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  1. Good luck SkeletonMate, I am looking forward to hearing a review from you...
  2. Well, go for the Behringer then! It is just US $199! A bargain to start out with...
  3. and i seem to be the only one ruling this place, oh man, charlie is going to be so jealous, hellyeah!!!!!!

  4. Nah, I doubt that anybody here or elsewhere will have any experience with it as it has just been released. I did a lot of research into it a while a ago and I trust that the Xponent overall is the most reliable product.
  5. no one will find it out, i have my coments here now, this place is belong to meh!

  6. The Behringer BCD 3000 The M-Audio Torq Xponent The Numark Total Control The Vestax VCI-100 The Torq Xponent is best, but most expensive too. Try out the Behringer, I have heard good things about them. Both have built-in soundcards!
  7. I AM the FIRST one, right?!

  8. 1st one i mean.

  9. *takes the honor of be the one to post in his profile*


  10. WTF Pavel, they are New Zealanders! Anyway, thanks for the review...
  11. Nah, same thing happened on my end...
  12. Happy Birthday!!! :clapping:
  13. Sarrsari, do check out the new Cosmosis album!
  14. For example, the tune Sonic Algebra on the Sonic Algebra album is wicked in my opinion... You have to let it unfold though!
  15. Wicked idea! Let's bloody do it! We could just use a simple poll? Who is keen to provide Acido Domingo with some files? I would do it, but I just do not know how to cut WAV files into 1 minute snippets. Give me some advice and I will do it...
  16. Thanks for the recommendations!
  17. I am not dissing you dude, but it is sure is not progressive and the album actually has some pretty wicked melodies, but again, that is just my opinion...
  18. Yeah I listened to the samples but was not too impressed even though I really wanted to. I suppose some of the structures and samples are quite original...
  19. +1 I cannot believe what I am reading! Although, it kind of competes with the Metaphysic Records in trouble thread...
  20. Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica Check it out! http://www.discogs.com/release/991922
  21. WTF??? Progressive??? No Melody??? Anyway, no comment!
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