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  1. I actually think that the theme is pretty good. I suppose it allows for Americans to reflect upon and renegotiate their identities in the New World order. Sure enough, I would personally trip out completely if I attended...
  2. It is actually has some serious trance elements... Anyway, Symphonix are the shit in my opinion!
  3. OK Abasio, only because it is you. Nevertheless, the cover is far from being good enough for being in this thread.
  4. It is the shizzle!!! I looovee it....
  5. Can you PM me details? I just PMd you. Did you get it?
  6. Bring them on yo! Shipping to New Zealand... Hi Hi Hi!
  7. Just making sure this thread rules Jon's...
  8. The original album fucking kicks ass though... Yeah, but cover is gay is suppose.
  9. They refunded the $$ for the track, but it turned out that another track also was missing all together. WTF, now I have got a half album. YAY! Anyway, personally, I am never ever using beatport.com again, which is a shame. I trust all of the good exeriences that so many of you seem to have had, but this first experience of mine has really put me off. I need some time to recover and reconsider...
  10. Well my first experience was and remains crap! I bought and downloaded Symphonix's Music Prostitute to find that two of the tracks were incomplete in addition to a couple of glitches here and there in some of the other tracks. 48 hours later after having e-mailed their support team, I still have not heard a single word from them. Damn, I was planning on buying another couple of albums, but after this experience I probably never will use their service ever again... Similar or opposite experiences anyone? Maybe I should just e-mail Blue Tunes instead?
  11. Ouch! There are at leat three relatively recent threads under this topic that deal with progressive recommendations. They helped me a lot along the way!
  12. Sound like you are having fun GSH! I am downloading the mix now, looking forward to it... I was totally going to buy a Torq Xponent a couple of months ago, but bought some CDJs instead. Kind of feel I should have gone for the MIDI controller now... Well Well, next time around
  13. Ha Ha, I just love it how you see the producers in the eyes of the alien. Sharp, very sharp!
  14. I really love the Reflections compilation, Human Traffic - Audiotune and Symphonix - Music Prostitute are also good. Venturing into house though...
  15. Yeah man, I love deep progressive, it is not common place nowadays... I just got 19 new albums from Saiko so it will have to wait though ... What about the other Domo Records releases? Any recommendations?
  16. Interesting... Thanks for the recommendation Journey Mate!
  17. Fuck, I had completely forgotten about these guys. They are great! I used to dig them when I was young. Good luck with the samples, I am sure that they will turn out good...
  18. Anarchy? Ze A? I spotted it right away... Nice touch Tom.
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