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younger brother new album "vaccine"


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got the email today to join in their pledge project, in case u didn't know about it heres the link



i think its a great idea what u reckon?



This seems to be garnering a lot of financial support for them as I see a lot of those pledge options available decreasing over the last couple days, and it really does seem like an awesome way for them to share more with their close fans. I am definitely all for it, and will likely be pledging depending on my finances.

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It's a great idea and it has certainly worked for some other bands. It isn't as if you are getting nothing for the pledge... so I wish them well in this experiment.


"New Album and All Our Back Catalog" for 25 pounds is tempting me....


Edit : Okay, was too good to pass, I pledged :D

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The pledge project is a great idea, however, I'm not too excited about the sample track.


I'm open to the fusion of electronic and acoustic elements in music. Many have done that well, from Juno Reactor to Medicine Drum to Shpongle...but

I'm not a big fan of vocals...I'm not talking about altered, processed vocals like for example in Angelic Particles or someone's voice used as a layer of a track such as work Irina Mikhailova did for some people.

I'm talking about the extensive singing and lyrics. That was done many times before and continues to be so in the mainstream music realm.



That clip looked like some pop rock band that would perhaps open at Moby concert, not Younger Brother or Twisted records I knew.


I'm totally open to experiments in music and encourage them, but this is nothing new you can hear some band play on a radio.

It's great for them (and every artist) to evolve, but vocals and lyrics are not my taste.

If I wanted that, I'd go for people that did it much better like Dave Mathews Band or something.



I really hope that at least some of the tracks on the album will not be so heavily vocal/lyrics oriented.

I'm not holding my breath though as they now have a third band member Ru that's a singer :(


Twisted was one of the very few labels I would buy stuff from without even listening first, but not any more.

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what ever floats your boat guys


yeah is different but hey look at flock of bleeps to gravity hhheeeellllloooooooooooooo!!!


couldn't be anymore different but it worked


give it a try hoping the album will be strong


but still love yb no matter what they have such a great energy

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neubauten has been doing something very similar to this idea for their past few albums. in fact as far as i know...neubauten was the first to do something like this back in 2003 or somewhere around that time.


it seems to be working...because they keep doing it.


i think its a great idea....as it gets people to WANT to pay instead of pirating, you actually get something that you cant pirate...an experience.

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Well, the track in the video sounded alright. It was better than most of the tracks on last days of gravity (I only liked the first & last tracks) but I wish they would cut out the singing.


As for the pledge idea, good for non-skint people who really love the project. I am not YB's biggest fan so it isn't particularly tempting for me.

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Twisted was one of the very few labels I would buy stuff from without even listening first, but not any more.


I have been burned too many times by twisted in the last 5 or so years that I too would never buy blindly from them anymore. A shame; it's nice to see people's music evolve but when it devolves into what other people have done a thousand times before (and better) it's just doesn't sit well with me.


I hope they are enjoying it and make new fans as well as they lost me with the majority of Last Days of Gravity and I am sure with a new member who is a singer this will not be something I'll be buying.

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I like, I pledged.


YB opening for Moby would be awesome. Moby is one of the greatest musicians there is in my book.


Moby's talent as a musician is undeniable, but I wouldn't classify his newer work like say his collaboration with Gwen Stefani

as my favorite. I'd say it's the kind of pop music you'd hear on mainstream radio or something but nothing more.

YB is going in that direction it seams.


New Shpongle still does it for me. Much nicer balance between electronic and acoustic without a ton of pop-rock lyrics.

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Well YB isn't for everyone, but i think it's really good for listening to at home.


I also like this pledge thing. It allows close fans to get something more out of it, and it allows Twisted to get more income (i know they have had financial issues). I pledged a signed CD myself. Would've wanted album cover as a poster too, but can't find any. I like posters.


edit: yay, first post! Hi all! Been reading a lot on here though, i especially like the album reviews.

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Hello Usling


I think YB is cool because of how these guys have learned their engeneering and songwriting skills from psy / goa trance, and then are able to (successfully) transfer it to other genres. Last days of gravity was just such a polished album.


When push comes to shove, this is by far the best new direction they could take. I'm thinking about IM. They're keeping themselves indie and experimental. Good on them.

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Dammit man..


Listen to A Flock of Bleeps, then listen to this.


Posford's fucking lost it - I mean this is great music, but I never realized it was this guy's dream to be in a "band" doing "songs" and that's very clear to me now with YoBro and Shpongle. I'm afraid to see what he's going to barf up if he ever actually tries sitting down and doing Hallucinogen III.


Oh well.. everything evolves and it's not always in my favor. Good luck out there, Simon - no $$ from me on this one buddy <3

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