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hey guys, i come here with a somewhat wierd request. a friend of mine is a fashion designer and she is holding

a fashion show. so, she asked me to make an hour-long set with a tribal theme (with lyrics if possible).

so, me being an not so experienced dj this is a real a challenge and my track collection is not lenghty enough

to fill one hour with quality music.

at the same time i can't use tracks with high bpms because it cannnot be very fast because it is not a party

and it cant be that psychedelic either :(

what im requesting are tribal tracks in the 120-135bpm range.


to sum up what im asking for: tribal tracks btw 120 - 135 bpm, with lyrics if possible

i will post here what i got and feel free to contribute with anything that comes to your mind.


planet ben - ant invasion

etnoscope - freedom

etnoscope - sneaky drums

etnoscope - odins kraft

elysium - wind of dust

elysium vs worm - Yemaya

sven vath - ritual of life

shpongle - the epiphany of mrs kugla

mory kante vs loverush UK - yeke yekeç

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sonic fusion - tribal warrior comes to my mind immediately. it's a bit faster but should still work nicely if pitched down to 130.

another one (that's actually in the correct bpm range and has more "lyrics) is chi ad - pathfinder.


iirc i've also heard these tracks after one another in a dj set before, so i guess it should work nicely — if they aren't too dark for your purposes that is...

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Union Jack - Two Full Moons And A Trout (Luke Chable Remix)

Roland Klinkenberg - Inner Laugh (James Holden Remix)

Hybrid - Last man standing

Paris & Sharp Aphrodite Marcello Castelli Sahara Mix

Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix)

Archive - Numb (Nick Muir Remix)

Art Of Trance vs POB - Turkish Bizarre(original mix)

Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool (Deep Forest Ice Cold @ The Equator Mix)

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hey guys, the mix is ready. i used some of the suggested tracks here. you've been realy helpfull and it was a good

opportunity to make my folder bigger and better. the fasion show is tomorrow and even though i made some mistakes

while mixing i'm very confident about the result.



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