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the absolute BEST moment in goa/psy history

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  • astralprojection changed the title to the absolute BEST moment in goa/psy history
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One track to rule them all,

one track to find them,

one track to bring them all... 😅


But if we take the concept of "the best" seriously, is it too fanciful to imagine that most of the Goa heads would have experienced a transporting moment under the Anjuna stars and therefore a "stargate" track (like Etnica's "Astral Way") would be archetypal of that experience?

Some might say this is too fanciful because what the Goa trip was all about was the long plateau of trance that was the all-night ritual and not really a peak moment. 

Or the third way, which is to say that there are too many best moments to count... 😉

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^ well, the best "moment" is surely individual, and subjective. i dont think the question is that strange. its not the best "Track", its the best "moment". 

maybe its the moment someone had on E or had dancing on sun up at a forest party somewhere, who knows. The amount of special moments ive had with gamma goblins 2 for example is just greater than any other moments ive had, such as the Spiritual Healing remix for example, or Dancing Galaxy. I think its a good question

do you REALLY have "too many best moments to count"? I seriously doubt that. you probably have many good ones, but the best? is that really so far out your reach to say? i dunno, just find that hard to believe personally

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On 7/20/2023 at 4:15 PM, astralprojection said:

Well thats easy

Its the water level in Gamma Goblins pt 2. 

3:13 - 4:44

What are your best moments

I agree, BEST is a tuff choice.. Anyway, a Gamma Goblin "rmx" for you, tho not Psytrance (it's Psydub) 

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I don't get how it's a hard thing to choose.. And stop posting gamma goblins stuff already, that was my best moment, and you posting it is completely off topic and doesn't make sense... Post YOUR best moments.. 

I mean how is it a hard choice? How many best moments can a person have? 

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Third time lucky ? First try, forum ate my post, second I could not articulate myself. I think for some it might be almost sacred, special moments impossible to convey. I have special tracks I like but rarely did I hear them dancing. I find them and enjoy them at home. I often I have moments dancing and it is as much the people around and the track, mostly I have no idea what track is playing, the name of the track might have a place after the time has gone.

Let's rest in those moments unhindered by thoughts.💭

We can also hope maybe the best is yet to come, it is a difficult thought but we can always hope.

This track towards the end with the ambient style arp had a big impact on me just relaxing with sound system playing at 25pct one morning. I think he waited a bit too long for that touching part towards the end, great track though.

There is one thing though which I am a bit saddened about and have to mention. I am missing beauty and melody in modern psy and I wish it would reappear. I almost never remember sound effects alone. Anyway in the end we can like it or lump it I suppose.




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the best moment in goa trance is not one song or one part of a song


it is  the moment where you forget everything and you become the music, and that can happen everyday (at a party or at home), that's the power of goa trance


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