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Car brand recommendations

Anu Katariina

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Lada or Zastava, can't be wrong about them. Yes, they are ugly, they are shity and slow but they are like tanks so... :D

The Lada Niva is a beast of a car. It never breaks down and can go to places that most other Off-roads wouldn't even dare approach.

However, it consumes so much fuel that you'll go bankrupt if you use it a lot.

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You forgot, American cars - cheap plastic shit body & pathetic interiors!

Japanese are durable as well. We had had 2 Japanese cars.

1st - A peppy small Maruti-Suzuki : Zen Japanese manufactured engine. It's been running for 2 decades now. Still gives a decent mileage. Never gave any major problem. Just the normal wear & tear.

2nd - Honda - City. Comfortable sedan. Not as powerful as civic more like a family car to roam around the city and stuff.

Not sure about there but we have a good Japanese automobile presence here along with some Indian collabs. So no issue of finding spares.

Because we're brothers I definitely think the chance for me to get a chance to see the picture a bit clearer, but did you say American cars were cheap plastic shit?


Lol.. I know everyone here is lucky if they even have a car, let alone the disposable income to have multiple cars, expensive cars, etc


There's nothing cheap shit about American muscle cars, from old to new.


I was going to give this plus sized damsel in distress some car advice because it seems I'm the only one who can help, but now - nah.. no advice. No one on here knows how to respect each other and be positive. You're all a bunch of haters.


Anyone worth their time who has good info to offer wouldn't even want to bother. Sad sad sad

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indeed there is nothing cheap about american cars

i mean ford are usually good - the mondeo especially are very reliable starting from the first version in the nineties


cheap cars for me are corean cars especially old hyundai

i mean just compare the price between a japanese (suzuki and mitsubishi excepted) and a corean car of similar mileage and the corean is always much cheaper and there is a reason behind this


i never knew much about lada but looks like their reputation is similar to old volvo - extremely reliable but very heavy on fuel

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Say hi to my new car :)




Edit: cheap, already old with lots of mileage behind.

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@ psytones: Cute. That kind of a vehicle would be very useful in a downtown metropol.

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