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V/A - Planet Riders


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V/A - Planet Riders

Dimensional Records


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1. E-Mantra – Soul Searcher 7:27

2. Ajna – Steps To Heaven 10:33

3. Goasia – Solar Storm 7:40

4. Filteria – The Big Blue (Live Version) 8:05

5. Hypnagogia – Secrets Of The Mind 9:18

6. Liquid Flow – Land Of Time 9:04

7. Goasia – Zero Gravity 9:29

8. Shakta – Planet To Planet 7:04

9. Jikooha – Pure Deliverance 8:57


"This is the first chapter of the upcoming Dimensional Galaxy series." Dimensional record's first proper lone release. Some of you found out about this label when Chakras posted about how Kagdila screwed him and the artists over. You can read about it here http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/60492-kagdila-yet-another-money-grab/ / http://www.discogs.com/groups/topic/223968 . TL;DR, don't buy the Kagdila versions of Dimensional's releases (Liquid Flow, Goasia, Pure Planet 4), it won't support anyone but Kagdilas owner, Mr Shuki, who has a history of betraying and screwing over people.


Now we have that off the way, we have a release that looks quite promising, it has known goatrance artists and one new one, a solid list just in names. The promotional text promises a journey through uncharted space. The cover alone says enough, but will it succeed?


Samples: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_label.asp?label_id=1272


E-Mantra – Soul Searcher

E-Mantra kicks off with a track that sounds like it could have been from Arcana, but with improvements, namely it doesn't get redundant at any point. There are changes, twists throughout with a really soft progressive feel. Drenching acid is ever apparent, it is being manipulated like mad, bringing a cool mechanic feel out of it. Towards the end there are E-Mantra's signature emotional uplifting moments. Wonder how would normal trance made by him sound. Not much to say than a really great start for this comp!


Ajna – Steps To Heaven

Ajna, ajna, ajna. First discovered in Opus Iridium with The Art Of Happiness, at first seemed like brilliance, but later found the track quite immature. Later on heard some other tracks and wasn't impressed, constantly got the feeling of boredom. It simply might be a taste thing, since many praise his tracks, but I just have not been able to really enjoy much of his productions. This track does start with an epic intro, really huge noisy beautiful soundscape. The bassline kicks in and it already sounds like Ajna. Some superB acids breach the track and then the melodies ensue. Now this is where I just feel like my grip gets lost with this track. The melodies are just boring, they're really, really fluffy, stoic, uninspiring. They just go on and on. It could be just the fact the artist wants the same effect as Ethereal, as that artist also just relies on really progressive feel and the melody just goes forever and ever. Ethereal does it differently, though and it works with their style. There are a couple of moments where the track gets my interest again, such as 4:37 and onwards where another melody comes and it does a bit of experimenting until a break at 6:10. After that comes a climax that is actually pretty good, it definitely holds up energy and unleashes it well, but loses it's power rather quickly. Towards the very end there is also a bit of change at 9:10 which I like. Aside from those mentioned moments the track just does nothing for me. It's obvious the artist is getting better, especially production-wise, but the style is just the same as before and I don't really like it.


Goasia – Solar Storm

Goasia! The main reason I got this comp were the two new tracks from them. From the very beginning the sound is really typical Goasia so if you've heard them before and already have an opinion on their sound, you won't be surprised at all. For me, I love this sound, it is exciting and incredibly oriental. Bassline thumps onwards whilst interesting effects and melodies layer the track until the main hook at 2:12. Really uplifting, beautiful ethnic melodies. I can already imagine the beautiful beaches and palm trees in sunset. 3:32 the melody just reeks of soft beauty of this realm. Ahh. There are very cool changes towards the end, but remaining predictable. Great track, I feel like I just cannot get over the Goasia sound. I hope one day they fill a full ~8 minute track with melody work in the sense of almost Sky Technology, that it would have loads of these melodies, but be melancholic. Would be interesting to say the least!


Filteria – The Big Blue (Live Version)

The Big Blue, well, I liked it back when Daze was released, nowadays I don't so much. The track grew out of me pretty hard. There is a sense of emotion in the melodies that comes off to me as almost cheesy, not quite, but very close. This track has the same principle of the original mix, but it adds many different, fun segments. At times the melody even feels like from the Sky Input era with it's tweaking but other than that I don't find it that exciting, it feels like it's holding back at every single turn. That coupled with the fact I've grown out of the original track. Not impressed. Not impressed at all.


Hypnagogia – Secrets Of The Mind

Well this is a new one. Never heard of Hypnagogia before. Really wonderful intro with a bit of MFG Project Genesis feeling. Dark brooding sci-fi tone. The song evolves into quite a typical neogoa track that is heavy on acidic sounds and a bit of an uplifting floating tone, but it is not boring even though it might seem, as it does what it does really well. Really strong, driving melody work. The ending could have been a bit more exciting, but a well made track nonetheless. Solid! Also special mention to the hi-hats, I love em'.


Liquid Flow – Land Of Time

A new one from Liquid Flow? He's had a ton of compilation releases, an EP and also an album. I already wrote my thoughts about the album and the complaints included the repetitious sound. Whilst alone the tracks are solid party tracks with really good production that is a bit like Artifact303 (And lets not get into who was first since both of them had their first release on the same compilation!) with the strong amount of acid and near-perfect smooth sound tonality, but in an album experience the sound gets very repetitious as everything follows the same path. It gets tiresome to listen to. This track is not exactly like what has been heard before. The production seems more stable, serious and dark from his previous efforts. There are also trancy moments which I whole-heartedly enjoy as it works incredibly well with this style. Otherwise just bubbling acid, drenched synths and smooth passages take the ride through wherever you feel is beautiful and calm. This could potentially be his best track to date, but I'll let it grow on me a bit before I jump to that conclusion. It is not very surprising overall, but it does everything so very well you can't really complain. Good track!


Goasia – Zero Gravity

Hell yes! Fantastic sounds and atmosphere is greeted from the start. A huge pumping masterful bassline kicks things going. Goasia-signature oriental melodies arrive and are already driving the listener into a journey. The tempo is frantic, uplifting. Details float on and about. Groovy melodies. A climaxed break and then just joyful moments keep on coming at you endlessly. Small break at 4:11 calming things down. Glooming atmospheric spacey pads taking you faster and faster. The melodies keep being groovy as hell and at 6:50 such twists! An explosion of melodies that climaxes three times! Calmer ride towards end. Fantastic!


Shakta – Planet To Planet

This is the other reason I got this comp, Seb Taylor is back folks! Mr Shakta brings us another new tune anno 2011, who would have expected? The last one was 3 long years ago but I guess he just does it whenever he feels like it. Though maybe it's a good time to make a new album? Maybe? Please? This track sounds like, well, Shakta, though more in the style like Ten Times Around The Sun on Opus Iridium. Goa bassline that you don't really pay attention other than sub-conciously and dark riveting growly hook is ever present, creating a superbly groovy and hypnotic soundscape. Wonderfully picked details enrich the feeling. Oriental shakta-melody appears a couple of times and the ending feels very satisfactory. Seb hasn't lost it, though it is not exactly like old Shakta. Sounds just like Ten Times Around The Sun style, but it is still far more reminiscent of the old era than anything else. The subtle hypnotism it conveys is sorely lacking in this scene.


Jikooha – Pure Deliverance

Jikooha is an artist that I consider very different from other goa artist today. They can create explosive journeys like Bay Hall Magic and good atmosphere like in Read Road, but what sets them apart from others, they usually have a really authentic space atmosphere feeling, but I find them somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes they sound good and other times they sound just off-key with some of their effects and melodies and I feel this is majorly the case here. The melodies just overlap in this track. The main melody is not bad at all as it's very Man With No Name esque and tries to be very epic and huge, but the layers simply don't flow. It sounds weird in my ears, like it's trying too much. To give the idea, even with their album Revolution Spaceships ups and downs, everything there was better than this track. Odd.



There we go, the first fully fledged Dimensional release. It wasn't all that spacey overall, only 3 tracks really made me feel spaced out, but it didn't matter to me none. My personal expectations were pretty much met, and those weren't too much aside from Shakta and Goasia and they delivered. Three disappointing tracks, two very solid and four good/great one's. I don't think it'll be a classic of any sorts, but a solid release nonetheless. I'd say it's worth checking out even if just for the interesting Shakta comeback track(#2) and the Goasia inputs. Though if you've lost interest to the floaty and fluffy goatrance, you won't find anything revolutionary here and are probably better off looking forward to other releases. To note, soundwise this recording is great! It's well mastered, I have no complaints.



Buy CD














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Artist: Various

Title: Planet Riders

Label: Dimensional Records

Date: July, 2011


1. Soul Searcher / E-MANTRA

2. Steps To Heaven / AJNA

3. Solar Storm / GOASIA

4. Big Blue (Live Version) / FILTERIA

5. Secrets Of The Mind / HYPNAGOGIA

6. Land Of Time / LIQUID FLOW

7. Zero Gravity / GOASIA

8. Planet To Planet / SHAKTA

9. Pure Deliverance / JIKOOHA


Sometimes it just hits you right. The timing of the moment is flawless and everything comes together in a perfect storm of...awesome.


Posted Image

Holy sh*t!


How could this not hit you right? Look at the tracklist. Go ahead, I'll wait while you clean up the drool.


What's that? Yes, I recall the first compilation I chose to review for 2011. Turn On, Tune Out, Suck Balls or something. But this is different. There is no such thing as bad goa trance, just sh*tty speakers. Dimension Records is fairly new, but is obviously into the occult because the only way you get a lineup like this for your virgin release is to sell your soul. Or sacrifice someone, either way it's a black magic victory! Most recently they released the excellent old school sounding Space Elves effort Terrestrial Planet Finder reviewed right here. I realized this came out in the summer of 2011, but you can never have too many reviews or opinions. Hear that you lazy f*ckers? Help a brotha out.


Soul Searcher- Top dog Emmanuel Carpus continues to hit all the right notes with another dreamy effort that provides the fuel for the ship to get into deep space. Did you hear his latest album Pathfinder? I'm sure you did if you are a true lover of goa trance. It didn't disappoint this reviewer and neither does this. It chugs along on the bottom end, but shimmering synths float amidst misty nebulae bursting with color. You know how he does. The 303 provides a little growl and before you know it the track is over. I think I just got time burgled.


Steps to Heaven- Speaking of steps, my next house is going to have hardwood steps. I'm sick of vacuuming those carpet things. This is Olivier Chazard and I liked his tracks on Opus Iridium and Pure Planet Vol. 4. He must have gotten his degree in twirling melodies because these things are like a moving DNA chain. Busting through the glass ceiling they rise and fall at high velocity. The break provides a momentary respite before it's back to the melodic obstacle course. Loved it.


Solar Storm- Goasia is Balint Tihamer and Vladislav Radulovic and their album Dancing With the Blue Spirit was almost universally celebrated. So I'm sure I shall stick out like hooker at a baby shower and tell you that I didn't care for this much. It was very trancey with a melody and sound that immediately got on my last nerve. Which is usually reserved for the Republican right, any member of the insurance industry, and poor white trash who think they're gangsta. If only there was some photographic evidence available on the intarwebz to illustrate my point...


Posted Image



Big Blue (Live Version)- Live version of the track from Daze of Our Lives. Crazy Filteria synth work with melodies turned up to 11. It's goa on steroids and brings me back to the Sky Input days waaaay back in 2004. What's not to like? If you don't like this, well...you blow man sized teddy bears.


Posted Image

I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't have it. Freak.



Secrets of the Mind- What'd he show up with the crew from So You Think You Can Dance to get on this compilation? Not that I'm complaining. It's a fast track and really starts to feel its goa cheerios after the 5 minute mark with piercing leads that scrape the firmament. Soon after the layering begins and you realize that you are in a rocket ship my friend. It never loses it's momentum and is constantly showing something new. Can't hate on that. Can't hate on that.


Land of Time-


Posted Image



It's not terrible of course, but I expected much more in the way of variation from him. This is straight ahead without much to grab on to. It's like a guy who's into f*cking fat chicks shows up at a vegan commune. We actually have footage from one of these types of gatherings.


Posted Image

"One can only stomach only so much Indigo Girls"



Zero Gravity- Goasia get another crack at things and don't fail to deliver. This is the type of sound I know they can produce. It's twisty and ethnic, melodic and powerful. Just when you think you got it under control, another melody and sound leak out. Fast and furious and I'm not talking about the sh*tstorm that is in theaters. Jesus Vin, what happened after Pitch Black? Do you even read the scripts you steal when a director is in the next stall over?


Planet To Planet- "We drift through the universe, from planet to planet? We adapt...we survive."


Seb is back with a new goa track! Hey everyone, Seb is back! At first I was like, no way...then I was like,


Posted Image


It's got a chunky bass feel on the bottom end that works great with the shimmering leads. F*ck Yeah I am on board this pig! Full of tension similar to a coiled spring ready to pie you in the face. This is a fast paced monster that brings back the feeling of Lepton Head with all of it's twirling and twisting melodies. He has the ability to steal time from you because you just spent the entire 7 minutes dancing like you're at an audition to be a Fly Girl. Don't forget your headband!



Pure Deliverance- Plenty of effects to keep it spacey and bubbly as they filter the hell out of that lead. This is a fastball that goes right down the pike and then adds some bite with the 303. They're not telling a story, they're force feeding you. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?



Well if you were looking for sh*tty goa trance keep steppin'. Most of the tracks here are beyond good and should fill the belly of anyone hungry for a bunch of the melodic stuff. It's hypnotic to be sure with power and track evolution that sometimes can be lacking. Way to go Dimensional!








Goa Store



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I've had this compilation for almost a year now and it is slowly growing on me. I can't say that I was overly impressed by it the first few times I listened to it. Too much of the same formula, the tracks just weren't sucking me in, too generic: that was my verdict back then. Now, I must say that I find it a solid release. Many of the tracks (like goasia's zero gravity and liquid flow's land of time) grew on me while sporadically using them in spontaneous mixing sessions. Other tracks, like Shakta's new one and E-mantra's Soul Searcher I liked from the beginning as exceptions and Filteria's The Big Blue live mix and Goasia's Solar Storm will certainly grow on me in the future.


I guess that leaves me with the tracks by Ajna, Hypnagogia and Jikooha which I still think are just 'meh'. Not bad per se, but at the same time not very memorable. However, with Goa Trance I just can't ever know for sure (the countless tracks and entire albums that suddenly amaze me after a year or two-year gap prove this), so let's for now say that this disc surely has some potential albeit still not an essential in my opinion.

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The hypnagogia track has grown to become one of my favorite morning-tracks! Great flow, superb sample, enjoyably floaty, right amount of acid... great!

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The hypnagogia track has grown to become one of my favorite morning-tracks! Great flow, superb sample, enjoyably floaty, right amount of acid... great!

Yep, have to agree. This track is exactly my type of music

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This remains a fantastic compilation. Zero Gravity by Goasia is one of my favorites. Talk about your never ending bliss.


I agree! Too bad it seems like they stopped releasing goa compilations....

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That Liquid Flow track  :wub:


I understand why someone may consider music like this empty or cheesy, but it really resonates with me. Everything in the right propostions - furious acid and dreaming melodies. It takes me to the same places as the best Astral Projection tracks do. 


Most other tracks are also quite nice, actually I didn't like only the last three. I even enjoyed the Filteria track. 

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