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  1. Yep, actually the new projects of this man, are not at all of psytrance or goa but EDM... for a while now, he's been trying to shine off in another scenes where no one knows him... I can imagine why but what he build up by cheating thousands, follows him everywhere. . . .
  2. @Elysium I hope that 10 years after smiling at this topic, you have already realized that this ended up becoming a large-scale problem, which cooked up for a long time, where multiple authors' rights have been violated and where massive amounts of names and works was damaged. https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/76224-if-you-are-a-music-producer-caution-widespread-fraud-is-taking-money-credit-away-from-artists There are professional ways of doing things without defrauding artists, and without damaging their image, their work or brand. #vitalifraud #vitaliscam #thomasvitalifraudster #thomasvitaliscammer #vitalirepeatinfringer
  3. The funny part is that he wants to repeat the story of "Psynina" with "Bravelion", one of its "new" solo (secret) projects, that already has a collaboration with "Dayfox" as another of its public solo "new" projects and the most funny thing is that, those "new" projects in the same way, it's not music created by him, it's music that was created by ghost producers from edmwarriors and houseoftracks. https://houseoftracks.com https://edmwarriors.com I don't criticize the work of ghost producers, but it's a little pathetic that the buyer allude to and flaunt the work of others a lot as his own.
  4. It's all part of the same connected story, so of course they feed into the post, I will make some interesting comments in the Psynina post.
  5. A while ago I read a case about "Psynina" which was booked in the past, including advances of money by part of the organizer, however this project never showed up on the place and date probably for very obvious reasons. However, you are right that the post does not focus the attention to "Psynina", but to a current and more serious situation, which was discovered by many artists in the present, where there's even exist a private group of victims of such scam and such violations of author rights, that sum more than 100 artists who are completely aware of it, and this, without forgetting the hundreds of artists who are not even aware that their works have been damaged during more than 10 YEARS by this man and in several ways. You'd be surprised how many of those who are aware now, realized the situation many years later. This doesn't take long to explode and It's a pretty grim and bad situation for the responsible, unfortunately for him, but it is a situation that more than sure that will be pursued. In Beatport, for example, many of their record labels under Plusquam have already been banned and you won't find them anymore.
  6. A decade ago, the Internet was not as transparent as it is today... Vitali's scam was not as big as it is today, it was not visible to everyone, many respected artists believed in Thomas Vitali because of the names of the labels he purchased which used to be great names (before Vitali of course), Plusquam for example belonged to Spirit Zone before it was owned by Vitali, which made other artists believe even more in Vitali as well as in Plusquam labels like Planet B.E.N. In the past, people came to trust on him enough. The former owners who sold those labels to Vitali did not really know who they were selling the brand to. Taking into account such introduction, 10 years ago, some collaborations were already being made at a distance... I doubt very much that E-clip and Sunstryk shared the studio, and if they did, you can be sure that the main work was from E-clip. In those old times, when not much was known about Vitali, but if anything was known about the names of his new purchased labels, the purpose was to release music on them, so a collaboration in the interest of having music there, was the less important thing, until eventually, the artists and ppl discovered the scam. I'm sorry if the information about Sunstryk disappoints you, but this is reality. All right then Psynina hehe admin @RTP, Im agree with @AstralSphinx, can you help us to move the thread to general section??
  7. Well it's not, he is the same man behind the famous Psynina on this forum, currently, it's all his projects done by ghost producers...
  8. https://www.discogs.com/es/artist/265193-Psynina/history How does this guy get to be Psynina and HER manager at the same time but pretend it' s two different persons? can you be a man and a woman at the same time? that's extreme!
  9. and the story is even more interesting, on reddit it has created several users to write comments against such post ... reading their writing it's more than evident... long live psynina! oh no ... wait she is him... and him is his manager too (Just read the comments and you will see as the post that is the same than this here was takedown) and yeah, probably if someone can move this to general, could be better.
  10. SHARING as REPOST (feel FREE to repost somewhere else): If you are a music producer, CAUTION! Widespread fraud is taking money, credit away from artists! Your author's rights were violated? Was your contract breached? Did you ever received intimidating emails or messages from Thomas Vitali after you tried to protect your affected works? If you have ever had a bad experience or been scammed by Thomas Vitali, please share your experience! Ok, but who is Thomas Vitali and why should I be careful?? I never heard of him! Well, i'm glad you ask; Thomas Vitali also known as: "Thelavish, Dayfox, Bravelion, Sunstryk, Chemicus", and more pseudonyms, is the owner of approximately 200 digital labels covering various genres of electronic music... through its labels has committed multiple author rights violations as a fact showed in the screenshots, and as if that weren't enough, he intimidates artists who try to defend their work of this abusive actions which besides are illegal due it's against the laws that protect authors in any country in the world! if you are interested in knowing more about this situation, you can read the following article that I found regarding this situation and judge for yourself: https://notyourjukebox.com/2020/07/08/widespread-fraud-is-taking-money-credit-away-from-artists #vitalifraud #vitaliscam #thomasvitalifraudster #thomasvitaliscammer #vitalirepeatinfringer #thomasvitalifraud Below are just few proofs of hundreds: CLICK HERE (MORE EVIDENCE) The latest screenshots are of artists that you surely know well in this forum, there is a lot of evidence about it, hundreds to tell the truth, but it is better to leave some things hidden... #vitalifraud #vitaliscam #thomasvitalifraudster #thomasvitaliscammer #vitalirepeatinfringer
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