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Derango, yo love Turmult, don't you. Did yah know, they (kinda) released a second album?


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Haha c'mon man!

Had me excited for a second..


While the "Best Off" is great in its own right I don't think it's a spiritual successor to Tumult. Something is missing, and for me it's a consistent flow and journey through the course of the album. Probably because HH album is more a compilation.. One that I love.


Still Waiting for another pure Derango album.


Purosurpo and Sanatonic Audio Trips are filling the gap in the meantime!

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Do you know about their involvement with Parvati Records? They have a good handful of releases specifically for that label under a few VA albums.





They post most of their solos on Soundcloud. Go follow them!



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Dunno about Derango's second album but im sure shit as hell exited about the new goch album !!




so,share them good news with us man !



Too bad the HH album was much more inferior to Tumult. It's good yes, but IMO Derango alone>Derango with other groups.


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One of the greatest psytrance albums ever. :)


They haven't released anything in a while. I wasn't so bowled over by 'Back to (Para)normal'. I believe there's gonna be newer stuff out sometime soonish.


This is one of my favourites by them.



The bit between 5:10 and 6:29 fucking rocks. Sums up forest trance to me. Huge creaking trees. <3

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