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Shakta - Retroscape (SUNCD34)

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ok, there is a bug, for now you will only receive the free mp3s/Wav with your order when we press "bought". Normally all of you had it by now (check your mail/spam mail!) We hope to fix it tomorrow... only then we'll launch it for real! :)

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Congratulations Skakta and Suntrip! I noticed the old school influence right away.


Samples BUMP


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@mars: I got the payment recived confirmation


Suntrip Records order 2014-11-01-002: payment received‏


But no mp3's...


but...you have to specifically ask for them in the basket review page, which was not the case with your order as far as I can see.


ok, there is a bug, for now you will only receive the free mp3s/Wav with your order when we press "bought". Normally all of you had it by now (check your mail/spam mail!) We hope to fix it tomorrow... only then we'll launch it for real! :)




1) This is not a bug! mp3's/flac's links won't be given before the payment is completed. If you have selected paypal/credit card, we are supposed to be automatically notified by paypal but it doesn't work at the moment (see 3.). If you have selected bank transfer, we have to check on our online banking what payments have reached our account and update the related orders manually.

Then, when an order is marked as completely paid, the downloads are triggered. Else it would be too easy to systematically get free digital tracks by ordering via bank transfer and never paying.


2) As said alrady twice before, a customer has to specifically ask for the digital downloads from the basket review page. There's a lot of customers who can wait for the physical cd and don't need the digital files in the meantime. No digital format selection => no downloads. This is no bug.


3) We have one issue at the moment: the paypal notifications (IPN) don't reach us. We don't even have a trace of a request coming from them so I'm starting to doubt whether this is actually a bug on our end or on paypal's (it's happened before)! Because of that, we have to manually log on paypal and check what payments have arrived and update the related orders manually (just like we usually do for bank transfers as explained in 1.). And since this is not done "online", this delays the delivery of digital tracks by a few hours (including those given for free provided they've been requested as explained in 2)).

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Shakta aka Seb Taylor needs no introduction. Since 1995 he has been taking this scene by force with his powerful, rhythmic, acidic old school goa-trance & ambient under different names… Shakta, Somaton, Digitalis, Kaya Project, Hibernation,…!

Many of his fabulous 90s tracks were released only on vinyl or rare compilations, and some never saw the light on a regular release. Because of that we decided to gather the best of those tracks and remaster them!


Here is the tracklist:

1. Somaton - Ouroboros
2. Somaton - Brainwashed (Shakta & Ping Pong Rmx)
3. Shakta - It Was Not Human
4. Somaton - Fearful Symetry
5. Somaton - Principles Of Gravity
6. Shakta - Amber Mantra
7. Shakta - Indra's Net
8. Shakta - Cosmic Trigger
9. Shakta - Solar Origins
10.Shakta - Misra Indica
11.Somaton - Dredlarks

For sale, and of course, with samples as well:



If you want it on psyshop etc... it will be available within 1 week there too! :)
Enjoy the madness!


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Those are OLD tracks, not NEW ones did the old way :)



Ha! That would explain it then. That's even better!

I took my time to slow down and actually read the thread, thanks.

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@Shpongled: Yes, we forgot about the cds! Next time I guess... in Australia :P

For the rest:

After an amazing Suntrip event in the UK, we are happy to announce that Shakta - Retroscape is now available in all online shops like psyshop etc...! The most famous shops where the cd is available are shown below. Digital shops have it in stock as well of course! Support goa-trance &... Enjoy!!!


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