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  1. Have you got a problem with this thread? Why even bother then? Go enjoy your scene and don't post in this thread!
  2. Sorry about spam tendencies, but this thread is killer!!! One of the best ones in a while...
  3. +1 Regarding Vibrasphere, Archipelago above ETT anyday. Nothing classic about ETT!
  4. See, someone that actually understands this scene agrees! Thank you!
  5. Antix - Seven Seas :posford:
  6. strydr, how many of Tom Cosm's completed and mastered tracks do you own or have listened to? Just because Tom Cosm have posted a couple of videos on youtube on how to play electronic music live does not mean that the making good music is out of his boundaries. He makes some really good music (electro-prog crossover) that are DJ and crowd favourites in both New Zealand and Australia. He is fucking amazing live!!!
  7. Dude, I have seen Tom Cosm live numerous times. So what are you saying? That he sounds shabby? Live means live for him and he is fucking good when he does it! Sorry to be a bit off-topic, but don't diss Tom Cosm!!!
  8. Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries und VA - Twist Dreams (Suntrip) I own and have listened to most other major proggy releases this year, but I cannot say any of them are up there, not even Ace or SCS. They are good good, but still not excellent in my opinion. And yes, Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica is pretty damn good as well!
  9. Are you in Slovenia? I would not worry about it too much then. I have actually got all of my orders from them intact. Some have taken longer to arrive than others, probably because I live in NZ and Abasio in Japan. So, the distances make it more complicated. Psyshop are efficient that is for sure, but (and that is a big BUT) if something fucks-up, don't expect them to send you another shipment or refund you $$... I still trust them though. Just divide your orders into 2-3 smaller ones, they arrive faster and you would not loose as much if one of the parcels got lost...
  10. Hokey, let's update this thread! No new contenders for me besides SCS - Scienza Nuova, but just for the prog genre though...
  11. My friend owns it. OMG, it is just overkill!
  12. Dude the layerings in this album are way too complex to understand by just listening to it once or twice... Massive album in my opinion, it just takes time to fully undertand what it is that is being conveyed.
  13. Looking good to me! A few spelling errors and awkward sentence structures, but that is about it!
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