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  1. Hi ppl! Since a couple of weeks now this release has been out in the public but i had not posted anything about it here so, here goes. I have problems as artist to create enough tracks for a complete album and want to share with you all completed tracks without having to wait for me to finish enough tracks for an album so i will be, going forward at least for now do single (or 2-3) track EP:s and release myself. Similar to what i did with Starstepper but with a different service called Ditto Music. With this service i also release the music onto Juno Download and Beatport
  2. As mentioned in the original post, this album is also released on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and some other services. As i only use Spotify myself i post the link here but searching for Voxel9 on the other services should present the album.
  3. Since a while back it can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other services. https://open.spotify.com/album/0x2KjM83oWhvHJDUdl2SPG?si=i7w377FkQvKExgrSO5BCIw Enjoy :)
  4. Most of you know my Trinodia project but my ambient sideproject, Voxel9 is not as known here or on Facebook (300 somewhat followers compared to 1500+ of the Trinodia page). Lately i have produced more ambient music than Goa trance and the result of 2-3 years of producing drone/chill and what it can be called (im not sure myself) this is the result. 8 new tracks, three has been previewed on Soundcloud so they might be recognized if you follow me there. Tracklist as follows: 1. Floating 07:49 2. Sound E-scape 10:54 3. Circular 08:16 4. Cosmic Ascension 08:45 5. Tinker
  5. Hello fellow goaheads It has become time for me to present my new album containing 5 previously unreleased tracks, two remixes, one previously released track, and a - dont want to call it remix but optional version of the original release The album is called Starstepper and is now released on Bandcamp. Spotify, iTunes and other services will be up on the 27th and distribution is done by Amuse.io. Streams, sales and downloads earnings are given back to me, the artist to 100% so by listening to the music you support me directly just as with Bandcamp. It is not released through any label.
  6. Just had a quick listen on spotify today but i agree with what you say. It is back to psytrance again and more of the original infected sound with tweaking and twisting effects, quite complex melodies and chord progressions. I liked what i heard but will take a more detailed listen some other day but first impression is best one in a long time from them.
  7. Baselines and bass patches for me is perhaps also a bit different from the norm. I don't save patches when it comes to bass sounds (and most other sounds aswell) so I start out with a blank init patch and go from there. I might use a single saw with 24db filter. Or a pwm saw with sin sub or square sub or even saw sub. I have used many different synths for the bass in my tracks and some worked well, others not so much and most times when I change it is because of the tightness of the envelopes in their attack and how well the oscillators sound. Filters IMO nowdays tend to be quite similar
  8. For those who think my track sounds like the older style of Trinodia... well it is based on a rejected track from the Human History album. It has been reconstructed, changed and now gets released on this compilation
  9. Goa Records is very honored and excited to continue releasing the many amazing creations from Swedish psychedelic Goa Trance master Trinodia. On "The Journey Towards Goa 2002-2008" it is now time to explore the history of the Trinodia projects journey through many trance music experiments towards Goa Trance! In the year 2002, Daniel started the Trinodia project and that is where this journey begins. Follow us through times of classic forest psychedelic trance, through a bit of tech trance, forward into the explorations of the psychedelic trance and onto the energetic full-on period. To end it
  10. The Trinodia track is from, well i think 2007 or somewhere around there. Those days i were into making Full On and this track together with some others has been released on a couple of compilations. First track i produced? Not really I can guarantee you don't want to hear that little gem from 1991 This is altho the first (and possibly the only) from that time period that has been featured on a Timewarp compilation and i think it was some kind of compromice being that i have really slowed down a lot in tempo of producing new goatrance music. I do hope to bounce back and make some ne
  11. As one of the remixers i thought i would give my input on this matter I was approached by Tsuyoshi himself on Facebook and it was his suggestion to make remix of Alien Pets and i gladly accepted. Remixing a legend like Prana it doesn't matter what track really. It's an honor to get the question at all. After the remix has been done i actually started doing a remix of Primal Orbit but have not gotten far with it yet, not sure if i ever will finish it. About the Alien Pets remix. Firstly, there were NO, meaning zero material to base the remix from. No midis, no audio tracks, no s
  12. Thanks for the review Yep, it is a bit dated and the release is more of a back catalog release than a fresh new release. There are more of those coming up later on since i have both a lot of unreleased material + My favourites on this album is Halfdeaph and Groove it up most on this album followed by Hunger for ESP (mostly for the darker energy) and Whispering Truths (mostly for the groove) Fun fact is that i had an ear infection from a flu while i was making the track Halfdeaph and could only hear on one of my ears, thats why it is called that.
  13. Hey there! Just thought I would post my remix for the Tempest remix competition here aswell. It was a quickly made remix so it is what it is but I am pleased enough with it to participate with it in the competition. Hope you all will enjoy comments are welcome and don't forget to like the track on soundcloud if you like what you hear! http://soundcloud.com/trinodia/juno-reactor-tempest-trinodia Take care!
  14. A while back now i posted this mix on my facebook page but thought i would post it here as well. It is a Ambient mix of my old track Human History with a bit of industry feel to it It is a free download so follow the Soundcloud link below and download if you want https://soundcloud.com/trinodia/human-history-2013-ambient-mix Enjoy and take care! //Trinodia
  15. Hello everybody and thanks for the comments on my newest release! Really glad to get it out finally after a lot of hard work during the latest two years. For those of you who (like myself) have left the world of physical cds behind and nowdays only go digital it has now also been released on Beatport http://www.beatport.com/release/astral-clouds/1218080
  16. Thanks for putting it up here Well, to be honest This is a remaster of the original release back in 2004. The original was a whitelabel release meaning i burned cds myself and sold at parties. This remaster contains also two tracks that were not on the original release, those being the Voxel9 track Transita Astra and the Trinodia track Its all static. Just as a side note i AM working on finalizing my new goa trance album that will be released later this year so production of new things are also happening
  17. Ovnimoon Records welcomes Trinodia aka Daniel Eldström to our label with a presentation of his newest full length album titled 'Stargazing'. From track one through to track eight the listener will be shocked and amazed to hear such artistic and perfectly crafted old school style Goa trance music made with completely modern production quality. The album gets capped off with track nine giving a taste from his down-tempo chill-out side project Voxel9. 'Stargazing' is a concept album with each track having a focus on deep space observations, presented through intelligent and epic melodic so
  18. It's been a year in the making but now it's finaly going to be released Feels really good to get a full length album out properly and it's great to have such good help as the help i have from Imba and Richpa for releasing this album. Ofcourse big thanks to mr Ektoplazm, Basilisk for releasing it there. Hope you all will enjoy it //Trinodia
  19. No need to apolagize. Just as i have expressed my view of things, so have you. No harm done
  20. @Basilisk Good point I have followed this thread and i have of course an opinion about both matters (mastering and releasing free music). Mastering: It could have been done better, and it could have cost money. But this is a free release and i did not have the money nor the will to really master the tracks better. I thought it was good enough the way it is and i cant really say the original mixes pre master is top notch either so they did a good job with the mastering bringing the tracks up bit in quality. Free music: The tracks of this EP were actually put online about 18 months a
  21. It feels good to have something released again and to be working on more music to come. Also it is great to be back in the Goa Trance scene since thats where my psychedelic music producing started back in 1994. Hope you all will enjoy this release The cover artwork is made by a friend of mine and the concept is kindof a classic sci-fi minimalistic poster.
  22. Laugh and Dance Records has evolved from a local group of party organizers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Powered by the event company 'Mumix' and the web community 'Swedish Mushroom', and with the determination to introduce Full on into the Swedish club scene, the Laugh and Dance team has during the last three years taken the place as the premier Swedish promoter and event organizer. Among the artists playing at these events we've had the pleasure to see Perplex, Didrapest, Ananda Shake, Trinodia and S.o.L. The Laugh and Dance sound can be recognized as a joyful, high tempo, melodic
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