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  1. Wow! Classical music and electronic instruments is a great combination in theory but very unorthodox. I can imagine it's a bit hard to get samples from an orchestra... These are nice!
  2. If you want to find out which of these "mostly positive" reviews that are actually correct, check out how many times a review has been commented. I don't come here very often but it works for me. Check reviews, 2012. Take a quick scan, finds Crossing Mind - Inner Shift (SUNCD25) Pleiadians - Starseed EP Then combine that with some knowledge of genre. I know pleiadians, and SUNCD is Suntrip which is goa. There's a lot of newschool goa out there but most is boring. Here however i think i found two albums that are worth to check out. Btw both these are totally awesome, clea
  3. Great review. Thanks for posting it on facebook, that's how i saw it I actually bought this album yesterday. I too think it sounded a bit different than the energy-waves-stuff. Which is good. I think i will return with more thoughts once i have the CD.
  4. I clearly liked the old YB albums better. I think it lacks variety and many songs sound the same. Still good though, just not as good.
  5. Usling

    Mind Rewind

    Great review! I too bought this album and i agree it's really awesome. It varies much between songs and it's sometimes has quite complex layers, meaning you don't get tired of it in the first time. It disturbs you and makes you stay alert but it's not noisy. Great stuff. One huge downside with it though is that i can't play it in my computer. I contacted the record company about it because i thought they had used DRM without saying so (i was rather upset). They said they hadn't done that but a few others had also reported problems with reading the discs. I believe them. I went to a f
  6. I like this album a lot because it's good in its own way but also different from everything else. Quite minimal compared to most other neo-goa. Refreshing! Soul Sucker is my favourite track. Don't know why, i just think it's epic. Love the drawn out intro.
  7. found it for ya (and for myself, awesome track) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9ZvNGIJMvM it is played in the end of this Symphonix DJ set available on Soundcloud around 50min mark found on these: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/spn/spn1cd037.html http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/yse/yse2cd248.html non-remixed version on this one http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/spn/spn1cd032.html
  8. This was my first review ever, hope you like it even though it was long. Hard to describe this work of art. I'm a long term fan of Aes Dana, this felt really good to write! Some trivia: i believe Vince Villuis, the guy behind Aes Dana has some affection to Sweden. The title of the second track, Snoeflinga (Snöflinga in swedish) means snowflake. It's not the first time he used swedish words, Natti Natti (good night in swedish, sort of) from the album Season 5. The reason behind this i don't know. Also one of his other projects, H.U.V.A. NETWORK, is a collaboration with a swedish artist
  9. Aes Dana - Perimeters Artist: Aes Dana Title: Perimeters Label: Ultimae Records Released: Feb. 2011 Genre: Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient, Progressive Time: 01:14:08 Tracklist: 01. Anthrazit (featuring Field Rotation) (6:34) 02. Snoeflinga (6:23) 03. Perimeters (10:09) 04. In Between (7:55) 05. Xylem (2:14) 06. Resin (Overspring edit) (10:12) 07. Heaven Report (7:10) 08. Antimatter (Ante) (3:25) 09. Antimatter (Post) (6:15) 10. The missing words (7:58) 11. Currents (5:54) First lets have a look at the cover. You notice that Ultimae changed its
  10. If it's any comfort i liked the 'Amithaba Buddha - Myself in the mirror' CD a lot. Suits my taste more Dunno why i felt the need to write this, i just hope you keep some distance to negative reviews and opinions like mine. But at the same time, it could be boring with just worshippers around?
  11. Haha thank you! With that list of formats you may change my slight minus into a regular plus! I edited previous post. Guess i'm just tired of all the "download here" that leads to "download here" buttons, skipped it fast. Sorry!
  12. Nice. I generally like acid so i downloaded and tried it. You're right about it being more techno than trance. The first two tracks are really acid techno. If you like this style i can understand your high rating because there doesn't seem to be much of this around. I thought it was just enervating. It doesn't get me anywhere. Either the tracks doesn't evolve or i don't get it. Guess i'm more of a trance guy but i wanted to try it anyway because i really like stuff like the Aphex Twin - Classics album and so on. This was nothing like it. Third track is also what you said it was
  13. wow This album is truly awesome! A bit like Shpongle but less south-american and indian samples and more europe/north-american ones. Very trippy. Favourite tracks are "Sunday St Kilda Setdown" and "EMC Squared". If you like the song Sunday St Kilda i can recommend this album: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/twi/twi1cd003.html a twisted records compilation called Eclipse. I think it's still available from Twisted records own shop at http://www.twistedmusic.com/ Also very trippy and slow. Magic. I'm aware that this album was made earlier than what i compared it to but i discovered
  14. +1 That one is awesome. I just can't stop listen to it
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