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Does anybody else miss melodic full-on?

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If it sounds lush and complete, I tend to like it.
I have preferences, of course. (not big on close intervals way down low. Keep it at 5th and octave and THEN add some other notes...)
Modally, they are all available, but you can't really switch tonic notes too often, but by all means, give us the 5th mode of the melodic minor or WHATEVER, feel something. No one said it had to have ALL THE NOTES always etc... it's more like some alternatings stacks of notes to move around between, to not always feel so STATIC. IMO, the number one issue with electronica, as music, is the feeling of static lack of motion,  like a 1 chord song. Plus, an inversion is already a different sounding chord, in modal-land :D

It's best not to get muddy, sure, but that's often due to trying to shoehorn the wrong bits where they aren't welcome, or too much in one bite, etc...

I guess my dream concept I didn't hear yet (and please don't tell me to make it, I'm allowed to bitch and moan about the current state of trance like a consumer, lol):

always feeling like it's moving, harmonically, and yet feeling like there's some "closing" of a phrase, like a cadence, and so there's roots and feeling grounded, but I'm not bored. The best modal piano jazz does this for me,  for example. There's lovely bands out there too: Anyone remember "Jah Levi World Fusion Project"? 

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