www.facebook.com/soofa ► RAEM Djset Morning Psyche (Blue Hour Sounds - Atomes - ADN) https://soundcloud.com/raem https://www.facebook.com/raem ► GAIAN - Djset Psychedelic (PROJECT MOON) Clermont-Ferrand ► YOSIRIS - Djset Full On Night Psytrance (PROJECT MOON) Clermont-Ferrand https://soundcloud.com/yosirismusic https://www.facebook.com/YosirisMusic + Contest Dj ou Live ₪ Artistes Alternative Stage Live - Acts : ► KONIK - Live Dirty Electro (DZ // OXYMOR //CHAPATI EXPRESS) Paris https://soundcloud.com/konik-dz https://www.facebook.com/djkonik ► KARSHER - Live Acid Tekno (Elektron Libre) Barcelone, Espagne https://soundcloud.com/karsher_panda ► MATPOPO Râ - Live vs Mix Mentale (PROJECT MOON) Clermont-Ferrand https://soundcloud.com/matfausse-manip https://www.facebook.com/MatFaussemanip ► [g]KRISTIOUN[/g] - Live Minimal (Hyppie Vibes) Clermont-Ferrand https://www.facebook.com/kri.stioun DJ - Sets : ► BLUSCREENS - DJ Set Drum N Bass (RAM & Viper Records) - Paris https://soundcloud.com/bluescreens https://www.facebook.com/Bluescreens ► SOXY + JANO - DJ Set Tekno Mystérieuse (EPSYLONN OTOKTONE // ISOTOPE) Nantes https://www.mixcloud.com/soxy-epsylonn https://www.facebook.com/soxy.epsylonn https://soundcloud.com/janoisotope ► SPACETRACKER - DJ Set Electro Tek Dirty (Ekox6TM // Hozers// Subnambule) Lyon https://soundcloud.com/spacetracker https://www.facebook.com/spacetracker ► ALIEN DUCH aka MENTAL EXPERIENCE - DJ Set Tekno - Bourgogne https://soundcloud.com/alienduch https://www.facebook.com/MentaLExperience ► FIRE X CROSS - DJ Set Jungle (Shteken Crew // Repeat Event) Paris ► RULES - DJ Set Tekno (Trooble Odditif) Clermont-Ferrand https://www.facebook.com/237Rules ► MISS KELIUM - DJ Set Electro fidget (Bass Fiction // Fucking Fat Beat) Paris https://soundcloud.com/miss-k-lium https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-Kélium ► DELETERE - DJ Set Electro (PROJECT MOON) Clermont-Ferrand https://soundcloud.com/deletere ► PATCH AMANIACK - DJ Set Drum N Bass (PROJECT MOON) Clermont-Ferrand https://soundcloud.com/patch-amaniack https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Patchamaniack ► DEEJAY VINZ - Djset Minimale (Project Moon // Tromatik) Clermont-Ferrand https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deejay-vinz-tromatik-project-moon-/ ► CONTEST GUEST ₪ Artistes Moon Chill Live Acts : ► ZIBELINE - Orchestre des rues et des champs (Clermont-Ferrand) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zibeline/215561848464161 ► LAB'S CLOUD - Live Psybient /Downtempo (Altar Records) Espagne https://soundcloud.com/labs-cloud https://www.facebook.com/pages/Labs-Cloud ► NIBANA - Live Deep Trance / Downtempo (Maia Brasil Records) Paris https://soundcloud.com/nibana https://www.facebook.com/nibanamusic ► BEDIAN - Live Dark Ritual Ambient (Collectif Fx) https://soundcloud.com/ianfx https://www.facebook.com/ttTraFx DJ Sets : ► TOXYCUE - Dj Set PsyDub /PsyStep (Psykedream /LTE /Euphorik) https://soundcloud.com/toxycue https://www.facebook.com/djtoxycue ► OWSLEY ELEMENTAL - Dj Set Psybient /Downtempo (Karma Kusala) https://soundcloud.com/owsley-el-mental ► TRIPO - Dj Set Psybient /Downtempo (Psykedream /Aya Atma) https://soundcloud.com/antoine-tripologue ► CREATEKGoA ॐ - Dj set Old School Goa (Cronomi Records /SphereS) https://soundcloud.com/createkgoa https://www.facebook.com/CreatekGoa ► PSYSUB - Dj set Psybient /Downtempo (PROJECT MOON) https://soundcloud.com/psysub-gero ► ASTRALUNKA - Dj set Goa Trance (PROJECT MOON) https://soundcloud.com/astralunka ₪ Performers Fuegoloko : http://www.fuegoloko.com/ Cette édition vous réservera une ambiance hors du commun, où se mélangent, énergie, culture, passion de la musique et de nombreux styles artistiques en tout genre, n'hésitez pas à venir découvrir cet univers chaleureux ! Les billets de préventes et autres informations (camping, performers, restauration) seront bientôt disponibles, restez connectés ! Nous travaillons dur et vous attendons nombreux pour cet évènement ! Nos amis les chiens ne seront pas admis sur le site et le verre sera interdit. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/818753714862740/ L'équipe Project Moon​ Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/818753714862740/ L'équipe Project Moon​
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