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  1. I have been offered a job in the UK and the CDs will just be too much to carry along. Besides, I have not been playing very much lately and cannot forsee myself finding the time to do so in the next year or so... I might go digital when I get back into it anyway : ) Price is negotiable if you are interested!
  2. Below is a list of CDs which I am selling as a package. No CDs will be sold separately. All CDs are original and almost none of the CDs have been played at all as I have been using burnt copies for both practicing and gigs. Most CDs were released between 2006 and 2009. The artwork/booklets have however been used in a CD case and their condition range from mint to very good. I will also include a UDG CD case in the deal. The case will contains one copy of each CD burnt onto high quality Taiyo Yuden CDRs. Every CD is labelled very tidely. The case will also include approximately 10-20 promotional CDs from the labels listed below. These are not necessarily original! Price: US$500 + Shipping from New Zealand (negotiable for the serious buyer) Send me a PM if you are interested! Ask users such as Muerto, Nemo, Biggins and Fungus about my credibility. The goods will be shipped in A1 condition upon payment! Below is a list of all original CDs included in the deal! IBOGA RECORDS – 20 Items Antix – Lull FREq – Strange Attractors Beat Bizarre – Somersault Industries Hibernation (compiled by Yuli Fershtat) Perfect Stranger – Learning = Change Reefer Decree – Point of You Nuance (compiled by Emok & Banel) Set 7: Declivity (compiled by Bakke) Perfect Stranger – Changed Gaudium – So Called Life Suncontrolspecies – Scienza Nuova Antix – Wanderers Ace Ventura – Rebirth Maelstrom aka DJ Emok – Maelstom Set 8: Electric Ballroom (compiled by Emok & Banel) Flowjob – Zenentertainment Set 9: Desert Selections (compiled by Treavor Moontribe) Ace Ventura – Re:Boot Quantize – Time Yotopia – Connect the Dots IBOGA MEXICO – 2 Items Superstitions (compiled by Odiseo and Vedant) Switch (compiled by Odiseo and Vedant) BLUE TUNES RECORDINGS – 12 Items Reflection (compiled by B52) Progressive Movement (compiled by Montagu & Golkonda) Symphonix – Music Prostitute Dirty Digital (compiled by Dualism & Sven Snug) Human Traffic – Audiotune Amrasaya Volume 3 (compiled by Montagu & Golkonda) Symphonix – Music Prostitute: The Remixes Reflection Volume 2 (compiled by B52) Progressive Movement Volume 2 (compiled by Montagu & Golkonda) Symphonix – The Wild Life Timetable (compiled by Montagu & Golkonda) Reflection Volume 3 (compiled by B52) IONO MUSIC – 10 Items Back From Beyond (compiled by Murus & Cubixx) Klopfgeister – Sunflavoured Destinations (compiled by Murus & Cubixx) Solar Signals (compiled by Murus & Cubixx) Funk Dragon – Massive Blue Banquet (compiled by Murus) Destinations Volume 2 (compiled by Murus & Cubixx) Tales of Fall (compiled by Cowan and Phaxe) Nasser – Checkpoint Carrots and Sticks (compiled by Cubixx) TRIBAL VISION RECORDS – 10 Items Urban Legends (compiled by Schwa & Slater) Lime Light (compiled by Schwa & Slater) Meller – Rockable POTS – Creating Social Success Street Art (compiled by Schwa & Slater) Sonic Cube – Filter Tegma – Around the World in 80 Minutes POTS – Social Success Remixes Lime Light Volume 2 (compiled by Schwa & Slater) Trash Art (compiled by Schwa & Slater) FLOW RECORDS – 6 Items 5 Years (compiled by Pena) Globalise (compiled by Yotopia) Daily Basis (compiled by Pena) Uncharted (compiled by Citizen aka Zen Mechanics) Globalise Volume 2 (compiled by Yotopia) Daily Basis Volume 2 (compiled by Pena) SPIRAL TRAX – 5 Items Atmos – 2nd Brigade Platform 01 (compiled by Anti) Bakkelit 2.1 (compiled by Bakke) Tomic – My Number One Atmos – Tour De Trance (CompactStick) PLUSQUAM RECORDS – 4 Items Shaman – Grv Soldier Cafu – Wake Up Bitmonx & DJ Fabio – Plugged On the Decks” with DJ Zombie SYNERGETIC RECORDS – 4 Items Feuerhake – Re:Start Ovnimoon – Human Spirit Healing Lights (compiled by Gabi) Synergy (compiled by Zyce & Fox) DANCE N DUST RECORDS – 3 Items Dustynation Part Three (compiled by Asherun) Decoy – Push Button Pony Flame on Fire – Mission Emotion DOMO RECORDS – 3 Items Posse (compiled by Nadi) G-Spot (compiled by Huda-G) V-Tunes – Variable GROOVE CONTROL RECORDS – 3 Items Between the Lines (compiled by Osho) Inception (compiled by Brisker & Magitman) Bass Your Ass (compiled by B-Tone) SOULTRIBE RECORDS – 3 Items Deep Electric Flow (compiled by Soulflowrockaz) Deep Electric India (compiled by Kohra) Tomtron & Lissegang – Movida CANDYFLIP RECORDS – 2 Items Joyride Volume 2 (compiled Stratos) Pozitiva (compiled by Vanja) ECHOES RECORDS – 2 Items Think Different (compiled by Osho) Stereo Slave (compiled by Osho) OPEN RECORDS – 2 Items Slow Release (compiled by Suspekt and Woodsman) Festivus (compiled by Suspekt and Woodsman) SPINTWIST RECORDS – 2 Items Spindrive Volume 3 (compiled by Vaishivas) New Perspective (compiled by Blackout) TOKYO DANCE – 2 Items BLT & Danny Makov – Anything U Want Astrolink – Skypilot VERTIKAL RECORDS – 2 Items Vertikal Pressure – The Celebration (compiled by Tomtron) Smooth – Dont Stop OTHERS – 9 Items Reloaded Volume 2 (Plastik Park Records) Afterhourz (Groove Zone Records) New Order (HOM-Mega Productions) Advanced Options Volume 2 (BNE – Brand New Entertainment) Extrasensory Perception (Mikrokosmos Records) Kiwa – On the Frequency (Exogenic Records) Ground Grooves (Tatsu Recordings) Highway (Digital Oracle) Etic – Zooming Out (Trancelucent Productions)
  3. hey dude, hows it going??


  4. Samothraki Dance Festival! Totally blew me away... Magnificent mastering!!!
  5. Fresh from the European festival season, Melbourne-based progressive trance genius Andrew Davidson a.k.a Sun Control Species (Iboga Records) makes a special visit to New Zealand to unleash his lush trademark sound that has been captivating crowds from Sweden to Japan. Sun Control Species has gained a reputation around the world as one of the most talented producers and performers on the scene today. A professional sound engineer and musician, Sun Control Species uses complex and intelligent electronic sound structures, harmonically resonant groove patterns and driving bass lines to create an unmatched journey into trance. This is set to be a very special night. Line up: Sun Control Species (Iboga Records, DK) – Live Maia (Organic Records, UK/Native Harmonics, NZ) – DJ set Repete Cosmic Conspiracy Records, NZ) – DJ set Wodger Want – DJ set Filthy Tomo – DJ set Ristafunk – DJ set Yetimon – VJ set Curve Bar Saturday the 4th of October 10:00PM – 06:00AM $20 at the door There will also be an official afterparty, check out psydj.com for more details… :posford:
  6. CD Wav, Flac and sometimes 320kbps, but only sometimes...
  7. Thanks a lot! I will delve into it this coming week!
  8. Thanks for your opinion! Or can be taken as both or either or.... Everybody else seems to have understood what I meant?
  9. Thanks a lot for the tips. I sort stuff almost like Nemo, but might start running one or another trick : ) Anoebis, what type of information do you write down? Do you describe the track etc? Cheers!
  10. My question is formulated in the topic description! So, I want to invest in some gear and get totally into making electronic music. A lot of people say that it requires some musical backround, which I do not have for shit (besides DJing and I am no pro)! What do you guys reckon? If no, give some examples of successful producers that do not have a musical background... Cheers!
  11. My question is formulated in the topic description! So, I want to invest in some gear and get totally into making electronic music. A lot of people say that it requires some musical backround, which I do not have for shit (besides DJing and I am no pro)! What do you guys reckon? If no, give some examples of successful producers that do not have a musical background... Cheers!
  12. Aloha pienewsers! Long time no see... :clapping: My music collection is starting to get pretty big. Up until now, I have sorted all my music according to sub-genres and then record labels. Many of my mates love sifting through my stuff, but I am finding it hard to remember all my CDs and tracks. I just tend to forget about some CDs and tracks and then every now and then I find an old gem that I love but have forgotten about completely. It sucks! So, how is your music collection organised? How do you make sure that you have got the phatsest tracks at hand when you are practising or hitting the DJ booth? All and any kinds of advice is much appreciated!
  13. We Share the same Last name :)

  14. well , my schedule is fucked up too , just waiting for this month to end , then i will be free...!

    totally freee...!

  15. i live in Bangalore .!

    come down sometime man .

  16. Well it is too simplistic. Ethno does not encompass indian and indian does not encompass Ethno. I am referring to Indian not Ethno.
  17. Awesome! thumbsup*

  18. Hi Sammy! Visiting Sweden anytime soon?

  19. We all know what has happened to the "Goa vibe" ...
  20. inducting india to "ethno" is in itself a bit controversial...
  21. +1 I have heard some pretty amazing traditional vocals and melodies from these regions. Just to clarify my point, I am not saying that Indian samples per se are boring, but that their overruse is...
  22. I have been listening to quite a bit of ambient and psychill over the last two months and I cannot help to note and kind of complain about the overuse of Indian samples. What are your thoughts? Personally it bores me to death!
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