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  1. Hi ppl! Since a couple of weeks now this release has been out in the public but i had not posted anything about it here so, here goes. I have problems as artist to create enough tracks for a complete album and want to share with you all completed tracks without having to wait for me to finish enough tracks for an album so i will be, going forward at least for now do single (or 2-3) track EP:s and release myself. Similar to what i did with Starstepper but with a different service called Ditto Music. With this service i also release the music onto Juno Download and Beatport but also many many more stores around the world reaching more people. First release is this track, Secrets in the stars and you can find it on the common stores for streaming and downloads. https://ditto.fm/secrets-in-the-stars https://www.beatport.com/release/secrets-in-the-stars/2936428 I am also re-releasing Starstepper so it is now available on Beatport but currently unavailable on Spotify and other stores but it should reappear on those also soon. Take care! //Daniel (Trinodia)
  2. As mentioned in the original post, this album is also released on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and some other services. As i only use Spotify myself i post the link here but searching for Voxel9 on the other services should present the album.
  3. Since a while back it can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other services. https://open.spotify.com/album/0x2KjM83oWhvHJDUdl2SPG?si=i7w377FkQvKExgrSO5BCIw Enjoy :)
  4. Most of you know my Trinodia project but my ambient sideproject, Voxel9 is not as known here or on Facebook (300 somewhat followers compared to 1500+ of the Trinodia page). Lately i have produced more ambient music than Goa trance and the result of 2-3 years of producing drone/chill and what it can be called (im not sure myself) this is the result. 8 new tracks, three has been previewed on Soundcloud so they might be recognized if you follow me there. Tracklist as follows: 1. Floating 07:49 2. Sound E-scape 10:54 3. Circular 08:16 4. Cosmic Ascension 08:45 5. Tinkering 10:49 6. Watching The Stars 09:35 7. Riding The Waves 07:52 8. Crystalized Memories 06:57 It can be previewed and purchased here: http://voxel9.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-ascension It will be released through Amuse.io services also and distributed by them to Spotify, iTunes and other streaming and download services but Bandcamp is the first i made it available on. Go listen, comment, let me know what you think
  5. Hello fellow goaheads It has become time for me to present my new album containing 5 previously unreleased tracks, two remixes, one previously released track, and a - dont want to call it remix but optional version of the original release The album is called Starstepper and is now released on Bandcamp. Spotify, iTunes and other services will be up on the 27th and distribution is done by Amuse.io. Streams, sales and downloads earnings are given back to me, the artist to 100% so by listening to the music you support me directly just as with Bandcamp. It is not released through any label. Mastering has been done with a online service and personally i think it worked out good Artwork as usual by myself. This album has taken many years to create. Some of you might recognize the title track Starstepper from my facebook page since i did a short video from the studio when it was getting produced back in 2016 but also even back to 2012 for the Planet Number 12 remix. Tracklist is as follows: 1. Planet Number 12 (2012 Mix) 06:50 2. Goa Feelings 09:18 3. Free Form 08:54 4. Pulsating Neurons 07:56 5. Spaced Out To Noise 09:24 6. Deceive My Eyes 09:40 7. Starstepper 08:54 8. 7th Ace (Optional Bass Mix) 09:05 9. Human History (Ambient Mix) 10:26 It can be listened to and purchased here: http://trinodia.bandcamp.com/album/starstepper
  6. Just had a quick listen on spotify today but i agree with what you say. It is back to psytrance again and more of the original infected sound with tweaking and twisting effects, quite complex melodies and chord progressions. I liked what i heard but will take a more detailed listen some other day but first impression is best one in a long time from them.
  7. Baselines and bass patches for me is perhaps also a bit different from the norm. I don't save patches when it comes to bass sounds (and most other sounds aswell) so I start out with a blank init patch and go from there. I might use a single saw with 24db filter. Or a pwm saw with sin sub or square sub or even saw sub. I have used many different synths for the bass in my tracks and some worked well, others not so much and most times when I change it is because of the tightness of the envelopes in their attack and how well the oscillators sound. Filters IMO nowdays tend to be quite similar on different plugins. All in all it when it comes to bass sounds for me it depends on the track I'm making and I go back and adjust the bass sound during the production of the track. I tend to have another track that doubles the bass notes with a wider more grittier sound that is one or two octaves above the bass and that has the lower frequencies cut off with an EQ. Sometimes I use a short reverb on the bass, ping Pong delay and so on, all depending on what fits the current track. In terms of groove I don't use shuffle alot. I have done but I tend to work with alternating length of notes and instead of removing 16s notes I shorten them down so they are almost just a click and that gives a rhythmic groove. I always use sidechain compression on the bass to duck it using the kick as source. I dont use EQ most times on the bass sound but that also depends on the track and how the other sounds give room (or not) for the bass sound in the mix. If the bass needs more attack I add a second compressor after the sidechain to sculpt the sound better, not agressive compression but enough to give it a little boast in the attack. Am I ever pleased with my bass sounds? Never... So the search Always goes on I agree that old school psy and goa were much more varied in how the bass sounded, both I melodies and sound and I'm more into that than today's progressive standard basslines. That said I have done those aswell and in some tracks they work well but I dont like to just use the same over and over again, it's too easy and does not Challenge the listener enough. Just my couple of thoughts //Trinodia
  8. For those who think my track sounds like the older style of Trinodia... well it is based on a rejected track from the Human History album. It has been reconstructed, changed and now gets released on this compilation
  9. Goa Records is very honored and excited to continue releasing the many amazing creations from Swedish psychedelic Goa Trance master Trinodia. On "The Journey Towards Goa 2002-2008" it is now time to explore the history of the Trinodia projects journey through many trance music experiments towards Goa Trance! In the year 2002, Daniel started the Trinodia project and that is where this journey begins. Follow us through times of classic forest psychedelic trance, through a bit of tech trance, forward into the explorations of the psychedelic trance and onto the energetic full-on period. To end it all Trinodia goes back to the start again. Back into the forest and ends with one of the first tracks created for the Trinodia project back in 2002. Enjoy this travel through a variety in styles, not the Goa Trance that he is known for today but if you listen closely you can always hear a timbre, melody, sound or feeling of Goa Trance in the background in all tracks. Go get it at Beatport. More stores will be available in a couple of weeks. Digital release only! https://pro.beatport.com/release/the-journey-towards-goa-2002-2008-30-track-trance-anthology/1577351
  10. The Trinodia track is from, well i think 2007 or somewhere around there. Those days i were into making Full On and this track together with some others has been released on a couple of compilations. First track i produced? Not really I can guarantee you don't want to hear that little gem from 1991 This is altho the first (and possibly the only) from that time period that has been featured on a Timewarp compilation and i think it was some kind of compromice being that i have really slowed down a lot in tempo of producing new goatrance music. I do hope to bounce back and make some new tracks soon tho Soon there will be a release featuring 30 of my previously unreleased tracks from 2001 to 2008. There are some full on tracks there also but also pure pystrance, tech trance and some, well i dont know how to define them really but they are quite experimental for being me... Will be intresting to hear your thoughts on that, being that most tracks are not the kind i produce today.
  11. As one of the remixers i thought i would give my input on this matter I was approached by Tsuyoshi himself on Facebook and it was his suggestion to make remix of Alien Pets and i gladly accepted. Remixing a legend like Prana it doesn't matter what track really. It's an honor to get the question at all. After the remix has been done i actually started doing a remix of Primal Orbit but have not gotten far with it yet, not sure if i ever will finish it. About the Alien Pets remix. Firstly, there were NO, meaning zero material to base the remix from. No midis, no audio tracks, no samples to use or what so other than a original wav file that is the same as the original complete track that can be found on the original release. That makes the work to reproduce the original melodies more like making a cover than an actual remix since you have to recreate as good as you are possible to do what the original was and how it was made and constructed. I made my remix almost complete and then exported three midi files for the main melodies and shared them with Imba and Filteria. I doubt any of them used them as they were since there were flaws in them, both in note lengths and i bet there were some notes missing in them also. One of the melodies in Alien Pets is quite random in it's notes and i took the time and put them in, one by one to try to get them all correct but i am fairly sure i in the end missed quite a few towards the end. Also i did not include all melodies from the original, maybe a mistake but it is a remix as stated. Not a cover meaning i am free to be creative to some extent. I also found out from what movie the original vocals where from (thanks to psydb.net that has listed a lot of tracks and what movies the vocals in thems come from), located the part where it was from, sampled those and processed them to make them sound as close as the original as i could. These i did also share with Imba and Filteria so they would not have to redo that work. Again, i don't know if they used them or not but if they had come with the same offer to me, i would have gladly taken the help and used it as a foundation to build on. Soundwise, well, my remix is a Trinodia remix after all and also a cover meaning i tried to reproduce the original sounds with what i have at my disposal but at the same time add some Trinodia sound into the mix. I know it doesnt suit all and i am fine with that. Normally, a remix means you most likely get some parts of the original track (at least of my experience). May that be melodies, effects, drums, vocals or midis but at least something but as the case is with these older tracks, most of the times the artist very rarely have any access to the original work that was made. I also have a lot of tracks that were made in the 90s that i have no possibility to release today without redoing them from the first note to the last sound. So far i have done that with only one track (Top Secret, 2013 mix) and i still like the original better, it has more soul which i guess is the case also with the remix/cover of Alien Pets. Other artists are most certainly better at reworking the original to its smallest bits, notes and sounds. Personally i am not that persistent when it comes to reworking other artists work other than to a certain point when i decide i have it "close enough" and i can add my parts to it while still maintaining an original feel. Anyway, i am pleased with the result myself and i know others are as well. Can't please you all, that's an impossible task Just my thoughts on this
  12. Thanks for the review Yep, it is a bit dated and the release is more of a back catalog release than a fresh new release. There are more of those coming up later on since i have both a lot of unreleased material + My favourites on this album is Halfdeaph and Groove it up most on this album followed by Hunger for ESP (mostly for the darker energy) and Whispering Truths (mostly for the groove) Fun fact is that i had an ear infection from a flu while i was making the track Halfdeaph and could only hear on one of my ears, thats why it is called that.
  13. Hey there! Just thought I would post my remix for the Tempest remix competition here aswell. It was a quickly made remix so it is what it is but I am pleased enough with it to participate with it in the competition. Hope you all will enjoy comments are welcome and don't forget to like the track on soundcloud if you like what you hear! http://soundcloud.com/trinodia/juno-reactor-tempest-trinodia Take care!
  14. A while back now i posted this mix on my facebook page but thought i would post it here as well. It is a Ambient mix of my old track Human History with a bit of industry feel to it It is a free download so follow the Soundcloud link below and download if you want https://soundcloud.com/trinodia/human-history-2013-ambient-mix Enjoy and take care! //Trinodia
  15. Hello everybody and thanks for the comments on my newest release! Really glad to get it out finally after a lot of hard work during the latest two years. For those of you who (like myself) have left the world of physical cds behind and nowdays only go digital it has now also been released on Beatport http://www.beatport.com/release/astral-clouds/1218080
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