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Anjuna Records | V.A - Lucid Flux (UX/Nervasystem/Aether/Shakta/Moonweed/Process/Squid/Aurax)

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Grr you pressed me to buy the L.E. It's always a fuzzy feeling having something most don't. Then again it's all kind of pointless and whatever you get is, in the end, a quality product.


Btw is there gonna be early digital copy for preorders?

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Yeah.. LE sold out and we won't be pressing any more copies of it.


50 copies in 48 hours...


200 copies of regular edition are left though. so hurry up ;)



Congratulations - that went really fast!!


Looking forward to my copy :-).

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A good time to thank all the people who purchased the CD so far, It's great to see your support and positive vibe towards the Goa trance scene.


We are honored to release those tunes and let you dive a slowly into our perception of music ;)



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