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  1. Two compilations that I also really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) are Back from Beyond and Destinations from Iono Music. Check out the samples!
  2. +1 Tribal Vision releases are amazing. Lime Light 3 would be the only exception for me though... Check out Iboga's Hibernation and Nuance compilations, I think that they are awesome. Another very good compilation is Reflections by Blue Tunes Recordings. Some seriously good tunes!
  3. Nah, I would never buy it either I was not sure about your level of DJing and thought it would be easier as you would not have to re-map all the MIDI functions, but you seem to know more than a thing or two about the art. I personally would have gone for the Xponent, but it is bundled with Torq, making it difficult to justify your recent Traktor purchase. Anyway, good luck with your new set-up! I will PM you in a month or two for a review...
  4. How are you going to connect speakers and monitor your mixes at the same time? When you answer this question you will know that you will need a sound card... For the Vestax!
  5. Check out the following products: The Behringer BCD 3000 (bundled with Traktor) The M-Audio Torq Xponent The Numark Total Control The Vestax VCI-100 There are also two threads in this sub-forum that discusses MIDI controllers. One posted by me and the other by SkeletonMan. Good Luck! In the end of the day it will be all about your finances and brand preference. With Traktor, I would just go for the Behringer. It is dirt cheap too...
  6. I have a pair Ultrasone DJ1 and they have crisp clear sound reproduction and really good noise isolation. If that helps...
  7. Hey Pavel, have you listened to this album. I am considering it for my collection... Echoes Records are Israeli ei?
  8. OK, just bumping up this thread... Any new additions???
  9. Hell Yes! The samples are awesome, I am so so looking forward to the release :posford:
  10. Yeah, I thought it was pretty good too. Classy even if I may say so...
  11. My mate had this (CD1) in his car the other day and it was pretty deep darkish trance that is perhaps a bit more psychedelic than progressive (as listed @ discogs). I thought it sounded ok, I would not play it though, but my mate who plays harder more grinding quirky psychedelic trance liked it a lot!
  12. I just love these threads Let's just agree to disagree...
  13. To clarify, I never meant MP3s per se, but also all other forms of digital media. DJs are in the future going to rock up to gigs with hard drives as opposed to record and/or CD cases. That is what I meant...
  14. To clarify, I never meant MP3s per se, but also all other forms of digital media. DJs are in the future going to rock up to gigs with hard drives as opposed to record and/or CD cases. That is what I meant...
  15. Yeah quite a few bashed laptop/MP3 DJs, but many of the people on this forum who I know are good DJs (Nemo and Profane) had a more positive attitude towards MP3s and laptops. I agree with you, it is the future, but it might take I while before we get there... However, I do not agree that there is no difference between for example 192kbps and 320kbps. There is and it is noticable!
  16. [HaHa, I cannot believe that we are going to do this again] I buy much more CDs now anyway, but I still buy the occasional out of stock 320kbps track from audiojelly.com. I can hear no difference between 320kbps and CDs, but when it comes to even 256kbps, I hear the difference. I really do not believe in VBR encoding for professional DJing, but that is just me and I am not professional so it really does not matter…
  17. In no particular order: Nuance - Iboga Records New Perspective - Spintwist Records Spindrive Volume 3 - Spintwist Records Frames - Spintwist Records Kiwa - On the Frequency Klopfgeister - Sunflavoured Solar Signals - Iono Music Destinations - Iono Music Shaman - Grv Soldier Dirty Digital - Blue Tunes Recordings Human Traffic - Audiotune Healing Lights - Synergetic Records Progressive Movement - Blue Tunes Recordings Sun Control Species - Scienza Nuova
  18. Yeah it was a while ago I attended a Goa Disco
  19. + Fucking 1 Such An Awesome Track!!!
  20. It was unique the year it was released... For me: Land of Freedom and Cycles of Life
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