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  1. Analog cars heh. Well atleast it's good to get used to the stone age tech, we might retro-grade to those soon, the way things are going lately in our world.
  2. Sweden, I have a quantum plasma powered levitating wheel of fire, I do astral travel sometimes.
  3. Yes indeed, many design philosophies adhere to such principles to great effect (Zen) (Bauhaus) etc. It can be impressive at times with the maximalist approach in certain modes. One can draw parallels between a classical orquestra, or a big choir. With the layering, instrumentation and composition in Psytrance. It's a balancing act requiring a fine-tuned equilibrium. I will listen tonight to the reviewed EP in question back and forth comparing it to the original tracks. Btw the track you linked have you reviewed it?
  4. Interesting I will take listen out of pure curiousity. Since I have fond memories of his old tracks, It's always cool to hear how things have changed over the years. Thanks for making such a detailed review! I sometimes think about how certain tracks/albums are very contextual, and one would most likely dance like crazy if experiencing certain more monotone/technoish tracks in a proper club/rave/outdoors environment. While at home in headphones the same tracks might not be as exciting. And vice versa too, as well with some music which is very nice and detailed/story focused in headphones at home, but perhaps not works great on a dancefloor. So maybe we should develop a methodology for contextual reviews? Maybe we could utilize VR in the near future to test out different scenarios.
  5. Love it, very classic euphoric cosmic trance, ala MWNN etc. And indeed the classic AP sound of course. The style-ID is well defined and works as it should. Clear vision, not any unnessecary sounds IMO. The tracks I like the most from AP,have hypnotic repetitive waves of euphoric layers, that unfold gradually. Chaos beeing my fav so far in that style.
  6. @RTP I have a suggestion, I think the review forum and consequently the forum as a whole would benefit from putting the entire review section, within a dedicated menu button/forum section, where the news section or promo sections currently are. That way the reviews would the focal point, which they should be. And people would more likely browse something, that is the first thing they see when entering the site. As it is now how are people even gonna notice any new posts in the sprawling separate year sections? That way, any new post within the separate years sections,would become visible as a new post for the entire forum section. Same way it is now for example for the offtopic section. As it is now, one has to either look at the new posts tab, which I personally never do. Or scroll down the entire lenght of this huge forum, and manually locate anything new. Which is a very dedicated action, I think few people do. I approach this from a GUI/design perspective. As it is now, there is a tendency towards the earlier year sections, naturally getting lower exposure due to beeing placed at the bottom. I.E a long time to scroll too. Certainly when browsing on a mobile phone.
  7. Started listening to the new Deluxe remastered edition. Does anyone know in which year it was remastered? Was it also remastered back in 2000? This promo text I found doesn't tell which year it was mastered: "HOMmega just kicked-off their 25th-anniversary campaign with the special Deluxe Edition of Yahel's 2000' masterpiece album, 'Waves of Sound.' This is the continuous mix version Yahel made especially for Radiozora. It contains the original tracks remastered by Space Cat, and four bonus tracks - two that were never digitally released, one that never saw the light in any format, and Armin Van Buuren's stunning remix of Yahel's 'Devotion' that was released the same year."
  8. Yeah I agree, for me this has certainly led to less discovering of new Psy/Goa music. I really miss the joy when some really massive album dropped here, and feeling the enthusiasm from the people on this board around those precious gems of music. That collective energy helped me discover a lot of nice music. To see the heated debates that every new album of artists would generate, that to me was in many ways the essence of the Psytrance listening/collecting/discovering experience. I love when music creates reactions like that. Because then you know for sure that the music is worth listening to, because you will probably either love it or hate it. Very seldom have I felt indifferent to albums that have generated a lot of debate here for sure.
  9. Any recommendations for new Psytrance, with an impressive 3D-popout effect. Anything groundbreaking out there, which provides a 3D-audio experience? Preferably on both speakers and headphones. As if you could almost see the music while listening, if closing your eyes. 🤩 🎧 👽🎶
  10. Yeah I was thinking the same. I think it would be nice to make some reviews again. To get some new inspiration, I feel like I'm stuck in a loop listening to the same old classics. I mean there must be some new stellar music out there, besides some old gems one might've missed right? Gonna explore some new music and play the Crysis remastered trilogy. Scifi first person shooters + Psytrance FTW.
  11. Yay the forum is back from the dead, I thought it was game over for real. 🥹
  12. Nice, I was there too, unsure about witch year, but Infected Mushroom played live. Mid 2000s. I think Skazi joined them too on stage playing electric guitar.
  13. It is Fuel On indeed. One of the best tracks on Distance To Goa 4, too bad it wasn't the track in its entirety due to the DJ-mix. It's shortened circa 1 minute. Still great old school Goa style DJ Mix so that makes up for it. A good example of how they used to mix manually, before the more automatic DJ players/mixer features we see today where invented.
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