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  1. TRiP was always my portal for me to the wider world of goa trance. As previously mentioned, I discovered both goa trance and the internet around the the same time in the mid-nineties. It was just really cool to connect to likeminded people around the world, read reviews, read about parties going on around the world and check out the various photo galleries. One aspect of the site that I particularly remember is their extensive external/useful links section. It would keep me occupied for hours and hours. I downloaded quite a few mixes from all corners of the world. Pretty mind-blowing stuff for a 16 year-old in 1995!
  2. Thanks All! I just love this forum, it has taught me so so much!!!
  3. 021-1517149 Mate! You are on for the 17th Plan B!
  4. Haha! Nemo, you would have been the guest of fucking honour! Neverteless, the line-up is so packed out for the 3rd so I would be able to add anyone comfortably... The gig on the 17th is in a much smaller venue, but we usally manage to create a pretty intimate evening... 40-50 people! Dj details? We will be making flyers in the week...
  5. I can offer you a gig for the 17th of November if you are interested? We do not have much to offer you than a really good time and a couch to sleep in... :posford:
  6. Hi Lars, where are you from by the way? I am actually originally from Sweden, been here for 7 years. Come down for the 3rd matey, it is going to be Wellington at it's best, for sure... You can always stay at my place for a night or two. I have not got a couch, but could probably organize a mattress or something. Straydog! There are sporadic parties taking place all over the Auckland area. Just check psydj.com regularly for details...
  7. BTW, Uprising is the place to be over New Year's! Join us instead... I am putting on a party at San Fransisco Bathouse in Wellington on the 3rd of November. Can you make it?
  8. Zup matey! What's the story morning glory? I amin Wellington and we are going to the Uprising over New Year's. There won't be a lot happening in Wellington over the summer. Everything is happening in the South. PM me and we shall organize a beer or something!
  9. Maybe a stupid question, but it is one that I am struggling with at the moment as a beginner. How do you guys move from for example, 130BPMs to 133BPMs to 135BPMS within in one set? My obvious answer would be to adjust the BPMs to fit in mix and then re-adjust in one of the breaks to either increase or decrease the tempo... Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!
  10. I am just so so used to it now... Thanks though!
  11. GOT THEM! FUCKING YAY! Thanks for all the re-assurances, support and understanding always make things better!!! Regarding Rolf @ Psyshop, I am starting to like his style Never more than one sentenced e-mails That's German efficiency for ya!
  12. 11 CD, 15 Working Days, No CDs... I am going freaking insane...
  13. 15 days no parcel... 11 freaking CDs!
  14. Were you there for the release party Nemo?
  15. Does anyone have this release in CD format? If you are keen to sell, let me know your price!
  16. Change of heart??? Haha, Iboga is the shit...
  17. I have got it and it is fucking good! Indeed as described by buzzman "dreamy, melodic and soft, yet groovy and danceable proggy trance perfectly blended with electro elements". Excellent album! Original but still very mixable if you know what I mean...
  18. I have been listening to the albums, but mainly Mainspring Motion all day today. It is some seriously good pystrance... For this price you are really losing money if do not buy it!
  19. I have been listening to the albums, but mainly Mainspring Motion all day today. It is some seriously pystrance... For this price you are really losing money if do not buy it!
  20. Cherers Rennis! CDs received AOK! Pretty fast as well!!!
  21. There is always something happening in Goa over New Year's. Just turn up...
  22. Natacha Atlas :clapping: Azam Ali :clapping:
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