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Saw the fight Klitschko vs. Haye yesterday in a bar. I'm not too interested in boxing, but I like the Klitschko brothers and wanted Haye's ass to be kicked, which fortunately was the case :P Unfortunately he didn't go K.O. ... that's what I was waiting for.

But it was far too much show for the event, they took ages to begin and the fight wasn't that awesome...

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MMA, Formula 1 and Football here.


Favorite MMA fighter(s):


Cain Velasquez


Posted Image


Mirko ''Cro Cop'' Filipović


Posted Image


Favorite F1 Driver:


Posted Image


Favorite F1 Team:




Favorite football team(s):


- Barcelona

- Lyon

- Bayern

- Tottenham

- Shaktar

- Arsenal

- Inter

- Dinamo Zagreb


Favorite footbal players:


- Lisandro Lopez

- Michel Bastos

- Xavi

- Messi

- Olić

- Modrić

- Kranjčar

- Samir Nasri

- Arshavin

- Etto

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Obviously Germany will absolutely destroy the competition at the next Eurocup in Poland Ukrain in 2012 and will become the deserved european champion!


Uuuum, I don't think so. In my opinion best football ATM can be found in Spain and Netherlands teams. Portugal, Germany and England are also big favorites, but Netherlands and especially Spain are untouchable.
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of course, as long as the current team of Spain remains more or less unchanged, and especially as long as Xavi and Iniesta are in the team, they are untouchable. unless they don't put 100% effort into the matches, in that case Germany or Netherlands might have a chance. but England!? LOL, the current british team couldn't even beat a well organized team of amateurs.

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I just watched the most exciting soccer match ever: USA vs Brazil playing the World Cup quarterfinals . The women's side of the game, I mean. USA just stunned Brazilians with an incredible equalizer goal in the last minute before the stoppage time, then finished the work in the penalties. A wonderful match, I just wished men's teams would play with the same passion as these women did. Congrats USA!


PS. If you aren't aware of this match, youtube it. Thrilling ;) ;) ;)

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