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GS Concept

Atlantis - Cosmic Waves (Global Sect Music, 2020)

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GS Concept    96

Atlantis - Cosmic Waves (Global Sect Music, 2020)


Listen first track, pre-order digital and CD: 

The musical journey starts beyond the realm of Earth, as cosmos is a gigantic harmonic instrument, vibrating the waves through time and space. The harmony of spheres is a melody created by the origin of everything. It is the ultimate sound wave that will guide you through endless cosmos, to every spectre of universal melody.

Music is a journey, a flight of the soul, leaded by sacred harmony which is created by endless moving of cosmic particles. The cosmic waves will take you to the shores of a beautiful garden, where your soul will find peace, harmony and universal melody.


1. Chi-A.D. - Astral Warrior (Atlantis rmx)
2. Atlantis & Devi Divine - Contact With Peace
3. Atlantis & Alienapia - Infinite Universe
4. Atlantis - Cosmic Waves
5. Atlantis - Altered State Of Consciousness
6. Secret Track (info near release date)
7. Atlantis & Proxeeus - Astral Way
8. Miranda - Phenomena (Atlantis Remix)
9. Atlantis - Inner Energy

Atlantis is a project created by George Christoforidis from Athens, Greece. Producing music since 2000, he took a long and creative journey before finally releasing his debut album. He worked on this album for 4 years, and he put a lot of energy and love into releasing his goa trance first-born. Enjoy the waves of a cosmic journey, that will take you out of this world.

With much love i would like to thank all the people out there on this planet which like my music and sending me amazing feedback messages.

Special Thanks to: Dj Adept, Djane Mir, Dimitro Zymosis-Alienapia, Jerome Lesterps (Proxeeus), Miranda Silvergren, Dj Andrew Tripiti, Dj GoaPal, Hannah Mai Young (Chi-A.D.), Henning (Dj Psyahuasca), Patrick (Xero Moon), Magdalena Kurdziel (Devi Divine), Johny-t,Aris Maratos (Limitless), Sotiris (Lightzone).

Release date: 25 february 2020
Mixing and Mastering: One Day Mastering Studio
Cover Art: Andrei Verner
Label: Global Sect Music 

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Aspartic    106

Huge, fucking HUGE! I've been waiting for more Atlantis.
Finally my space acid dream has come true. :wub:

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GS Concept    96

Debut album by Atlantis Project live on our radio !!!

Listen now: http://globalsect.ru/radio

Tune in to the exclusive stream of the album 'Cosmic Waves', before the official release time!

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Padmapani    442

with hypnoxock and this 2020 is starting good already.

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