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  1. Artist: Enichkin Title: "The Ride" Artwork & Design: Ayalien (http://ayalien.deviantart.com) Genre: Mental Trance Format: Audio CD / Jewel Case Length: 71:51 min. Mastering: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studios ( http://www.4cn-studios.com ) Label: Mind-Expansion Music (http://www.mind-expansion.net) Release date: 12. 07. 2013 Release-ID: MECD006 Distributor: Arabesque ( http://bit.ly/MECD006CD ) Tracklist: 01. Prolegomena [ 04:48 min. ] 02. Greetings From The Source [ 11:25 min. ] 03. To The Other Side Of Morning [ 11:30 min. ] 04. The Ride [ 07:59 min. ] 05. Outside The Known [ 11:35 min. ] 06. Sunbeams In The Shards Of A Broken Mirror [ 12:23 min. ] 07. Ancient Way To See The Matrix [ 12:07 min. ] Release description: The new Enichkin album "The Ride" presented by Mind Expansion Music is a complete story, sub divided into 7 episodes. The story touches some fundamental things about the human brain and it is dedicated to the definitive role of choices in the formation of personal reality. When one moves through the curves on this galactic amusement park, Love and Wisdom are the key elements to transform multiple lifetimes on Earth into a magical force. Enichkin and Mind-Expansion Music share this knowledge with you, because they consider it as the ultimate expression of their gratitude to people and forces involved into the spiritual evolution of humankind. We are all One, as quoted by Bill Hicks: "Vibrations in the mind, of one true God whose name is Love". Due to the psychedelic nature of this album, audience discretion is advised. All tracks written and performed by Sergey A. Nazarenko @ Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia. Mastering by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studios ( Germany ). Cover-artwork designed by Ayalien. "The expansion of the mind, is the union of forces." 2013 Mind-Expansion Music.
  2. Psycrowdelica – Reincarnation 26.07-28.07.2013 OA Lineup: Arcek (Noise Poison, Mexico) - https://soundcloud.com/arcek Enichkin (Mind Expansion , Russia) - https://soundcloud.com/enichkin Ataro (Damaru, Iran) - https://soundcloud.com/ataro Orestis (Sonic Loom, Greece) - http://www.sonic-loom.com Zikore (Sonic Loom, Greece) - http://www.sonic-loom.com/site/index.php/artists/19 Lova (Nutria Dance / Noise Poison, Italy) - https://soundcloud.com/lova-nutria-dance Zik (Zik World, Greece) - https://soundcloud.com/alexzikis Paralocks (Noise Poison, South Afrika) - https://soundcloud.com/paralocks Ant (Mind Expansion, Germany) - https://mind-expansion.net Cannibal Crow (Psycrowdelica, Germany) - http://mind-expansion.net/en/content_3_15.html Bodhi (2to6, USA) - https://soundcloud.com/bodhi1320 Chromatec (Deviant Force, Germany) - https://soundcloud.com/chromatec Dark Whisper (Alice-D, Germany) - https://soundcloud.com/dark_whisper Highko (Noise Poison, Germany) - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highko Milowatt (Noise Poison, Austria) - https://soundcloud.com/milowatt Parasense (Boom Shankar / Acidance, Russia) - https://soundcloud.com/miskalito Fractal Cowboys feat. Quasar (Tantrumm, USA) - https://soundcloud.com/quasar-fractal-cowboys Xikwri Neyyra (Acidmaniacs, Mexico) - https://soundcloud.com/xikwri-neyrra Walpurgisnacht Project (Mexico) - https://soundcloud.com/walpurgisnacht-projekt Philoso (Kamino, Austria) - http://www.freeradicalrecords.com/artists/15/philipp-aka-dj-philoso.aspx Cosmo (Noise Poison, Slovakia) - https://soundcloud.com/cosmo-noisepoison CTC Drope (Biomechanikal, Spain) - http://www.myspace.com/crisbiomechanikal Ectogasmics (Parvati, Germany / Sweden) - https://soundcloud.com/ectogasmics Electrypnose (2to6, switzerland) - https://soundcloud.com/vince-1-1 Fractal Gauchos (Dark Prisma, Argentina) - https://www.facebook.com/FractalGauchos Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma, Argentina) - https://soundcloud.com/franticnoise Glosolalia (Dark Prisma, Argentina) - https://soundcloud.com/glosolalia Gotalien (Noise Poison, Italy) - https://soundcloud.com/gotalien Halunke (Mind Expansion, Germany) - http://mind-expansion.net/en/content_3_16.html Kashyyyk (Kamino, Mexico) - https://soundcloud.com/kaminorecords Kerosene Club (Temple Twister, India) - https://soundcloud.com/keroseneclubflipknot Kykeon (Mind Expansion, Italy) - https://soundcloud.com/kykeon Megalopsy (Dark Prisma, Argentina) - https://soundcloud.com/megalopsy Noitrik (Alice-D / Urban Antidote, UK) - https://soundcloud.com/noitrik Opus Summum (Independent, Germany) - https://soundcloud.com/kasatka Quantum Mechanica (Dark Prisma, Argentina) - https://soundcloud.com/quantum-mechanica-1 Virtuanoise (Noise Poison, Italy) - https://soundcloud.com/virtuanoise Will o' Wisp (Dark Prisma, Argentina) - https://soundcloud.com/will-o-wisp + !!Special Surprise!! TIMETABLE: Friday 26.July 08:00 – 11:00 ELECTRYPNOSE 3 h special opening set ! 11:00 – 12:30 PARASENSE 12:30 – 14:00 QUASAR 14:00 – 15:30 FRACTAL COWBOYS 15:30 – 17:00 HALUNKE 17:00 – 18:30 MILOWATT 18:30 – 20:00 PHILOSO 20:00 – 21:30 KEROSENE CLUB 21:30 – 23:00 NOITRIK 23:00 – 00:30 ATARO Saturday 27.July 00:30 – 02:00 XIKWRI NEYRRA 02:00 – 03:30 DARK WHISPER 03:30 – 05:00 OPUS SUMMUM 05:00 – 07:00 COSMO 07:00 – 08:30 KASHYYYK 08:30 – 10:00 HIGHKO 10:00 – 11:30 VIRTUANOISE 11:30 – 13:00 ARCEK 13:00 – 14:30 PARALOCKS 14:30 – 16:00 LOVA 16:00 – 17:30 GOTALIEN 17:30 – 19:00 KYKEON 19:00 – 20:30 ECTOGASMICS 20:30 – 22:00 ANT 22:00 – 00:00 CTC DROPE Sunday 28.July 00:00 – 01:30 CHROMATEC 01:30 – 03:00 ZIK 03:00 – 04:30 ZIKORE 04:30 – 06:00 ORESTIS 06:00 – 07:30 WALPURGISNACHT PROJECT 07:30 – 09:00 ENICHKIN 09:00 – 10:30 BODHI 10:30 – 18:30 ALL GAUCHOS 18:30 – 20:00 SURPRISE 20:00 – END CANNIBAL CROW DECO : ILLUMINATET ART / Germany NEIL GIBSON / Canada UHU - CREW / Germany NOMADI CORTEX PROJECT / United Kingdom VISUVISION / Germany SUPLIQUIDA PROJECT / Italy DIE FUNTASTEN / Germany SOUND & LIGHTS: BENOIT VDH III O III / VICE AUDIO NATURE DYNAMICS LOCATION: Creativ Center Göritz ( Farm to the Yellow Wahnfried ) Göritz 5 ( ex.Greifenhainer Str.5 ) 03116 Drebkau / Casel-Göritz GPS: N51.67 E14.11 Travelers Infos : Airports Berlin-Schönefeld or Berlin-Tegel and then.... TRAIN from BERLIN : RE 2 Wismar-Berlin-Cottbus , Aim Station Vetschau (train goes every 1 hour) TRAIN from COTTBUS : RE 2 Cottbus-Berlin-Wismar , Aim Station Vetschau (train goes every 1 hour ) from train station Vetschau goes the shuttle to the location and back !!! shuttle transfer goes from Thursday 25.July 07:45 to Monday 29.July 23:15 !!! free camping starts Thursday 25.July 08:00 no dogs , no children , no privat sound systems ! we don't take garbage deposit !!! but please help us to keep our nature clean ! ENTRY: 80 € at the gate. PRESALE / VVK: 15.01 - 28.02.2013 / 50 € 01.03 - 15.05.2013 / 60 € 16.05 - 15.07.2013 / 70 € ........... at the gate / 80 € HOW TO GET YOUR TICKET: 1. for presale send an e-mail with your FIRST & SURNAME, BIRTHDAY and from witch COUNTRY you transfer to -> jessyk87@hotmail.de <- 2. you will get you your presale-number and our bank account 3. if you have transfered the money with the presale-number as reference you get your final ticket number with your final ticket number and your passport / identity-card you get your festival-wristband ( 1 ticket - 1 name with b-day / 3 tickets - 3 names with 3 b-day's ) Note: for questions and other input, please use the facebook account for we are not checking this account. https://www.facebook.com/events/484495994926514
  3. Artist: Enichkin Title: "Krakoziabry" Artwork & Design: Ayalien (http://ayalien.deviantart.com) Genre: Mental Trance Format: Audio CD / Jewel Case Length: 73:57 min. Mastering: xaBBu @ Otherland Soundlabs ( Berlin/Germany ) Label: Mind-Expansion (http://www.mind-expansion.net) Release date: 27.05 2011 Release-ID: MECD005 Distributor: China & Japan - Saikosounds Rest of the World - Arabesque Distribution Tracklist: 01. Radio Moscow (160) 7:06 min. 02. DNA (160) 7:47 min. 03. Place of no Pity (170) 7:01 min. 04. Da Balalayka (170) 7:01 min. 05. Magic Cube (175) 7:11 min. 06. Fullpower Psychedelic (175) 7:53 min. 07. Touch of Impersonal (175) 6:57 min. 08. Zabava (180) 6:50 min. 09. Carnaval (160) 7:27 min. Bonus track: 10. Krakoziabry (???) 8:45 min. Demo: http://www.mind-expansion.net/en/download.html?content_11_5.html Release description: The fourth in succession album by Sergey Nazarenko also known as Enichkin, a well known psychedelic sound engineer from Russia, is called “Krakoziabry”. Krakoziabry is/are often caused when Layered Intelligence Forming Energy is moved to a system with a different default encoding. Different encoding is a fundamental trick, which is used to confuse the fact that we are ONE. This album is an amalgam of very specific complex patterns of tribal elements and cutting edge sound design / wave engineering, produced with the purpose of evoking the chain reaction in consciousness that evolves subjectively while having what we call a "Trance Dance Experience". Through this all-encompassing experience of the Oneness of Life, hopefully people will become more sensitive and aware of themselves, their surroundings, the crossroads of humanity and the needs of the planet. Enjoy this ride into the depths of your subconsciousness, and become ONE with The Universe and The Spirit of Nature. All tracks written and performed by Sergey A. Nazarenko @ Moscow, Russia. Mastering by xaBBu @ Otherland Soundlabs ( Berlin/Germany ) Coverartwork designed by Ayalien "The expansion of the mind, is the union of forces." 2011 Mind-Expansion Music. All rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. © Mind-Expansion
  4. Its finally out guys grap your copys @ http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8653 love space and fun...
  5. Drumatik - Space Invader - 2nd album MECD004 Artist : Drumatik album, 9 tracks, Digi Pack CD Title : "Space Invader" Coverartwork : Ffransis Nomadic / www.nomadicortex.net Genere : Psytrance Format : Audio CD / Digi Pack Length : 60:01 min. Mastering : Chromatone ( San Francisco/USA ) Label : Mind-Expansion / www.mind-expansion.net Releasedate : November 2010 Release-ID : MECD004 Distributor : Saiko Sounds / http://www.saikosounds.com Tracklist: 01. Drumatik & Karash - soliquid 149 bpm 02. Drumatik - funky forest 147 bpm 03. Drumatik & Gaspard - something in the air 147 bpm 04. Drumatik & Airi - what the bug ? 147 bpm 05. Drumatik & Aragorn - illegal vortex 149 bpm 06. Drumatik - neurologic 149 bpm 07. Drumatik - dangerous games (rmx.) 150 bpm 08. Drumatik - space invader 152 bpm 09. Drumatik - boombastic 147 bpm Bonustrack that will be available as free download on the Mind Expansion Webpage: Drumatik - waking us up 148 bpm Release discription: Drumatik is finally back with his second solo album « space invader » For those who don't know him yet, Drumatik is Benjamin Klingemann. The 29 old german/american producer is one of switzerland well respected dj's and producers for more than ten years now playing for the labels "peak records" and "mind expansion". After three years of cooking and experimenting in his studio to take his sound to the next level, traveling and performing as a dj and live act across europe, he's finally ready to unleash nine new dance floor tunes brought up as a full story to hit the floors! Mind Expansion is very grateful to present to you the 2nd album of the very gifted suiss Artist "Drumatik". Nine unique mind blowing gems, fresh, intense and hypnotizing. Signals from an unknown species have been intercepted by the Mind Expansion headquarters. It seems like it is trying to communicate with coded frequencies manipulating our mind and body into wild rythms and hypnotic waves ! a mysterious recepie of tones is pushing us into the 21st. century cyber ritual. Enlightenment Shines on the Darkness ! all tracks written,imagined and composed by Benjamin Klingemann except the following: 1 in collaboration with Marc Garabedian, 3 with Gaspard Besson, 4 with Felix Ackermann 5 with Florian Wacker mastered by Chromatone @ ( San Francisco/USA ) Coverartwork designed by Ffransis Nomadic "The expansion of the mind, is the union of forces" www.mind-expansion.net
  6. Welcome to Music-Town! Music-Town.de is the special online-musicshop with with cool equipment and cool prices for cool people. Since 1990 we sell instruments, lightequipment and many more things related to music in our branch in Neubrandenburg. We also started to deliver our products all over Europe through our online-musichouse. You’ll find producing hardware, software, keyboards and many more instruments as well as lightequipment, dj equipment or whole soundsystems. For informations about the pictured articles below please click on the each images. We would be happy if you have the time to visit our website.Our fair prices will convince you.It will be worth taking a look. Your team from Music-Town
  7. Mushroom Newsletter Indoor season has begun Welcome to the indoor season. Since the approaching next half year it will be become darker, in this edition we will have a look mainly at bright deco pulsating in the beat. VJs do bring the optical kick on the dancefloor and create multimedia experiences out of parties. We were talking about this exciting topic with Psynema and Dr. Spook, without doubt two of the most prominent exponents of the VJ guild within our scene. Our VJ special will be topped off through a workshop, where I will show, how you can prepare your very own VJ performance in no time. And that`s for free! Finally, taking part in our mushroom VJ lottery you might win prizes worth altogether 3000 Euros. Furthermore we have a rebiew of the summer 2009 with the results of our readers survey. Click here for the complete content overview of the Oct/Nov mushroom magazine. If you want to keep up to date about the world of Trance during the cold season too, you should consider a subscription, which we reward with some brand new bonus CDs. For more infos just follow the link to the mushroom subscription with brandnew CDs. See you on the dancefloor ! Mat and the mushroom team
  8. Are you driving TRAKTOR ?? Mat Mushroom spokes with an important guy from Native Instruments, the producer company of this wonderful TRAKTOR DJ software. Click here ! He said that they are very interested in cooperating with the Psytrance scene, but they need to know how much people approximately using TRAKTOR. And they are interested in some well known DJs from our scene for a closer cooperation. So mushroom set up a small online form and is happy if you can fill it out if you are a TRAKTOR user: Click here ! Please forward this message to friends who are using TRAKTOR.
  9. Meteor Burn Labs - Professional Audio Mastering Please click on the banner for more informations ! Artist Bio : MeteorBurn is a 2 member project, Sérgio a.k.a. Meteor & Xano a.k.a. Burn. In the year 2000 they went to a lot parties and they won a lot of contacts, which who taken a union of creativity to launch the project Meteorburn,so they started to make dark style in influences of : Ocelot, Electrypnose, Kasakta, Digital Talk, Irgum Burum, Parasense, Psychotic Micro, Ram , highko and others. Together they show to you a live set with many strong atmospheres, giving in that way a beautiful travel, with a sound really original. In Studio they have a Sony Vaio, an Asus, an Interface audio Terratec Phase 26, RME Multiface II, M-audio oxygen 8 and CME UF midi keyboard, Samson Resolv 80a and Alesis One Mk2 Active Monitors, TC PowerCore FireWire, Virus PowerCore, Clavia Nord Lead Rack 2x and Steinberg Cubase 5. For contact & booking : msn / email : sergio.chaves@sapo.pt / psy3dlive@hotmail.com skype : meteorburn / losing.control Welcome to Meteor Burn Labs ! Here you will find the best deal to get the special quality on your mix! With our technique and ears your music will sound perfect on all sound system´s Check Mastering Demo Samples ! We make demo for free !!! (cuted version) After Clean Payment we send full job! Working with label´s like : -> Spun Records <- -> Cosmo Sounds <- -> Caffix Records <- -> Geomagnetic.tv <- -> Anomalistic Records <- -> Digital Drugs Coalition <- -> Goa Records <- -> Multiplex Records <- -> Power House Records <- -> Hearts eye Records <- And more coming soon ... Meteor Burn Labs Webside : Meteor Burn MySpace :
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  11. VA - Moto Perpetuo – Mind Expansion [MECD001] Artist : Various Artists 10 tracks Title : "Moto Perpetuo" Coverartwork : Ffransis Nomadic / ( www.nomadicortex.net ) Coverdesign : Miguel Barreto a.k.a. Vajra @ Buddha Mantra Studios Genere : Psytrance Format : Audio CD / Jewelcase Length : 72:81 min. Mastering : xaBBu @ Otherland Soundlabs ( Berlin ) Label : Mind-Expansion ( www.mind-expansion.net ) Releasedate : end of September / early October 2009 Release-ID : MECD001 Barcode : 9366977746800 Distributor : Saiko Sounds / ( www.saikosounds.com ) Tracklist: 01. Lenz & Bombax - moto perpetuo 148bpm 07:02 min. 02. Sychotria - biological package 150bpm 07:18 min. 03. Peace KA - mindexpander 148bpm 06:27 min. 04. Coma Sector - pissing on my tree 152bpm 07:29 min. 05. Kybakeon - the way to 2012 155bpm 07:36 min. 06. Sushupti - Dr. Hope 156bpm 06:34 min. 07. Assault Junkies - testing 165bpm 07:25 min. 08. Mind Talkers - disturbed noises 154bpm 08:32 min. 09. Terratech - pride factor 152bpm 08:35 min. 10. Terranoise - shadow helix 152bpm 07:43 min. -------------- 72:81 min. Release description: "It is as if the Milky Way entered upon the cosmic dance. Swiftly the brain becomes an enchanted loom, where millions of flashing shuttles weave a dissolving pattern, always a meaningful pattern though never an abiding one; a shifting harmony of subpatterns." Mind Expansion is proud to spread the first cd release "Moto Perpetuo" into the cosmos. This powerfull music collection was only made for one reason: to make one shamanise! The point where everything is completely unimportant EXCEPT the vibration! Let this sound resonance guide you through the compilation, listen carefully, do not let anyone or anything distract you from the shaman dance! Let yourself go and do not stop until we have reached the end of the journey. It is your choice! Do you want it ? Do you really want it ? It is too late now, welcome. Moto Perpetuo equals the DMT space ship in space & time, creating mecalogical platonic spirits which opens the cortex to multi dimensional universal view points, the liquid creation of life. 01.Lenz & Bombax - moto perpetuo 148bpm written & produced by Guido Testone & Jan Hendrik Werner ( Italy/Germany ) 2009 02.Sychotria - biological package 150bpm written & produced by Charles Cardoso Matos ( Brazil ) 2009 03.Peace KA - mindexpander 148bpm written & produced by Thomas Piscalia ( Italy ) 2009 04.Coma Sector - pissing on my tree 152bpm written & produced by Nicola Grigatti & Luca Barboni ( Italy ) 2009 05.Kybakeon - the way to 2012 155bpm written & produced by Andrea Padovani & Tommaso Rovida ( Italy ) 2009 06.Sushupti - Dr. Hope 156bpm written & produced by Helder Coutinho ( Portugal ) 2009 07.Assault Junkies - testing 165bpm written & produced by Thomas Piscalia & Andrea Lunghi ( Italy ) 2009 08.Mind Talkers - disturbed noises 154bpm written & produced by Adolfo Uiser & Dmitriy Matckin ( Brazil/Israel ) 2009 09.Terratech - pride factor 152bpm written & produced by Igor JOão ( Portugal ) 2009 10.Terranoise - shadow helix 152bpm written & produced by Maxim Galinov ( Israel ) 2008 ...compiled by DJ Ant mastering by xaBBu @ Otherland Soundlabs ( Berlin ) Coverartwork by Ffransis Nomadic, Coverdesign by Miguel Barreto a.k.a. Vajra @ Buddha Mantra Studios Thanks to: My girlfriend Kicca, my mother,my sister, Krehe & Schlumpi,my buddie Christoph, Ffransis for his amazing artwork, all my friends that are involved into Mind Expansion and of course all artists who participated in this fine release. Without you guys, none of this would have ever been possible! Special thanks to Becky a.k.a. Goaman for his neverending support and friendship. "The expansion of the mind, is the union of forces" 2009 Mind-Expansion Music. All rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, public performance, and broadcasting of the recording is prohibited. For more information please click on the banner below :
  12. Illow - Technical Melting Pot EP – Mind Expansion Artist : Illow Title : Technical Melting Pot EP Label : Mind-Expansion ( www.mind-expansion.net ) Coverdesign : Rafael Rolo@gmail.com Genre : Dark Psytrance Format : WAV (FLAC), Mp3 (320kbps) digital release Length : 38:22min. Releasedate : july 2009 Release-ID : ME025 Mastering : Sushupti & Illow All tracks written & produced by João Rodrigues / Portugal Mastering by Sushupti & Illow @ Sushupti studio / Portugal Release Description: A warm welcome ladies & gentleman into the crazy world of Illow. He is a very gifted newcomer from portugal ready to blast the world with his first musical apearance on the scene. Its a high emotional journey through liquid sounds, rolling baselines and Illows unique touch of psychedelic madness. Prepare yourself and dig deeper to the hidden unconscious part of your mind. Feel the vibration and the frequencies that creats new life energy and harmony within ourselfs. Illow - Technical Melting Pot EP : Tracklist: 01. Electric Mind 155bpm (8:08) 02. Valkyrie Warrior 156bpm (7:50) 03. Illow vs. Notag - Octopus Rebelion 156bpm (7:14) 04. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalipse 160bpm (8:03) 05. Harmonie in the Twister 160bpm (7:47) 1. Electric Mind: just an open mind gives us the chance of having mystical experiences along our ways. 2. Valkyrie Warrior: These brave creatures introduce to us their world of war, spread your wings and cast your spells! 3. Octopus Rebelion: Are you ready for the battle ? 4. The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalipse: Welcome hunters of the dawn, may your swords guide us. 5. Harmonie In The Twister: The twister is coming ,fasten your seatbelts, hold on tight, here we go... For more information please click on the banner below :
  13. Stereographic vs. Smoke Ship - “Audio Acupuncture” Mind Funk Records Label: Mind Funk Records Design: Pezoid & Tokay Mastering: Random @ Geomagnetic Studios Distribution: Beatspace Cat No: MFR 003 Format: CD/Jewel Case Release Date: 11th September 2009 Booking & Info: shawnodese@mind-funk-music.com / shawnodese@gmail.com Website: Mind Funk Music (new website online soon!) Samples on Beatspace : Click here ! Tracklist : 01 - Stereographic - Illusion Modes [7.40 / 145 BPM] 02 - Smoke Ship - Predator Squeak [6.57 / 145 BPM] 03 - Stereographic - Mistress Delia [6.36 / 146 BPM] 04 - Smoke Signal – Leuscalina [7.52 / 146 BPM] 05 - Stereographic - Techno Drama [9.12 / 148 BPM] 06 - Smoke Ship - Unknown Territory [6.47 / 151 BPM] 07 - Stereographic – Pandora [8.15 / 148 BPM] 08 - Smoke Ship - Hallucination Zone [7.29 / 150 BPM] 09 - Stereographic - Obscure Andreground [7.01 / 148 BPM] 10 - Smoke Ship - Full Protection [6.21 / 152 BPM] Release Info : After 3 years of taking a break in stormy and insecure times in the music world, Mind Funk is back with another mind-melting release. Stereographic and Smoke Ship, who are both residing in sunshiny Brazil, teamed up together to deliver a true masterpiece on which both artists showcase their very best tunes on this fresh shiny piece of plastic . Where Stereographic heads more toward deep thundering technoid & industrial influenced nighttime psytrance, Smoke Ship is more heavily influenced by the Scandinavian forest sounds of tripping trolls and panicking pixies. This split album is a well deserved and needed treatment of pure audio acupuncture for the overloaded and tortured brain in society as it is nowadays. A delicious sonic bubble bath for the mind, true shake-a-delic psychedelica at its very best, which is guaranteed to get every numbed brain cell and body limb refreshened and activated within a jiffy. We at Mind Funk headquarters totally trust in the fact, that once you heard this magnificent split album, your body, brain & booty will feel rejuvenated to the center of your very cell cores, this one’s bound to rip & zip your synapses up to high altitudes. We’re absolutely thrilled and going bonkers & banana over having these two superb artists added to our highly respected artist pool. Each and every track will hit you like a smack, stronger than ever….Mind Funk is back! Artist Bios : Stereographic: Stereographic is the project of André Santana Camargos, born on the 21st of June 1980. André has started his musical career at the very young age of 9 years, when he started studying the piano. At the age of 15 he started studying classical guitar on the side and a bit later continued with the electric guitar and bass guitar, mostly playing it in jam sessions with his friends when they used to make punk rock and heavy metal. In 2001 the psytrance virus caught André’s full attention which was also the same time he started to produce his first tracks, there was no time to be wasted. Over the next couple of years his project took more and more shape and by 2004 he developed a strong personal identity which could be felt strongly throughout his tracks. Stereographic was one of the very first Brazilian psytrance acts to ever start producing and releasing music, with quite an impressive list of releases on various labels worldwide so far. His music ranges from deep, fat & slightly melodic morning & twilight sounds to his more powerful technoid night time tuneage. Quality wise, his productions stand out strongly from the masses; all of them are produced with manic skull-crushing kicks layered on top of massive thundering bass lines and true tales of psychedelica. So far André had the pleasure to play on all the major festivals of Brazil, as well as on many outside his beloved country. Places such as Russia, Germany, Hungary, Bolivia and the U.K. are all on his playlist of the last few years or the following months to come and there’s more countries being added to this list very soon. We at Mind Funk are truly proud to have this new supernova aboard of our galactic spaceship and we’re sure you’ll this stark raving mad man will hit you like a thunderstorm! More info: Click here Smoke Ship: Smoke Ship is a brand new project produced by Fernando Brigatto, also hailing from the magic lands of Brazil. Fernando was born on the3rd of May 1980. This fresh new project has been initiated during 2008, with the aim to bring some change to the monoculture of full-on/morning and progressive/electro artists in Brazil. The aim of the Smoke Ship project is to deliver something else, not the usual mainstream well known sound, but truly psychedelic music in the real true meaning of the word. High-quality music that manages to stand out from the masses, made with the purpose of making people dance in a fanatic frenzy all night long, all united in a deep induced state of trance. Next to his live-project, Fernando has also been a psytrance DJ since the year 2003, as well as having started to organize parties in the area of Mina Gerais in Brazil. “Lexvib Productions” was the name of his 1st crew and nowadays he’s still organizing parties with his friends from back then, all working together on mutual projects in the area of Mina Gerais, known for its magic natural surroundings and kicking parties. The Samsara Festival is their major project nowadays, held annually in the city of Uberlandia, hosted by Fernando and his crew many artists from all over the world have performed on the Samsara Stage. Once more we at Mind Funk Music are happy and proud to have this new talented artist on board of our music team. Together with his fellow countryman André Santana Camargos, a.k.a. Stereographic, these musicians are bound to take this planet by surprise with their superb and truly psychedelic music. More info: Click here MySpace Label site: MySpace Artist sites: Stereographic : Click here Smoke Ship : Click here For further info on Mind Funk artists and releases: Click here or Click here (new website online soon!)
  14. DarkShiva - Pilot Release EP - [DROP-005] Artist: DarkShiva Release: Pilot Release EP Label: Dropland Recordings Cat.No: DROP-005 Release date: 20- 07- 2009 Tracklist: 1. Smoke Pot & Take Acid 2. Aldebaran All tracks has been written and produced by Joerg Kessler. Mastered by Domi Pastor at Silence Fields Studio @ Sta.Gertrudis (Ibiza, Spain) Cover and graphics by Senbonzakura Graphic Studio (Tarragona, Spain) Release info: Dropland Recordings is proud to present the first release from Darkshiva. The worldwide known artist Shiva Joerg present us his new Dark Psy trance Project: Darkshiva. Pilot Release is the name of his new EP, it contains two previous unreleased tracks exploring the dark side of psy-trance. Fat basslines, twisted leads, glitched beats, awesome atmospheres and an accurate production is what you will find in that release. Let yourself go into an unforgettable and intense experience. Additional info: Darkshiva Myspace: Dropland Website Mastering Studio Art Work Studio Listen to it on junodownload now, click here ! !
  15. Indian Spirit 5 days OA Festival 2009 Heiligengrabe / Germany Open Air: Do, 03. Sep. 09, 22:00h - Mo, 07. Sep. 09, 12:00h Click on the flyer for more informations! Live: Audiomatic ( Spin Twist/Germany ) Azax Syndrom ( 3D Vision/Israel ) Basic ( BNE/Israel ) DayDin ( Spin Twist/Germany ) Dark Distortion Dejavoo ( Transient/UK ) Dualsnug ( Blue Tunes/Swiss ) Earsugar ( Iboga/Swiss ) Fabio ( Blue Tunes/Germany ) Galactika ( Blue Tunes/Germany ) Hyperion ( Shivlink/Germany ) Insane Creation ( Domo/Swiss ) Liquid Soul ( Iboga/Swiss ) Mad Contrabender ( Midijum/NL ) Magic Sun ( Area51/Germany ) Neelix ( Spin Twist/Germany ) Penta ( Auraquake/Portual ) Prahlad ( Millennium/Germany ) Rocky ( Chemical Crew/Israel ) Slackjoint ( YSE/Germany ) Slider ( Noya/Israel ) Sun Project ( Sun Project/Germany ) Symphonix ( Blue Tunes/Germany ) Tulk ( Milennium/Germany ) Vaishiyas ( Spin Twist/Germany ) 2nd Circle ( Multiplexx-Rec./Germany ) DJ`s: Audiomatic (Spin Twist/Germany) Bakke (Spiral Trax/Sweden) Benny Risher (BNE/Israel) Bim (Iono/Germany) Chriss (Fullmoon/Germany) Creator (Interzone/Swiss) DJanes Aliye Kimi (YSE/Germany) D-Nox (Sprout/Germany) Dj Markayn (MK Records/Italy) DJ Trang (Lazer/NL) Djane Kiba (Moonsun/Germany) Djane Melburn (Germany) Fabio (Blue Tunes/Germany) Guy Salama (Hommega/Israel) Intellifex (Spin Twist/Germany) Konstantin (Spiritual Healing/Germany) Koszki (Blue Tunes/Germany) Kristian (Transient/UK) Magical (Spin Twist/Germany) Mape (YSE/Germany) Martin (Mikrokosmos/Swiss) Montagu & Golkonda (Blue Tunes/Germany) Nis (Demark) Redeem (Purple Snow/Belgium) Roberdo (Chaishop/Mushroom/Germany) Roam (Tranceexplorer/Russia) Starsky (Substical/Germany) Syncron (Indian Spirit/Germany) Tulla (Millennium/Germany) WeaselSon (Germany) Zombi (Blue Tunes/Israel) Zosma (Spin Twist/Germany) ************************************** Dark Floor: ************************************** Dark Floor Live Acts: Axis Mundi ( Scared Evil Rec./USA ) *************************************** Antagon ( Interzone p.a./ 2to6 Rec./Germany ) *************************************** DARK Whisper ( Alice-D / Shaman Films Rec. / HSS Rec./Italy ) *************************************** Gorump Peyya ( Technical Freaks Rec./ FYROM (Former Yugoslavia Republic Of Macedonia) *************************************** Psytronic ( Mutliplex Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Psychoz (Avatar Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Schatzhauser ( Multiplex Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Dark Floor DJ´s: Algiz ( Multiplex Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Abbralabim ( Discovalley Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Brain Attack ( Head of Amnesiecrew/Germany ) *************************************** Cannibal Crow ( Psycrowdelica / Mind Expansion Music/Germany ) *************************************** Chinaski ( Psydonym Media/Germany ) *************************************** Chesper ( Lunaoptics/Germany ) *************************************** CoRiOuS ( Lycantrop Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Dj Ant ( Mind Expansion Music/Germany ) *************************************** Merry ( Mind Expansion Music/ Mind Funk Music/Germany ) *************************************** Myrkabah ( Lycantrop Rec./USA ) *************************************** Marok ( Dark-Magic Story/Germany ) *************************************** Micha ( Multiplex Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Neuronom ( Ayauma Records/Cryptek Records/Germany ) *************************************** Psychoz (avatar Rec./Germany ) *************************************** Somadelic ( Lycantrop Rec./USA ) *************************************** *************************************** Chillout: *************************************** DJ`s: Algiz (Multiplex-Rec./Ger) DerBus (Luna Club) Jared (Multiplex-Rec./Ger) Jeevan Mukti Marcel Lichtraum MiLLer (Sonne,Wald & Wiese e.V.) Moody (Intact-Expanda) Neuronom (Ayauma Records / Cryptek Records ) NixXxen (Project Luna) Partyprojekt Odyssee Re`Em Show Simple (Project Luna) T.eRRa (Spin Twist Rec.) Waktu Loopa Live: Jeevan Mukti Re`em live Harfe Soiled Pants Yoga lesson with Dora Ananda: [click here] While the music is taking a break, you got the opportunity to reach a state of deep relaxation by some yoga exercises. You will enjoy the physical aspect of this relaxation on the one hand, on the other you will experience your thoughts coming to rest, your soul spreading deep inside of you and your mind expanding. To reach this, you will be taught special postures (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation techniques, and the energetic effect of these practices will be enforced and accompanied by Mantra music (sarced lyrics from India). Everybody can attend, with or without yoga experience, preferable wearing comfortable clothes If you are interested in this offer, please announce yourself at miar-@web.de Location: 16909 Heiligengrabe location: highway A24 Hamburg / Berlin - Exit Heiligengrabe - go straight through Heiligengrabe. continue direction Heiligengrabe / Pritzwalk. Heiligengrabe, follow the signs. Thanks for your attention and wishing you much fun and pleasent psychedelic listenings on our Party! Kind regards, WorldWideTribe Event For more informations please click here !!
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