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Fiery Dawn - Psychedelic Universe (New Goa Trance Album)

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My brand new Goa trance album "Psychedelic Universe" is up at my bandcamp page!
The album contains 9 original tracks with strong psychedelic vibes and hypnotic grooves.                                                                     

Hope you'll enjoy my work!


Fiery Dawn.jpg

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This album was posted for free download the same day I released it.  It took many months of hard work to create it, but  nowadays most people have no appreciation of the effort and time artists put in their music and want everything for free, as granted.   

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2 hours ago, Redo said:

You seem salty, are you ok?

If you wanted to make money with music, why not make house/big room music, something that's popular? Also I'm pretty sure you can make way more money working minimum wage than working on and releasing a goa trance album. Nowadays artists make money from touring and gigs, not selling CD's.

Please let's not talk about how to make money, we all know about house ,gigs, etc.  I mean that sharing other artists work without their permission is plain wrong and should not be considered  as normal and usual thing.

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Aha, I actually also thought that you wrote that you released the album for Free (NYP, Ektoplazm, or homepage) the same day you, yeah, released it. *good on you* i thought, a nice present to your fans and to further spread your good music, to achive bookings or whatever nice that comes from awareness and recognition to you, unless your all blood and underground, or in fear/hiding.. But then you felt sandy about it afterwards, giving your universe music away for free *grump* . ..Some ppl live and breath the hippie trail routes moneyless. Anyway,  I pushed the link :) 7 Euros. What yo r talig aboot is digi-mafia, i had no idea your LP was out there wuth the pirates but congratz? Look at IM after Release Me (Metallica guitar Napster directed intro), sorry much bad j/k  Then again I never look there at pirates anymore.. Hm, Wonder if . I should roll another one and push play (at your LP)  https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/track/digimafia <well intended spam, 


PS. I know rhe bank systems NWO is getting a better grip and control now so the noneys are leveling.  But you think a indian, or African, or Bolivian person, or a hippie,  or a punk in Russia can afford 7 euros for your non distrubuted self released digital divine goatrancey-hey LP? I dont.  Who decided this high hash price anyway? Luckelly i get it cheap ATM. Boomz - push play. 


Ps3. 2  persons bought your LP + some hidden buyers? Was it one of them that pirated your LP already?


Enjoying btw. ^^~ 

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Here I posted about my new release. Of course everyone is free to listen, or buy the music if they want to. Like or not. It's a free choice. I also posted that I am against piracy. So you if don't agree with that, please don't spam my topic and don't teach me what to do. Peace

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8 minutes ago, Fiery said:

@psytones Such a long post, free listening at my music pages, youtube, etc. 

True. Support the artists, I get it. Buy if can.. So in a way the pirated version of your LP is like YouTube, Spotify ..a kinda promotion.. Just, without your permission, out of your control. .. Let go? Kinda like nothing you can do with it anyway i guess else what steps you akready take ir canvtake to prevent it happening.

In a positive sense, some artists pirates wont even bother to spread. At least your name is out there for all them new ears with some of them hopefully looking you up and pushing that Buy button providing you economical support. Psy has never been about money anyway, nor time, eh. Some albums Ive had on my to buy soon list for more then 5 years.. 15 years even. Yesterday i bought one of them, i.e. Instant money to -you- to live is maybe not realistic. But this is maybe not point, but respect and principle

That it was spread the very same day.. Congratz? Someone must like you^^ (and haters gonna lose because of their choices that backfires while you grow and smile).

Peace & Love 

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Most research has found that pirates of music were never going to purchase that music in the first place.

Pirating progressive psy and my first two goa albums (not knowing what goa was) is how I had the opportunity to fall in love with it. Now I'm Mr Purchase Everything only. 

Point being, it sucks, but maybe your music had the chance to trip someone the heck out and make them think 'what the fuck just happened to me?' 'I want that to happen again'


Anyway this is my favourite album of yours and for me the best yet. Its like the amalgamation of all your best styles rolled together. Will absolutely be purchasing on the next paycheck. 

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On 6/8/2019 at 11:08 PM, Drosophila said:

I just bought the album a few days ago, and wow, it's really great stuff! You seem to have stepped up your production as well, good job! :D

Glad to hear that, thanks for your support!

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