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mmm loving this   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Peux05vI3gk

Soo lovely

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the thing is, noone ruined anything. the original still exist.

and i think the beat was made in a very good way.

good sampling skills. the added melody lead is a nice touch too.



but to each his own. Many, however, share your opinion and mine is a minority.

I dont consider sampling or remixing destruction, just reinvention. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

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this track got me thru hard times. for real.

i was in the process of stopping drinking. i was in the process of discovering tramadol.

sadly i changed to tramadol. the good thing was that l lost 40kg over the 12 month periood i excusively did tramadol.,

but at the end of it all, 5g* a day to stay 'healthy' is a two way street. either you stop tramadol and go for the harder opiates - or you quit tramdol.

i did.. i tapered with Subutex (which i then learned the lesson "dont") And had a crash with barely conscious and lost another 15kg over 3 weeks.


anyway this track helped me actually not killing myself nomatter how cheesy htat might sound. it was that for me . a bunch of other songs too, but if i hade to say one, that really did stop me from ending my life was this one



*take 5g without tolerance and youll probably die, if youre not lucky enough to get you to the hospital to get oxygen to your brain cause of the Grand Mal.

the maximum safe dosage is 400mg and people have had seizures with less than that. so DO NOT try to do what i did.

I got lucky.

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At fisrt I was very surprised by this track because I thought that this kind of utterly abominable music can only be made in Russia. Then I googled it and - voila - this guy is a Russian.


Sorry, AP, I'm not trying to offend you for your musical tastes and I see how serious was your situation, but I'm literally surrounded by uber-crappy Russian pop-music with melodies like this one, so it gave me instant emetic reflex.


There is better Russian pop-music ;) (skip to 0:25)


or this one



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im well aware of what most will consider russian cheese or whatever, that track spoke to me on a deep level, like hundreds of other tracks has done.,

so im proud when i say that, that one track actually helped save my life, but ofc thats not even touching the tip of the iceberg and for another thread.


thanks for the suggestions will return when ive checked them out

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can you just give me some clarifications here.

im intelligent enough to hold discussions and arguments, but im a that much of a sucker, to be attracted to this track in particular?

i mean for me its deep, sad, emotional, i wanna hug the guy -


but to you its abominable and gives you nasty reflexes. How come our spectrum is so far apart? what do you know i dont?

and your other suggestions didnt even TOUCH on the sadness and deepness of I pray.


And I wanna let you know this is a FRIENDLY discussion we are having.

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I think that's simply because we are coming from different cultrual context. Here in Russia we have some kind of lowest-common-denominator pop-music with melodies like this one and also incredible cheesy and stupid lyrics, incredibly posh artist images and all that. Like this dude:





so this track may be not bad per se but it gives me very bad associations.


These Tatu songs probably work better if you understand the lyrics, especially the second one. But I know that Tatu were quite popular outside of Russia so I thought that you may also find something for you in their music - but well, you didn't ;) Again, maybe it's just me and they are nothing special. They definitely aren't an example of intelligent and well-made pop music but there was something charming and sincere about them

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