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  1. I buyimg a set-up in the coming weeks and it is going to be Pioneer for sure. Having the money to burn, should I go for a pair of CDJ 800s or 1000s? Kindly explain why and/or why not? All advice is much appreciated!
  2. I have to say that I was a bit surprised...
  3. I agree... First Flight is a classic!
  4. Beautiful! I am happy that I downloaded it...
  5. I just realized that this thread is competing with one of John Cocco's threads... Sorry about any confusion! However, I still reckon that they fulfil different functions, so let's just keep this thread to the top album (singular)???
  6. Re-launched website: http://www.spiraltrax.com/
  7. In no particular order: Sweet September Seven Days to Daylight Desert Plain Ensueno
  8. DJ Sangeet - Cosmosis Filteria and Khetzal Tegma and Vibrasphere
  9. :posford: Goa-Head (1996; Legoan) :posford: http://www.discogs.com/release/80010 I still have it, somewhere...
  10. SONY MDR-V150 Very versatile, but I am upgrading very soon. I will use this thread for feedback!
  11. :drama: :drama: Est ist Excellent A1!!! :drama: :drama: Best Tribal Vision release IMO...
  12. Cheers bud, a mature approach to expressing your opinion!
  13. I am just loving this album! 9/10 for me so far... I will edit once I have given it a second listen! Edit: I cannot stopt listening to this album. It is just so good!
  14. Cheers Nemo! I have freaking heard some of your sets (live) and know that you know what you are talking about! So, your reply is encouraging! I suppose that there is something in the air that make native HBGers think in particular ways
  15. reminds me of the good old days You are 16 year-old buddy... Nevertheless, Vibrasphere - Sweet September!
  16. Living in New Zealand it just seems more practical to buy music via beatport.com and audiojelly.com Your experiences and philosophies with all forms of digital media (excluding CDs) are much appreciated...
  17. Khetzal - Trancefuzion (On Subtrip Record's Twist Dreams)! :posford:
  18. WOW, you almost almost got me there!
  19. Yeah definitely a wicked compilation. So old-school... :posford:
  20. A bit premature, but still without doubt Suntrip Records's Twist Dreams! Kindly stick to one...
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