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Artist: PharaOm

Title: Shelter 10

Label: Future Disorder Recordings

Date: April, 2013


1. Welcome To Shelter 10

2. Inside the Core

3. Meeting Roy and Chip (Interlude)

4. Laser Highways

5. Anti-Gravity Module

6. Biomechanical Civilization

7. The Bucky Biospheres (Interlude)

8. Back To Titan

9. Nanosurgery



I love science fiction and fantasy.


Movies, books, comics...if that makes me a nerd then so be it. I've made an active effort to stay away from video games because that's a black hole of time into which I would surely plummet. Today things are different. It's not like it was when I was a kid. Now it's cool to be into "graphic" comics and as long as Hollywood keeps making millions on superhero movies you'll still see men running around in tight underwear.




As well as the nerds who love them.


PharaOm is Oswald Pfeiffer who recently released the remixes to his track Cellar Door as well as the very good Tesseract album for free. He's right back at it with more free music. Shelter 10 is a digital maxi EP that attempts to redefine what goa trance can be. Seemingly never satisfied with the status quo this album rides the space theme to a human (and extra terrestrial) colony that is filled with futuristic sounds, industrial machinery, as well as storming goa riffs. Jam packed I tell ya.


There are even two interludes, one including two bickering robots. Corny yes, but it's all a rich tapestry.


This is a great mixture of psytrance with goa elements that include experiments in dubstep that work very well. He closes things out with a competent downtempo track that attempts to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after some limb loss in the robot conflict. Story time.


My favorite track has to be the blistering Biomechanical Civilization that just shreds anything unlucky enough to cross its path. The biggest step outside of the box has to be Back on Titan with its brief singing and out front guitars. But he balances it out with symphonic strings and more space goa. The whole thing is a marvelously detailed escape to the stars.


Highly recommended.


Free at Soundcloud



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Great stuff! Remind me something of acid trance/early psytrance, it`s raw enough and have hard sound.

I like it, and want hear more of this style in the future.

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I wanted to review this but I haven't been really able to.

Whole album feels kinda monumental in what it's doing is something not many have. There's a clear as day storyline, within the interludes and the tracks themselves, the atmosphere is spot on and the ride is exhilarating. Fantastic work, I want a sequel to this!

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Thank you very much.

That's a big request ! :) I'm still surprised to see how much people enjoyed this album. I mean it was a bit risky to kind of break down the sacred rules of goa trance this way.


Anyway I think I never enjoyed making music as much as I did on this one, and I like to make listeners happy so working on a sequel in the future is not impossible. :)

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Exactly why it's so monumental. I can't recall any real story albums, sure you can go over albums and think it has a storyline but it's not as clear as this. Breaking those rules is always risky, but when it pays off, it really does. I'm not too surpsied it was a fun album to make, you can hear it! :)

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