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Va - 303 Syndroms

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Tsotsi    78


Artist: Various
Title: 303 Syndrom
Label: Mamomam Records
Date: 10/10/2018

1. Hypnoxock - Heaven Can't Wait
2. Clementz - Medistajon
3. Median Project - Space Monkeys
4. Goad - Entranced
5. Jaraluca - The Ektoplazm
6. Omneon - Power of the Ori
7. Artha - Hall-Lux
8. Proxeeus - Suydam
9. Toxeed - Milky Way (Bonus Track)


What a month for music. We've been blessed and cursed with a great set of October releases. Blessed because they all rock. Cursed because we must not only buy them all, but find the time to listen to this sweet sweet music coming our way. But I'm on holiday, so I have time and will I use it constructively? Learn a new skill, read a book, write a resume so I can apply for a job? That would be great, but you know whats better than all that? You do, I know you do, 9 Blistering tracks compiled by Mr Jaraluca. If that's not enough to stir up the hornet's nest within then just take a second look at that artwork. Still not cracking a woody? Surely that line up is all you need.


Heaven Can't Wait - It can't, or maybe it can. I mean I thought I couldn't wait when i saw Hypnoxock opening this comp, but here I am. Wait I did and boy am i glad about that. An ominous intro leads quickly into a melody and some vocals then woah holy heck this becomes a great track. I still think that most tracks from Eurythmia are better than his singles but that probably has more to do with it being a masterpiece than anything. Still a good track.

Medistajon - No autocorrect there, we aren't trying to spell meditation. Clementz is here with fat kicks and melodies that take you higher and higher. Balancing between light and dark for the duration of a track ain't always easy, but you wouldn't know it here.

Space monkeys - Whether that's a kookaburra or a monkey really isn't important here. Median has done the usual and come in hot. That explosion after the breakbeat is incredible. This track takes you and Cappuccino the Capuchin directly through nebulas.

Entranced - Goad takes us into cosmic space land which really is the most wonderful place to get Entranced. But with under 8 minutes and no real climax I feel like I just got dropped off at the edge of space and left there.

The Ektoplazm - Jaraluca picks up where he left off with his last album. Only he got a little wilder, a lil more cray with the same Jaraluca full flavored spice. Very nice track.

Power of the Ori - A nice spacetime banger that really take off at the 5 minute point. Man I love that moment. Raw leads and acid take center stage as Omneon marches us into battle with the full power of the Ori behind us.

Hall-Lux - Did he just? Is this song the? How did he? ARTHA IS BAAAACK!! What ever he has been up to its well worth the wait. I'm saying my favourite track of the year so far. Clean screeching leads, melodies and perfect direction changes. A little bit of classic Artha dancing around a modern new sound Artha. Every element of this track is done to absolute perfection. I can only say nice pretty things.

Suydam - After his track on the Va - Lotus, I really can't do anything to contain my excitement by seeing his name on a lineup. I don't need a reminder why but if I did this track would be it. While I'd probably dislocate my shoulder trying to keep up with this.

Milky way (bonus track) - Do you like digital album bonus tracks? As some one who only buys digital it never really feels like a bonus track, feels more like, a track. But I'm not complaining. Another track! The comps not over! And boy am I happy about that. Toxeed comes in fast and hard with some great story telling and really cool melodies. Now I have to go and listen to his older works, I've been turnt. I'd absolutely lose my marbles if I heard this on a dancefloor. More bonus tracks!


What a goshdang goddang ride. There are so many good tracks on this compilation that every time I think I have a favourite another comes along and steals my attention. While 604 Syndroms felt more dance floor friendly and spacious, 303’s is mostly space fuelled and a great homage to the instrument that made this genre what it is. I'm hoping more people purchase this to encourage more Goa comps from Mamomam. Well done to all the artists, Jaraluca and Mamomam records on what will probably be the 1st or 2nd best comp of the year.


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Themaniac    91

That Toxeed track is by far my favourite. Absolutely psychedelic!

Proxeeus' bilstering 303 track is amazing.

Jaraluca's and Omneon's tracks are straight up bangers.

Overall a very good comp. Excellent work.

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Anoebis    399

Very good compilation!

Best track, GOAD, what a monster! :) 

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Aspartic    74

Besides Hypnoxock (a bit dull) and Artha (annoying leads and the track drags on and on for too long), this compilation is filled with stunning goa.
It was a no-brainer for me to buy this. Median, Proxeeus, Clementz, Jaraluca, Omneon and GoaD deliver blissful dance floor material. The standards for goa trance have become very high. It's a real treat to see so many compilations and albums being released nowadays.

I agree with tsotsi that the only problem is time. When am I going to find the time to deep-listen to all this music? :D

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U.F.Orb    69

Was never a big fan of Artha untill now, what a freaking bomb of a track, wicked wicked stuff.


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Trance2MoveU    369

This is certainly a stellar and unheralded compilation of blistering 303 laden goa trance bombs.  Two things...

Why does Artha routinely save his best stuff for compilations and EPs?  And two, I purchased the physical CD so why is Mammomam angry at me and not offering the  Toxeed track?  Unless there is a code that I didn't read on the gatefold that seems backward to me.

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Hi there ! :)

We are not angry on anyone :) We have been decide with Toxeed that his track will be a bonus, because he released this track on his album on CD in May 2018.
here is the link to purchase his album  - 

"Mamomam Records is proud to present you new goa trance compilation collected by JaraLuca - " V.A. 303 Syndroms ! It's a sequel of "Syndroms" series. Compilation contains 9 tracks in digital version and 8 tracks on CD

Everything is in the description 

Peace ! 

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