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  1. meh, i know its personal opinion, but im not at all interested in hardware emulations of ancient instruments that have been done a million times already. i just dont see the point.
  2. actually i hadnt checked my email...wisik 4000 is out today. ok...im gonna go play with my new toy.
  3. karmafx is pretty good. buuuut...the new wusik 4000 is due out any day now...if you hop on the group buy you can get wusik 4000 AND wusik station for cheap cheap cheap. if im being honest though...reaktor
  4. hey everyone, i would like to announce the (self) release of my album: the order of things. you can listen for free...and you can download the entire album also for free. if you want to dl the entire thing, just click dl and you will be asked how much you want to pay (its a pay what you want kind of deal) you may enter 0.00 and you will begin a free download. if you like the music...it would be appreciated if you like my facebook page and maybe say hi in my guestbook. all infos and links can be found here: http://chaoswyrm.com/ thanks..and enjoy! p.s. - mods, i apologize if this is is the wrong forum, those rules are a bit tricky to figure out...feel free to move it.
  5. hehe...i actually think i was at my peak in my 30's if i could go back id def. pick 30's over 20's...of course it probably helps that in my 30's people thought i was in my 20's...i guess i was just a late bloomer.
  6. 1969 i miss my youthful body. as it stands i can easily pass for 10 years younger than i am (just lucky genes), but i dont *feel* like i used to.
  7. pretty cool....and also chronostasis is a cool name for a track...now ill have to make one...and mess with the time in it.
  8. lol i have noticed that on my own before. i figured it had something to do with the refocusing of the eyes. maybe you miss a tick while your eyes refocus so it seems like it takes whatever the difference is you missed between ticks longer? i dont know...just guessing. i used to be a competitive runner, and because of that i developed a very accurate internal clock. i can count off a minute in my head within 2 seconds, or can usually, accurately (within about 3 minutes) guess the current time many many hours after the last time i looked at a clock.
  9. i saw an interesting experiment once involving how we experience time. a man had a device on his wrist that would display numbers, it was set to display the numbers too quickly to be able to read. the man then jumped off a very high platform (he was going to land on an air bag, like stunt people do in movies). it was determined that during free fall, he could easily make out the numbers that were previously changing too fast to make out. he experienced time more slowly. im not saying that time actually moved slower, but that his experience of it was slower, probably due to adrenaline. the real purpose was to demonstrate that, in times of stress, when people say things like "time seemed to slow down", they arent just making it up, its not just a feeling they have. for them, in that moment, time did slow down. it has also been shown that young people experience time slower than older people. not entirely scientific i admit, but groups of people of varying ages were asked to count off 60 seconds in their heads (without being able to see a clock). young people consistently counted off a minute as being longer than it is and older people consistently counted it off as shorter than it is. so great...the closer you are to death, the faster it approaches. yay if i recall correctly is was brian cox doing the experiments for a tv show...but i cant find it on youtube.
  10. i only know what i read here radi, but using the phrase "so called physical reality", speaks volumes on its own. the lens flare has now been explained to you by several people, you have been shown other examples of it, the experiment of taking pictures in portrait mode showed exactly what it should have if the dirty/scratched lens hypothesis was right, not to mention the utter ridiculousness of your original claim. everything points to a simple lens flare and not a magic piece of old computer hardware...and still you refuse to hear anything. im not a psychiatrist, but radi you are showing classic signs of a delusional psychiatric disorder. i said it before and ill say it again: go see a doctor
  11. i always find it amusing when people who clearly know nothing of science make claims on the validity of the science they know nothing about. as far as my "insultive" language, no...i had put it aside for quite some time radi...i even came to your defense on an occasion or two. no more. im through holding my tongue with you. you are a cancer here, nearly every topic you are involved in becomes a fight. you are an abrasive, stubborn, aggressive, insulting, arrogant, pompous, rude, egocentric, psychopathic ass. you have little knowledge of how the world functions, either inter-personally or physically. if you enjoy your own personal "reality" so much, why dont you stay there and stop invading ours?
  12. you are absolutely right. im just getting sick of his shenanigans. the guy complains about this forum, and is oblivious to the fact that he is a main contributor to its downfall. im sick of him...and im sick of people coddling him, hes a menace.
  13. radi...once again you show the nature of your ailment by creating an elaborate narrative about me...a person who you know nothing about. lets take a look at what youre saying here. your claim is that i can not see the things you are talking about in the picture. of course i can see the lines...i already said i could see them. you then go on to tell me im confused because i wont accept your story as true. a story which makes no sense whatsoever and contradicts the laws of nature. a story where the only "evidence" you provide are images of streetlights taken by a camera with finger smudges on it. what you fail to see is your inability to let go of your fantasy even though the "anomaly" has been explained to you several times by several people. instead of even CONSIDERING the possibility that the lens flares in those images are nothing more than ordinary everyday lens flares the people experience every minute of every day all over the earth, you have created a story about a...wait for it....computer motherboard that has the capability to bend the light all over europe and alter the atmosphere. so...tell me again which one of us is too confused to allow things into our narrow mind. a quick google image search of the term "finger smudge lens flare" gets you things like this: look familiar? or is your mysterious and magical motherboard doing this?
  14. why dont you look up the word "obvious"?
  15. wow, man...you sure do know a lot about me. lol...dude, there is absolutely nothing strange or out of the ordinary about those images. you want to call me naive? you want to call me stupid? you want to say im talking shit? go ahead man...but im not the one who thinks my left eye "feels" things, and im not the one who thinks a motherboard in a dumpster is bending the light all over europe, and im not the one whos seeing weird shit in a bunch of perfectly ordinary normal images of street lights. you have quite an elaborate and detailed fantasy going on there my friend, do yourself a favor and go talk to a doctor.
  16. ho-lee-SHIT! im sorry man, but that is, without a doubt, the most bat shit crazy post ive ever read. next time clean the lens before taking pictures. those lens flares are 100% normal and common. i sincerely thank you though, as now i understand you a bit more. that shit explains a lot.
  17. sounds like older early '00s stuff like m.o.s. and ticon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfMbvcI4RfQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZvMY-CyOQI
  18. that sentence is not only wrong, but follows no logical course whatsoever. nothing is by accident? in evolution, things mutate for no apparent reason all the time. and if it werent for a stray asteroid 65 million years ago...you and i wouldnt exist. maybe not an "accident" but as close to one in definition as you can get. *edit* on second thought...you are correct in saying nothing is by accident. an "accident" would imply that there was conscious thought behind it. so i agree...nothing is by accident, but nothing is on purpose either.
  19. schools, charity, and anything else you can think of are done without religion every minute of every day all over the world. i am a completely non religious atheist...so according to your logic i am unable to do charitable things, or open a school? how does that make even the remotest bit of sense? there is nothing inherent to charity or education that requires religion to function. you can not use the argument "religion has always been there" as proof that it NEEDS to be there. especially since the claim is false. people do things you claim need religion everyday without religion. i personally do things you claim need religion to do. or is it your claim that without religion my time helping others doesnt count?
  20. ah, but im not using a "philosophic argumentation". im using fact based argumentation. charity, taking care of the poor and sick, and education??? really, you can not be serious. are you telling me that you think none of those things can be done without religion? the burden of proof lies with the people making positive claims. that is to say the people who claim there IS a god (or gods), or that religion DOES provide a benefit that an individual can not get from another source. we all know its impossible to prove a negative...so you can not logically ask me to do so. i have asked for evidence showing my statement to be false...which you have not and can not provide. perhaps you didnt understand my statement. im asking for examples of benefits of religion that CAN NOT be obtained without religion. im not asking for your opinion on what benefits you feel religion helps to provide. i want to know what benefits it provides that i cant get through other means. the answer is nothing. religion at its best is a superfluous collection of superstitions and fairy tails, providing humanity with nothing that it cant do for itself without it. religion at its worst is a stifling hindrance to human progression and an engine for oppression, tyranny, hate, subjugation, violence, and murder.
  21. i will have to respectfully disagree with you. the trend away from religion is already apparent. i have no doubt that the future will be nearly 100% free from it. there will always be people who feel the need to attribute the things they do not understand to supernatural explanations, but those numbers are steadily decreasing. there will come a point at which those numbers are so low they stop having an effect on the world, and we will all be better off. as for your example of a benefit...i will grant you that religion does do that, but i for one certainly do not see it as a benefit. quite the contrary in fact.
  22. ok...so still no one has given an example of a benefit of religion that can not be had without religion. more importantly religion has been identified as a "tool" which by definition is something created by the user to accomplish a task. so...if religion is a tool created by the user (humanity) than its only logical to see that its all made up. it isnt real. the stories are just that...stories. why support a system of falsehoods that perpetuate hate, oppression, discrimination, violence, and death, when you know it to be false? religion is an outdated tool. it is no longer useful, practical, or even functional in our more advanced society. perhaps at one point it served a purpose, but it no longer serves that purpose. we as a species have moved beyond the usefulness of that tool, and the continued use of it only hinders our progress. there is an age old saying: "use the right tool for the right job" and religion is a tool for which there is no "right job" any more. religion is as useful to us now as stone axes are. in fact its worse than useless, when you consider the awful horrible things it still spawns.
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