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  1. Hehehehe, kudos to Anu - she is like cargo train, once she gets rollin´ she isn´t gunna stop at all!!! Woooo hooooooo! P.S. Lunar Dawn, Moscenica, Croatia (promoting our small village )
  2. I will try to upload mine via wetransfer, have to see how big it is
  3. choxon

    Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat

    Also, if there will be enough interest, no worries. We´ll do a reprint for those who will miss the first round
  4. Yea, who is speaking - I have done some practice with your highness week ago at your place drinking hectoliters of nice wine and beer
  5. Saša and I will get there sometimes Sunday late afternoon / early night... (Lunar Dawn time ) Have to work my shift till 17pm
  6. choxon

    Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat

    Well, because of duration this release for sure will be double pack. Btw, artwork is done (Thank you Richpa you´ve done outstanding job once again!!!) and files are being sent for printing.. We are expecting it to be done during the next week.. And then...
  7. just finished my spamming session for Neogoa, and hopefully going to bed with ma wife for a night shift...
  8. Does anyone maybe know where Anu dissapeared?
  9. 5 years... Basically - I think that Saša and I "got back" to GOA trance production approximately in that period, and little later Lunar Dawn was born Anyway, thanks to Richpa for promoting us even before we were born, i remember some time after we arranged our first release i found out he was yellin around about us in the forums that he will keep eye on us... And he did. And we´re glad for it because brotherhood was born Viva la tits liberation. Viva la GOA trance. Viva la Neogoa, for all great people - for all "neoraja" ("raja" means cheerful and good folks in Balkan sleng, it´s really hard to translate, you have to meet us )
  10. Well, I can use it now. But they renamed my profile to K.I.
  11. weekend after Lost Theory, from 21st to 24th August... official event: https://www.facebook.com/events/845511262210252/
  12. Listening to No. 1 Croatian production at the moment if you ask me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3grGPILfw3w Girls are from our hometown, Sisak - I really hope getting them for some collaboration for some psybient / chill / downtempo
  13. Well, I´ll reply in english, just in case. Haha, we went for a 24h drinking session after set, at last - when you live this close to location, it would be shame not to relax a bit from everyday rush! Next time, search near šank. I wrote "šank" just because "bar" doesn´t get that feeling when you say it...
  14. well, you really are one of many - everyone had really great time and asking for more. i´m no that much party/festival guy, and this was really my first big festival (few days in a row) - but definately was the best one so far. from anything to compare. Btw, you can count for cca. 300km from Zagreb for sure, i´ll post topic here if I manage to get Stevo for a chat
  15. Yes, Psilo did the same thing and it went ok. Btw, nice avatar, Neogoa stuff ae?
  16. thanx mate, why didn´t you came to meet?! We would drink a rakija or two or ten probably in this name!!! btw, i´m dancing my ass off to tracks 3-4 while cooking at the moment
  17. i think that he will have to do much more better than that
  18. You mean, BGF? Didn´t know that one... I´ll try to update things as they will roll out on BGF thread here in psynews, so keep tuned. If Stevo and guys will not be faster than me
  19. Thnx. I have already submitted ID and they´ve contacted me. Well, i think it will be name - artist name - surname, like Psilocybian did (they didn´t harrased him afterwards so...) earlier. Page I do have, but page limits some options, and page also does not serve info equally to all members (commercial policy, you have to pay for reach...)
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