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History of Trance in the USA

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(in case you missed this lovely post...)



Hello attendees of Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017, and namuste!! I heard this was the first psytrance festival being held in the USA, so I thought you all might like to know a bit of the history of psytrance. As a partially trained anthropologist I am considered to be quite the authority on psytrance, so let me illuminate some of you new to the genre.

Psychedelic trance was invented in 2002, when during a Burning Man kick-on at Lake Tahoe, Goa Gil and his nephew Skrillex were on a particularly heavy cough syrup bender. After accidentally leaving the 808 locked to 145 after playing some drum and bass, they noticed that a 4/4 kick and bassline put them into a "trance" that was "psychedelic". Psytrance was born!

The sound soon swept the USA in the early 2000s, and rock band Infected Mushroom from Los Angeles got in on the act, taking psytrance global! Infected Mushroom's hit "LSD (GMS Remix)" was for a long time one of the top tracks on Napster, and Dutch act "Hallucinogen" would later cover it, bringing the psytrance sound to Europe.

What followed was ten years of the psytrance dark ages, where very little happened. It was only until 2013 that a San Franscico DJ called Bassnectar brought back psytrance in a memorable set at the Lollapalooza festival. Now it's back in the spotlight, even with famous techno DJ Armin van Buren playing "full-on psytrance" like Vini Vici, Timmy Trumpet and Shpongle!

Now many of us are looking forward to the first psytrance festival to hit the USA. I hope you will learn to love psytrance as much as I have. See you on the dancefloor. Bum shaker!



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thanosp81    307

Bum Shaker!!

Lolololololol  :D  :lol:

Failed to notice that. Ahahaha

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XoArK    54

This is all over the place. First, the guy says that Hallucinogen is a "dutch" act. WTF?!?

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