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  1. Received this on both vinyl and CD this week: Subheim - No Land Called Home Love it... And ever since I re-connected my old Technics SL-DD2, I've rediscovered the joy of vinyl
  2. Squirsier

    V/A - Ether

    Just as a side note, it seems like Gabriel had one more card up his sleeve. There will be another album in the Elements series titled "The Missing Elements" : "Will consist in unreleased tracks which has not found a space on the Serie!" Due out summer 2011!
  3. Return to form for The Orb, but there's nothing new anywhere in that album - in fact I heard several samples coming from Orblivion... Not bad, 3/5 tops imho!
  4. Just received 10:10PM, and gave it a listen... Man... thanks AGAIN for this, love it! Will definitely check out his older stuff, as recommended
  5. Thanks for this, went straight to the website to listen to the samples and watch the video ; I bought the CD immediately
  6. Received my copy yesterday, and as I mentioned on another thread here, I dig it, A LOT. Second listen tonight... Can hardly wait!
  7. Having my first listen right now, only at the second track, but so far me liiiikes
  8. http://www.ultimae.com/en/news/404.html Pre-orders for 360 are up
  9. Ultimae sent a newsletter with, among other news, a new Asura album to be released early next month! Pre-orders should start next week.
  10. "New Album and All Our Back Catalog" for 25 pounds is tempting me.... Edit : Okay, was too good to pass, I pledged
  11. Just a heads-up : Solar Fields' latest is now available for pre-order, the first of two releases this year on Ultimae : http://www.ultimae.com/en/releases/473/index.html Pre-ordered my copy!
  12. Well, things have been moving fast for Ultimae! After the H.U.V.A. Network news of a new Live e-release album, they've just put the new CBL album "Interloper" for pre-order : http://www.ultimae.com/en/distribution/460/index.html# Caaaaaan't waiiiit!!
  13. Well it's not General Psytrance... Unless I missed a forum for ambient music? Btw, still no answer if there's going to be a lossless release or MP3 only..
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