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    Exactly that is what it is - an old, kind of "Psytrance scene meme" ... in my opinion. We actually had memes before that "meme thing" took off and conquered the whole internet. This was one of them. So, that Psynina thing was a kind of mystery / meme / whatever... until some people did a bit of digging and found very significant signs that it's just Thomas Vitali. It was never fully proven, but neither disproven. Thomas Vitali apparently was the first who in our scene came up with that "DJane that doesn't exist" idea ... that's how I see it. Seems there was no real harm done with the Psynina thing ... the other stuff mentioned here might be worth the warning though...
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    It redirects to the same Isratrance thread Ok, I guess that's some inside joke or local meme from 15 years ago, not that I really care tho. But now I know NHJO was already around in 2008
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    I think a lot of Goa, acid trance and early techno/electronica require a certain maturity and acquaintance with electronic music in order to be appreciated. When I started going to gigs in the early 2000s, still a teenager, I preferred the "easier'/"more easily digestible" banging stuff like full-on and dark psy (what was dark then). With the years passing and growing (both in terms of age and music knowledge) my preferences changed. I think the same would apply to most people. More complex music requires a more complex/sophisticated brain.
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    Yep It depends on the bassline style tho
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    Just some random image from google I googled psynina, and the printscreen showed up, no clue about the context. Nor who took it/or when. I think it might've been from the isratrance thread. It seems from the printscreen that someone made a joke and changed their facebook name to psynina and changed their profile photo to her. And those comments are the reaction to this "practictal joke". Kinda wicked that the isratrance psynina thread spanned from 2005 to 2017 and reached 82 pages lol. A 12 year psy mystery drama. *updated* Yup photo/printscreen was from the isratrance forum: http://www.psytrance.pl/artist/psyNina/ The photo appears on this polish psytrance site as well.
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    maybe that because he's he is good technically but usually just making boring empty track that don't have much style of their own, so the original style shines through in every remix. agreed. the acidline was better in the original.
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    True like NHJO-san used to say, when finishing a track with 20 basslines.
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    I came to psytrance from commercial trance, so I loved the massive melodic climaxes first then grew to like other parts of these fullon tracks. i still can't comprehend how the question "whether keychanges are admissible in psytrance" is really a thing. It's like "are men allowed to weak pink shirts" or similar. When the melody calls for a key change, why not? It doen't make the track any less psy as such, and the absence of key changes won't make it any more psy. All in all, when the question "isn't it cheesy" comes into play, it's guaranteed that all the fun will soon go away, be it psytrance, or True Norvegian Black Metal or any other genre that pretends to be underground or extreme.
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    Hello Everyone, OK, let's all take a breath and address a few things. First of all, I can see that me just taking a pause from the goa trance scene was interpreted as basically any possible interpretation ever. But let's then answer about some of the things that were expressed on this thread: A number of DAT releases expired past the original contracts with the artists after X number of years, and so we are renegotiating to continue to make remaining copies available as possible. Meanwhile, Covid also put a big halt to several planned releases for the year, which we are continuing to prepare for the time when we can move forward (in one case, mastering is done, artwork and booklets in preparation). And you will see that our Unreleased Goa sub label continues to release every couple of weeks. I realize how the no-notice suspension of our bandcamp while we undergo updating logistics and preparations could lead to speculation but the rumours being spread here are simply not true. Thank you for staying tuned while we update the website, catalogue, and new releases. About me logging in and not commenting, well, I have been a lot of time offline and a few times I connected I have read a few things but did not feel like writing explanations on how I run this venture and the choice we made in the meantime. I was more preoccupied with the global crisis, the pandemic and also the fact a lot of people have lost their job and are in difficulties, so actually we wanted to halt all operations to see how things were looking and about to be globally. I am sorry someone feels like our records are only good as frisbee and I'd like this person to write me privately and tell me exactly what were his concerns and what releases he has bought, if he feels like. Oh and lastly, I had to change my password twice, and a couple of times i got banned for retrying to log some times, so i did not feel really at ease and it might be someone tried to hack my account. In the meantime I have been living in the countryside to be safe from a terrible infection that in italy was very strong, so to be safe. And with less internet we slowed down but we indeed worked a lot on the UGR sublabel to show we were still active.
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    How did I achieve this? Direct cause and effect to what's relevant in human life. The answer to the human riddle. The prey meet their doom. The stupid doom the majority, and greed leads to your downfall. The simple idea that the stupidest mistake determines who wins and who loses. Afterall if you don't achieve the simplest idea, it is so stupid that you are in potential downfall. So this means it ends up being that one person wins, and one person leaves Earth. The rest disappear. I don't know if due to judgement the downfall judgement would apply as part of it. I doubt that. So you should consider yourselves lucky...or not.
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    What the story behind that Psynina? I googled her, found quite a few tracks (listened to a couple, they sounded ok), few different photos of the same girl, few mentions on sites like discogs, psyDB etc and that long isratrance thread. Why was it alleged that she wasn't real?
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