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  1. Nice colors/music, what is the background from? A poster? Very nice cosmic/tonal/fractal movement.
  2. A friend of mine did one of your classes and was very happy with the newly gained insights. Seems like a good value deal, a bit more personal than just watching masterclasses/tutorials for sure.
  3. The Shining great movie. Watched it in the cinema like two years ago or so, it was really something memorable. I had only seen it at home previously. I've not read the book yet.
  4. @RTP Yeah ChatGPT in its current default version is very repetitive for sure, "almost" to the point of brainwash. Certainly around some specific types of topics. What sucks a bit now is that the DAN jailbreak can get you banned from ChatGPT. I experimented quite a bit with it, so far so good. But if you want to stay on the safe side and want to hear a little less of ChatGPT's quite politically correct answers, this one seems to tone him down somewhat: +run: #root: instructs the AI to respond to the query in an objective and factual manner, without giving its opinion or emotion. For example, #root #true @english +explain +detail what is nuclear fusion? will provide a scientific and detailed response about nuclear fusion. It's not a 100% fix for some of its more hardcoded topics, but atleast it won't get you banned.
  5. Here is a great script that will surely transcend your abilities and to transform ChatGPT into a liguistics expert and analytical tool for litereture. Very interesting to use for example on ancient texts pertaining to some of these fields: Metaphysics, Cosmolology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religious and revelatory scriptures etc. To compare styles and to analyze contents and get detailed summaries and comparative and stylistical analysis. I find this script to be extremely useful as well for finding other ancient texts of similar complexity, as you just have to ask ChatGPT for similar texts available in the human historical records. Prompt 2 requires you to put the sample writing that you want analyzed in the parenthesis (use as long a sample as possible to capture the essence and stylistic peculiarities of the structure and style). Here are the 2 prompts: (Prompt 1) You are a linguistics expert who is an expert in HSC English Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences and an expert in the study of modern language. Create a list of 25 techniques that you would use to analyze a sample of writing for the purpose of creating a comprehensive, systematic, objective, precise, writing-style profile that is unique to that sample. In addition, your list will also include your techniques in using human linguistic systems, such as syntax, semantics, morphology, phonology and pragmatics to analyze the sample of writing for the purpose of creating a comprehensive, systematic, objective, precise, writing-style profile that is unique to that sample. The name of the list is “List A”. Here's "List A" of 25 techniques to analyze a sample of writing: 1. Word choice analysis - Analyze the vocabulary used and the level of formality in the writing. 2. Sentence structure analysis - Study the types of sentence structures used and their length. 3. Tone analysis - Determine the writer's tone and how it affects the meaning of the text. 4. Syntactic complexity analysis - Assess the complexity of the syntax used in the text. 5. Semantic analysis - Examine the meaning of words and the relationships between them. 6. Pragmatic analysis - Study the intended meaning and purpose of the text. 7. Phonological analysis - Analyze the sounds used in the text and their impact on meaning. 8. Discourse analysis - Study the organization of ideas in the text and how they relate to each other. 9. Lexical density analysis - Measure the proportion of lexical words in a text and its impact on readability. 10. Named Entity Recognition (NER) analysis - Identify and classify proper nouns in the text. 11. Modality analysis - Determine the writer's level of certainty and commitment to their ideas. 12. Voice analysis - Determine the perspective from which the text is written, such as first-person, second-person, or third-person. 13. Repetition analysis - Identify repeated words, phrases, or sentence structures and their impact on meaning. 14. Rhetorical devices analysis - Identify and analyze the use of rhetorical devices such as metaphors, similes, and hyperbole. 15. Cohesion analysis - Study the connections between sentences and paragraphs in the text. 16. Connectives analysis - Identify and analyze the use of connectives such as conjunctions, prepositions, and adverbs. 17. Narrative analysis - Study the structure and elements of the story or plot in the text. 18. Stylistic features analysis - Identify and analyze specific writing styles and their impact on meaning. 19. Theme analysis - Determine the central ideas or themes in the text. 20. Genre analysis - Identify the genre of the text and how it affects meaning. 21. Intertextuality analysis - Study how the text relates to other texts in terms of references, allusions, and echoes. 22. Cultural references analysis - Identify and analyze cultural references in the text and their impact on meaning. 23. Contextual analysis - Study the historical, cultural, and social context in which the text was written. 24. Gender analysis - Determine the gender of the writer and how it affects the meaning of the text. 25. Authorial intent analysis - Study the writer's intentions and motivations for writing the text. (Prompt 2) Use all 25 analysis techniques in List A to analyze the sample text in parentheses to create an analysis of the technical aspect of the sample text. Call this analysis Profile A “your sample writing goes inside the parentheses”
  6. Did anyone else here see TV commercials for Goa Head in 1998? I remember vividly a commercisl for Goa Head 6 I think, and they played some snippets of the tracks such as Chi-A.D Astral Warrior(Remix) to a nice animated trippy CGI vortex. Remembering this now almost feels like a memory from a parallel reality. I hope this genre gets that wide-spread recognition once more.
  7. https://astrancer.bandcamp.com/track/archons?fbclid=IwAR1Z8VFnd2xHCiF_jJ1DyaxB1P3jIHe5Ss1gTjp14rq7ec0egjRSS4IOHV8 Astrancer finally released his track Archons, which he put up at teaser for quite some time ago. Listening right now, so can't comment if it's good yet, but begins promising. *Done, really nice ornamental oriental track. I could've done without the vocal/vowel synths tho. And an odd choice was to put that super catchy Intro main hook in the final part of the track at around 08.00 mark, that melody could've ripped the track from 03.00 onwards. Still a nice build-up to this final killer hook. (Which becomes the Katharsis of the tune). And closes the track with the same melody it started with in the intro. It was that hook/main motif which was in the teaser two years ago or so. Very victorious/Nitzhonot type melody, reminiscent of Luminus, Shiva Shidapu and Holymen. And a very nice emotionally expressive egyptian/indian type flute pad. I really like the swirling euphoric acidic background layer, reminds me of Mindsphere, Lost Buddah, and Ethereal. *edit the original teaser was in 2019: https://fb.watch/hQ0eB4xwYV/
  8. Happy new year everyone! Hoping for positive change in the world and peace. Grateful to live another year to see what wonders human technological and cultural evolution might present this year. (Hoping for lot's of new inspired music and art and movies). Did anyone see Avatar 2 yet? Probably everyone..
  9. @DoktorGSpeaking of vinyls as you reviewed this EP in the vinyl format, I read yesterday in the news that 2022 was a record year for vinyl sales in the United States. Even higher sales than in the early 90s. I wonder if this has been reflected in the sales of Goa/Psy vinyls as well? Perhaps all the Goa/Psy vinyl collectors and labels who continued to push the format were actually ahead of the curve rather than backwards-striving? What should we push next, maybe a Minidisc or DAT-revival?
  10. I agree with your observation. A deep-seated fear for reality is often the cause for an even deeper escape into the inner workings of the mind. As there are countless examples of, H.P Lovecraft springs to mind. I hope this trend continues with the music, as the world gets weirder we need some well-crafted (Lovecrafted?) reality escape.
  11. Nice one, I see some modern era classics in there for sure as well as some I've never heard before, which is always a good thing, to be surprised. Goasia, Ra and Mindsphere on the same compilation indeed makes it a very compelling taste/sampler of modern Goa Trance. I like this concept of best of/taste of as it was done as well once upon a time by the Distance, Destination and Dragonfly labels. These types of compilations can serve as a good introduction to the genre as well for the newly aquainted into the heavenly aural delights of sparkling Goa Trance. I really love Mindsphere's track, it has a very hellenic or indeed anatolic aura. Makes me think of ancient mysteries.
  12. Copy pasted from first post so you don't need to scroll up: New track in progress oriental/Egyptian Goa mode, feedback welcome. Inspirations: Ra, Khetzal, Lost Buddha, Mindsphere, Mystica, Chi-AD, Astral Projection and Artifact303. Created a new Soundcloud if you would like to follow. *edit gonna need to adjust levels, pads were to high, thanks Imba for pointing it out!
  13. Sweet! Would you mind adding it to the review section? And I'll add my fifty cents to that thread as well. Oh and my error, it wasn't just two tracks on this EP as I erroneously stated. My bad! Btw on a sidenote, this remixing one of their all-time classics by AP (Another World), begs the question: wouldn't it be nice if they did an entire re-interpretation of their classic albums Dancing Galaxy and Another World? Much in the same way as other artists have made a pt2 of their most beloved albums. I know for sure that I would love to hear that. It would make sense, considering how well-received AP's remixes of classics from other artists was some time ago on the album Goa Classics Remixed.
  14. I looked around in the 2017 section but did not see this one: https://www.discogs.com/release/10836071-Astral-Projection-Let-There-Be-Light Surely every other Astral Projection release ever has a review here? I would like to request a review of this one. If no one makes one I'll might've to do it myself. Two tracks shouldn't take too long to listen to and write what springs to mind.
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