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Neogoa Rec 5th anniversary party in Helsinki 20.11.2015

Anu Katariina

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The very first announcement of a goa party in Helsinki :


Date: Friday 20.11.2015


Time: (20.00 doors) 21.00-04.00


Place: Remix Nightclub, Iso Roobertinkatu 10, Helsinki, Finland


Theme: Neogoa Records 5th anniversary party


Line up (all live acts):


Profetia, Vantaa, Finland (Aural Connection Records)
Nebula Meltdown, Helsinki, Finland (Suntrip Records)
Proxeeus, Paris, France (Neogoa Records)
Lunar Dawn, Moscenica, Croatia (Neogoa Records)
GoaTree, Bratislava, Slovakia (Neogoa Records)


Tickets: http://www.tiketti.fi/Neogoa-Records-5-Year-Anniversary-Party-Remix-Nightclub-tickets/34975


Arranger: Goa Trance Lovers Finland (me) and Matti Aronen supported by Neogoa Records, Croatia


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/533239686823832/


This page will be the one to folllow for instant updates https://www.facebook.com/goatranceloversfinland?ref=hl

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Hehehehe, kudos to Anu - she is like cargo train, once she gets rollin´ she isn´t gunna stop at all!!! :D


Woooo hooooooo!


P.S. Lunar Dawn, Moscenica, Croatia (promoting our small village :D)

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P.S. Lunar Dawn, Moscenica, Croatia (promoting our small village)

Ok..will have it in event description. Event ad on fb will be created once we have the final sum up with Matti next week + artwork Artwork will be only with countries.

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Wish I can be there, I hope tickets aren't too expensive from Croatia :)


Now this was news :) :) :)


By the way: Neogoa Records psynews account's historical first post was about this party ^_^

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For those who aren't in facebook, here's the event text!




We are much honored to present you a night filled with swirling cosmic aural magic and powerful pumping beats!

Neogoa Records celebrates the 5th anniversary of their dedicated mission of goa trance liberation. With numerous artists and over 40 releases under their belt, they have quickly become one of the most renowned players in the second coming of goa.

To celebrate the occasion, Goa Trance Lovers Finland is bringing in THREE of Neogoa's biggest names, none previously seen performing on Finnish soil! Accompanied by strong local support, this will be a night to cherish and remember!


LUNAR DAWN, Moscenica, Croatia (Neogoa Records)

Lunar Dawn is a joined project of two music enthusiasts, Kristijan Ilišinović and Saša Prečanica. The release of the long-waited debut album "Kolovrat" caused a major ripple in the space-time continuum upon its release on 1st of April, 2015. This album is not your regular April Fool's prank, but one of the most unique goa releases ever heard. Fantasy tune with strong Slavic impacts! The duo has promised to prepare something badass and drop the dance floor a killer live performance that will set the crowd on fire.

GOATREE, Bratislava, Slovakia (Neogoa Records)

Out of all five live acts this night GoaTree is definitely the most psychedelic. Started to produce already in 2002, Lukas Bartosek has released two full length albums: The Force in 2013 and Akasha Connection in September 2015. He has experimented various styles and has also a chillout/ambient project called Saluberrimae. But what brings this man to Finland in November is the skill to blend modern goa sound with psytrance the result being like a liquid lava avalanche that slides your body in mindblowing psychedelic trip.

PROXEEUS, Orléans, France (Neogoa Records)

France and Finland. Goa trance is not the first word to come in one's mind to describe these nations but after this experience many can connect the two! Energetic and acidic orgy will be supervised by the high priest of Cthulhu aka Proxeeus aka Jérôme Lesterps. Proxeeus debut album At The Mountains Of Madness was published on the label's 5th birthday and has been downloaded over 11 kilo times.The oldschool style wizard has been busy lately playing in several gigs and festivals and his fame is skyrocketing in the scene. Well deserved!

NEBULA MELTDOWN, Helsinki, Finland (Suntrip Records)

Finland's face of goa for already 15 years. Internationally adored producer/DJ veteran has played in over 250 gigs and throws carefully selected quality tunes with deep passion for his work. This level of enthusiasm is infectious and the resulting energy can be clearly felt throughout his sets!

PROFETIA, Vantaa, Finland (Aural Connection Records)

Profetia is well-known for his ambition for goa trance. His debut album "No Chance Of Winning" from 2013 packs a powerful punch of complex layered goa trance melodies and pure Suomi madness. This live set is perfect to get the show going strong right from the start!

Decoration: Vesa Peltonen & crew

Event photography: Juha Sinkko

Flyer artwork: Panu Siipilehto

- Hosted by Goa Trance Lovers Finland -
contact e-mail: goatranceloversfinland@yahoo.com


Doors 20:00. Arrive before 22.00 and get a bracelet for special prices that benefit you the whole night!

21-22:00 - Profetia
22-23:00 - Nebula Meltdown
23-00:30 - Proxeeus
00:30-02 - Lunar Dawn
02-03:30 - GoaTree

All live acts


Entry: Early Bird 11.00 € (limited amount), Normal ticket 14.00 €. Tiketti service fee 1.50 € per ticket is INCLUDED in prices so these are the final prices for presale tickets. Door 15 €

Age: K-18


www.neogoa.net (coming soon)
contact e-mail: info@neogoa.net

Neogoa Records founded on July 14th, 2010 in Croatia is a humble servant of world wide goa trance liberation. Every release is downloadable for free at ektoplazm.com and the fanbase & download amounts are huge. Lately by the request of the audience the record company has started also printing their most famous releases on CD's. Lunar Dawn's Kolovrat got the honour of being NEOGCD01 and the copies will be available also on Helsinki gig. To add: one of the most exciting upcoming releases will be by Helsinki-based The Faithealers (collaboration bw Kris Kylven and Markku Louhio aka Mark Nomen) in October 2015: stay tuned!

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Hello those few fellow Finns in this forum! This is for you!


Invitation contest has been launched: it is valid until 27.10.2015. Main prize is a 100 € gift card to Sokos + tickets, the second and third prize are signed Kolovrat limited edition double CD + tickets, 4-6 prizes are tickets for two.


Let's get rolling! https://www.facebook.com/events/533239686823832/



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Besides marketing the party I have an other reason to having ended up with an international contest in the event and that reason is promoting the artists in the line-up. Everyone can attend even though maybe not making it to the party. The two prizes are worth it: EVERY COLLECTOR'S DREAM ^_^ SIGNED LD CD! Check the pinned post on this link https://www.facebook.com/events/533239686823832/

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I need to copypaste here what the sleepy part of LD (Sasa Precanica) is saying in facebook as a feedback:


A song changed Anu K. Rasku life,and she became what we never had before,a true and dedicated fan.She shoved us what many people couldn't make in their lives,to follow instincts and feelings no matter what will happen!She decided to organize a party,for the first time and she gave us something that most of organizers could just learn from her.With help of Matti Aronen,awesome guy with also big heart organised Neogoa records party,where awesome musicians like Janne Siipilehto aka Profetia shoved us how goa is played alive,Kristian Nebula took us to the meltdown point,Jerome Lesterps put an acid in our mouth and Lukas GoaTree Bartosek made us running like a hunted deers!And all the people there,thank you for dancing,you are the energy!The only thing that was missing are two dear friends Mirza Arronax Aljić and Ivan Parić,the one who wears the crown of Neogoa Records!Be sure to follow Neogoa,beacuse it's the hottest uprising label on the scene!And once again thank you Anu and all involved,you made a mark on our hearts!

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Lazy dudes! :angry: Dance you freaks, Dance like there's no tomorrow!

Don't say because this wasn't true, dammit! ALL the artists gave kudos for the audience being better than e.g. in Belgium.

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