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i'm currently getting more and more into techno and would like some recommendations. i'm not looking for acid techno, freetekno, techtrance, minimal techno and the like, just plain, real techno. probably i'm still unknowlegable about some of the great classics from the 90s. but mainly i'm also looking for more mechanical, harder sound, maybe with a sort of warehouse vibe to it.


here are some examples of what i think is good techno (probably influenced a bit from my obvious psy background ;) ) :




or kopfuss resonator - monokiller, but i can't find that one on youtube.



i'm sure that some of you have great tracks to share and pointers into directions that can help me with my search :)

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I would like this as well. Feel like I've missed out on a lot of good stuff cus I've been to focused on trance.

I checked some dark electro and industrial techno on digitally imported which has a lot of great stuff.

Listening to a radiostation like DI.fm really is a good thing to do to get ideas.

They usually have top notch music and a lot of genres.

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thanks everyone for the suggestions, again there were a few good ones. and i've noticed it's far harder to find techno on the internet than psy. most of the time there's only vinyl or mixtapes...



orbital and prodigy sure are good music, but i'm not sure i would call that techno.



to anyone interested, i'll post some of my (unrelated) finds here:


http://www.discogs.com/TPH-Mechanisms/release/115593 (again, no youtube. why!?! the title track at least is great)





although this last one would be a million times better if they wouldn't repeat that speech sample all the time.



interestingly, the majority of the tracks i like most are still tracks usually 303-less track played in acid techno sets (by djs like for instance chris liberator, ddr, dave the drummer) inbetween real acid techno. (well, i do love acid techno at least just as much, but i'm looking for techno beyond acid here. there has to be many times as much good music without tb-303 ;) ). is there a name for this (imho very distinctive) style?

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I love Techno, listen to it more than Trance these days.

Saw Blawan and Jeff Mills a few weeks back, Dave Clarke before that.

Another label to look at is Drumcode. Adam Beyer's stuff is all very high quality, but definetly music for the dancefloor.

Chris Leibing, Surgeon, Regis, Andy Stott (Passed Me By).
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